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AA/QX STL-SEA-PSC July 26th, 2008

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  • AA/QX STL-SEA-PSC July 26th, 2008

    American Airlines
    Boeing 757-200
    Flight 1707
    July 26th, 2008

    I arrived into STL Airport after Mom dropped me off. I walked inside and was checking around the Main terminal because I wanted to wait a bit so I could get the upgrade at the kiosk. I noticed the inbound SEA flight was quite delayed, the one coming in around 2:15pm. I checked on later about that and sure enough I had heard that flight was involved in a runway incursion in SEA with a WN 737. Yikes!

    I had texted a few friends at AA, one of them being DFW13L here and finally he told me to just go check in already LOL. So I walked up to the kiosk, and swiped my Card. My itinerary popped up. Everything looked good so far! Seats were still the same and flights on time. I hit next, and then what I was waiting for. The chance to upgrade! I didnít even hesitate and hit yes and used my CC to purchase the upgrade. I was now moved to First Class Seat 4A!

    I was not checking bags even though I had booked the itinerary before they announced it. I havenít had good luck in checking bags on AA so I didnít want there to be a third time. The line still wasnít too bad for security, it being a Saturday but I noticed they had a First Class line for Security. I figured, I paid for it, might as well use it! I walked in, showed my Boarding Pass and ID, she checked it, initialed it then waved me through. I was the only one in so it took me no more then 3 minutes to get through. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

    I decided to walk around the airport and take some pics and a video. Here are some pics and the Video.

    This is the Window/Wall most people recognize walking down the C concourse, it has been there for a very long time

    The Tiny TWA L1011 inside one of the windows you saw in the picture above

    I then decided to take a small video clip of the action at STL. A sad reminder of what it once was back in the grand old TWA days. Now it is all AA, and sparce MD80 and 757 here and there. In the video you will see 3 AA MD80's, and a fighter jet landing in the back. Also there was an Allegiant Air MD80 back there too, not sure why it was there.

    I went ahead and took a shot of the AA MD80 parked there.

    Then I went ahead to the B concourse to check out the Air Tran gates there. Yes there are two gates just to confirm if anyone still did not know. As mentioned before with FL dropping MCO and SRQ, was the 2nd gate necessary now?

    Once done, I ventured back to gate C-16 to await the inbound 757 coming from SEA as Flight 1414 which I actually took coming home in a week, that TR will be upcoming soon as well.

    Don't ya miss the Red Stripes?!

    The 757 WITH WINGLETS! I might pulled up to the gate. I was very excited to finally fly a 757 with winglets. I have now been on the following planes with winglets/wingtips.
    A319, 752, 733, 73G, CR2, CR7.

    N173AN at the Gate, C-16

    I hung around the gate until they announced for Boarding for First Class. I walked up to the podium and handed her the boarding Pass. At first look she looked as if she was about to say "Sir, you can't board here" But perhaps I just didn't look old enough to be flying First Class hehe. Anyhow, I walked on board, headed to my seat, 4A and got comfortable. This means getting the blanket on me and making myself cozy! I took another picture outside at the gate alongside another 757, heading to SFO, rather late.

    Once everyone had completed their boarding, we started to back out of the gate. The TV's turned on for the usual safety announcements we hear every time we fly. I noticed not every safety announcement was subtitled on the screen. Not a good thing to see/hear! We taxied to runway 30L I believe and we were cleared for take off immediately.

    As usual the typical buzz saw of the RR engine gave in and annoyed me to no end! I hate that sound! Give me a PW anytime baby!

    Anyhow, we climbed up into a beautiful setting sun, which we continued to follow all the way to SEA.

    Winglet 757 wing!

    Shortly after take off heading to our cruising altitude.

    We passed through some clouds and then the F/A started to come around asking for drinks and passing out the nuts. Here they are! Got my usual "coke and nuts" as I like to call it

    I was wondering why they did not pass around the Hot towels, then finally a bit later they did! Be ware they did not do the pre take off drinks for the 2nd time again. I had this happen again in LGA and DFW both when flying F on AA. Slacking? Pulling back? Or just honestly not enough time? I also noticed because at STL we board in the forward 1L door on the 757, versus the 2L door such in SEA, DFW, MCO etc etc. This could be why pre departure drinks are not done out of STL due to the traffic of the coach passengers coming through F Class?

    Looking out through the clouds waiting for Dinner to start

    By now they had started CBS Eye on American and then the movie feature for the flight was "21".

    They came around with dinner asking us if we wanted Chicken or a type of Pasta. I went for the chicken. It was very good, I had more Coke along with it and then after dinner had chocolate chip cookie dough sundae!!!

    Hmmmh Fantastic!!!

    I leaned my chair back and looked out the window to pass the time. I still had a long night ahead of me. 2 hours connect in SEA then another flight on to PSC, finally landing around or close to 2am Central time! *snores*

    In Flight!

    By now the movie was almost over and CBS Eye on American started playing again. I put on my Ipod and listened to some more of my music. More pictures were taken of the stunning and beautiful scenery out there. We even flew by the mountain as well!

    I peeked outside and turned and gasped. I couldn't believe the way the sun was hitting the engine while it was setting I HAD to take a picture of it. Absolutely stunning.

    I swear, if ya'll believe in heaven, this was a peek in the door. It amazed me once again, and I never take flying for granted, ever. Scenes like this is amazing and just perfection almost to me. All I could do was smile, sit back and enjoy the luxery (yes I said luxery on an American Airline carrier LOL) of flying and being above the ground.

    More pics here...

    Finally, one of the last light of the day, The mountain in the back as the sun is setting lining up the wing and winglet in the back, perfect for me!

    I put my camera away so I could enjoy the rest of the view. In no time we were being told to put the tray tables up, seat back etc etc. We flew under the clouds for approach into SEA Airport.

    Turns and such, we flew down and I saw the city in the background. Space Needle appeared and then the other airports, Paine and Renton appeared also. We flew past it on the left side of the city. Then turned left over city to face the SEA Airport over flying Seattle.

    Flaps came out then gear came down, and we flew over the field I got to see Concorde, a 777 somewhere and the 747 and 707! Very wicked! I would be coming back later in two days as I took a day trip to Seattle as well as Portland too when I was up there.

    We came in for landing, and got off the runway. We turned left and came to gate S-15. Yes, you read right, S-15. Not A where AA normally goes to. I groaned, this was going to be a long trek to C from S.

    We sat at the gate for 15 minutes, while people in the jetbridge were arguing or discussing quite discreetly about who should open the jetbridge! Finally the jetbridge came up and I was just waiting for them to hit the 757.

    Doors opened and in a rush, Coach got off first. No one blocked Coach for F to get off. So believe it or not, we were one of the last ones to be off the plane. Hmmh, not good AA. They need to enforce this rule strictly IF they are going to allow F to get off the plane first. It IS one of the perks, unless AA changed it and made it a free for all getting off the plane.

    Horizon Air
    Flight 2220
    July 26th, 2008

    I got off the plane after walking what felt like seriously 3 miles of jet bridge. I mean holy crap. However was sighted by the sight of the British Airways Boeing 777 and the NWA A330 at the gates ready for their London departures!!! Very cool to see!

    I wondered around the S concourse kind of lost not really knowing where or what I was supposed to do. I looked at the map and gate screens seeing I was leaving out of C2G for Horizon Air. Oh Goody! This means riding the Train! *rolls eyes*

    I went downstairs underground and caught the Train Shuttle heading to Main Terminal. Or main building, center, however Seattle calls it!

    Took the train and then had to get off! Then waited and walked over the lobby for another train! Rode that train to the next concourse, and had to get off that one too! I was thinking OMG I am switching trains more then I am planes to get to my destination!!! I was now on my 3rd train ride, and we stopped but this time did not have to switch trains. However we had to ride one more time-4th time before finally reaching C gates. Good Lord!

    I finally got off, and walked across lobby then walked up some stairs cause guess what. Elevator and escalator didn't work!!! LOL

    So, headed up the stairs and walked to my gate, and sat around. I checked out the Hudson store there for an hour texting my friend in PSC letting him know things were so far so good!

    Finally at 10:45pm (5 min before boarding) I was getting freaked I had missed the boarding. I hadn't seen or heard anything about boarding. I was about to talk up to the podium to inquire when suddenly I saw it flash PASCO-NOW BOARDING and then announcement came across for all passengers to board now through Door 5.

    I handed the agent my boarding pass at the podium, she stamped it DOOR 5 and showed me how to get out of the door and to the plane. I was getting very excited! My first Q400 flight!

    I walked outside and walked among the ramp with the other passengers. Headed to the Q400 next to the sign labeled TRI CITIES. I asked and double checked this was the Pasco flight she nodded Yes. I handed her my carry on bag to place in the plane.

    I got on board and the F/A smiled and said good evening welcome aboard! I asked about the load and she said about maybe 30 people out of 76 or so Light load! It WAS a late flight, a 10:55pm departure! I headed to my seat 13A and sat down only to face the HUGE landing gear and prop cover in front of me. This was gonna be my view for 30 minutes, lovely hehe.

    Everyone else finished boarding, and door was shut and they did the safety briefing. Prop came on and we backed out and then headed straight for runway. Number one for take off!

    Props came on full power and we shot through and in seconds was in the air! We turned left a bit and then headed due course for PSC-Pasco, Washington.

    I settled back very very tired from the day of traveling. They had a beverage service so I had water. Very thirsty from flying all day. The night scenery was gorgeous I like flying at night sometimes too.

    In no time we were already on approach for PSC. Flaps and wheels came out and we turned and suddenly before I knew it we were on the ground!

    I texted my friends to let them know I arrived as they are only 5 min from PSC Airport. We taxied to the gate and then walked off the plane, and grabbed our bags. I walked back into the airport, then back outside the front doors and in a few min my friends pulled up!

    This ends the report. Hope you enjoyed the Pictures and report! Questions, Comments please leave them here!

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    BREATHTAKING PICS! The highlight is the one of the sun's light hitting the engine nacelle. VERY VERY nice. I want to use it as my background. Permission? Please? Haha. Seriously - one of the best trip reports that I have ever read. I love that you incorporate the video clips into it - it just adds so much value. Ok, so I have to ask - was the upgrade pricey? Did you enjoy the flight on AA?
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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      Originally posted by AA 1818
      BREATHTAKING PICS! The highlight is the one of the sun's light hitting the engine nacelle. VERY VERY nice. I want to use it as my background. Permission? Please? Haha. Seriously - one of the best trip reports that I have ever read. I love that you incorporate the video clips into it - it just adds so much value. Ok, so I have to ask - was the upgrade pricey? Did you enjoy the flight on AA?
      Thank you very much! I absolutely love that picture too. It is my background as well and you and anyone else has permission to use it for private use on their computer as a backdrop!

      I had fun taping the take offs and landings, there will be four of them in my return trip too!

      The upgrade was a lot of money, $180 dollars to be exact. But completely worth it for me. AA charges 45 dollars every 500 miles, since STL-SEA is 1,709 miles, it was 45 times 4 basically which was 180. Since this was a 4 hr and 15 min flight for me, and Coach was sold out the idea of sitting back there for 4 hrs did not appeal to me one bit.

      I had a great time on AA and have no problems flying them again as long as they are within price range of what I am looking at since I have close to 40K miles now with AA after this trip.

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        Awesome review and photos, thanks for taking us along.


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          Great report Alex, loved reading it. You'll have to tell me in private about PSC.


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            Originally posted by Foxtrot
            Awesome review and photos, thanks for taking us along.
            Everything clearly written
            Thanks for visiting
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              Chasen- Thanks! Next time I see ya online I will chat with ya about PSC. Hope your WN trips go well!

              Foxtrot- Thanks for reading! Always a pleasure to write these reports!

              UY707-Again thanks too for reading!

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