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QX/AA PSC-SEA-STL August 2nd, 2008

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  • QX/AA PSC-SEA-STL August 2nd, 2008

    Horizon Air
    August 2nd, 2008

    My friend dropped me off at the PSC airport about 8:30am for a 9:45am departure out to SEA. This airport is very small so I knew it would not take me long at all to check in and go through security. I turned right and headed to the Horizon Air ticket counter. Next in line I walked up. Handed her my ID and said "I am checking in for the 9:45am departure to Seattle please"

    Looked up my itinerary, made a mention my connecting leg is on another Airline (which we knew but she's doing her job!), nodded my head to state I understood and asked if I were checking bags. I said "Nope". She handed me boarding passes for both legs and said have a great day to which I responded same to you!

    I grabbed my ID and boarding passes and made my way to the security line. We had to wait for 10 minutes for the TSA guys to show up before finally letting us in!

    At 8:45am I walked through, and my damn watch set the alarm off! Oops! It never did in STL, maybe these are better?!

    I walked to gate 2 near Horizon and just sat and texted or used the computer. PSC has free internet here so that really made waiting go by fast!

    Soon at 9:30am they announced boarding for the Horizon Air flight non stop to Seattle! To quote George Carlin..."Non Stop? Oh No, I INSIST that it stops!"

    The load was much fuller to SEA I would say around 60 people just on a quick count perhaps. Which is not surprising since people wanna go to SEA plus connections and such. I set my bag down near the shelf for them to put on the plane. Then since I was in 13A again I was asked to board in the back. Apparantly 1-9 rows boarded up front, and 10+ were in the back. So I boarded in the back, it had been awhile since I did so! I walked to 13A and once again was greeted by the view of the landing gear and engine cover!

    Q400 Landing Gear

    I took pictures of the boarding process and the seat pitch. Not bad in my opinion!

    Interior Cabin of the Q400

    Seat Pitch of the Q400

    Everyone else finished boarding and they closed the doors. Safety Briefing as usual was announced and off we were able to go to SEA!!!

    We immediatly swung forward and props started. Very quick taxi to the runway. I heard the dings for take off and we did a rolling take off. I love those!

    Taking off from Pasco from seat 13A heading for Seattle-

    Gear came up as you saw and we took a very northwest course for Seattle! Very sunny and just an absolutely gorgeous day for flying! Love it!

    After Take off flying over the river

    We continued onward and I had a weird craving for apple juice. So once they started beverage service I asked for an apple juice. Here are some pics and views from the plane, that I couldn't see on my SEA-PSC trip/segment!

    Anyone recognize this Airport? I want to say Yakima, Washington but I was not 100% sure.

    Can't get enough of these mountain views!!!

    We then turned left after passing the mountain and in no time we started the approach for SEA Airport. It started getting cloudy again, typical Seattle! The props slowed down just a tad bit and I crained my neck to watch the scenery disappear under the clouds as we started our down approach.

    Testing, Testing, ok good the Props are still spinning!

    We flew down getting closer to SEA and I saw water! Which meant we were very close! Then I nearly shat myself when I was staring so close out the window the landing gear popped out of the strut right in front of me! I gasped a bit and then took a picture of it like an aviation geek!

    Q400 Gear popped out!

    I then started to video tape the landing so here we go!

    Q400 Landing into SEA from PSC

    We had to sit and wait a good 15 minutes or so for a gate to open up. Guess we landed early or something haha. So once again at SEA I had to sit and wait for the gate to open. Is this typical for SEA?!

    We finally taxied over to the gate and they announced rows 1-9 go out in the front, and 10+ out in the back. However some people in the back were holding up the back end of the Q400, it was taking forever. So I just grabbed my bag turned around and went out front. Stepped off the plane and was amazed how close I was to the runway. A NWA 757 took off, then AS 737 flew in, WN 737, omg it was plane after plane after plane! Then US A321 flew in omg it was amazing! I took a picture of the Q400 parked at the stand/gate in SEA with a cuuuuuute F/A standing near!

    Thanks Q400 for getting me back safely!

    *smacks the boys from staring at the girl in pic.* FOCUS BOYS, FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!

    Back to the Report now!

    American Airlines
    Flight 1414
    Boeing 757-200
    August 2nd, 2008.

    I walked up the stairs into the airport and then looked for the signs wondering if I had to take the damn train again. Nope! Just had to walk! Was a very quick walk, no more then 5 minutes or so for me! I was amazed at the runway view SEA was giving walking between C and A. My flight to STL was due to leave at 11:55am out of gate A-8.

    I trekked over to the gate to check the status. I realized my boarding pass did not have the group number on it. How odd. So I inquired about it and asked if I could pre board instead so I didn't miss the announcement. I told her agent I could not hear and understand announcements well and would like to be notified when it is time to pre board.

    She asked for my name and I told her. She then said "Ok Alex, thanks for letting us know, we will call your name then when it is time to pre board!"


    Did she just not hear what I told her? ROFL...I just shook my head and said to myself never mind. I decided to stick near the gate so I could at least try to read her lips when they started boarding.

    The flight was now a bit delayed pushed back to 12:06pm departure. Not a huge deal, Texted my father who was picking me up to let him know of the slight push back since he had a 2 hr drive to pick me up.

    The plane, N619AA pulled up to the gate, no winglets! Sad Day! Oh well! I'll live!

    N619AA at the gate being prepped up!

    They announced the boarding for First Class Passengers only. So I waited and kept waiting near the line to read her lips. Finally, they called my name and a couple others for pre boarding. *sighs* I would not have heard that if I didn't stay near the gate. Oh well, cest la vie! I walked up and handed her the boarding pass and got on board.

    Headed to my seat 22F and settled down. A non revving F/A swung by, and grabbed a blanket and asked if I would like. I said No thanks but appreciated her gesture!

    I stared at the window to watch traffic go by and snapped a pic of the wing.

    Wing of N619AA

    I waited for everyone else to finish boarding. We had quite a few non revvers coming back, some STL based employees from AA and TSA were on board. Looked to be quite a full flight! But prob not profitable if it means AA will be axxing the r/t

    TV started to play the safety briefing. I always enjoy watching it and hearing the voice at the end saying "Thank you for flying AHHH MERICAN Airlines!" Yes, I am a dork, we know

    We pushed back by 12:15pm and took off by 12:20pm I believe. Taxied to the runway passing a couple of planes, Virgin A320, WN 737 and US A321. We turned to the runway and then took off for STL! Home bound I go!

    AA 757 Flight 1414 taking off for STL

    We took off flying over the bay area. Seattle slowly slipping under the clouds. As usual cloudy again! Once again I saw the mountain in the background again! I will NEVER get tired of seeing it in the air or on the ground! Flaps came back in and we turned right a bit for STL.

    Last time seeing this in the air!

    I settled back to put on my ipod to listen to music for the long flight home! I was sad to be going home believe it or not, but had to return to work so I could make more money and do more trips like these! Gotta love it! The movie for the flight was Kung Fu Panda staring jack black and the others.

    I laid back to sleep for a bit until we hit cruising altitude.

    Ok I said I know one last time but couldn't resist! It is gorgeous!!!

    Finally they announced they would be starting snack service. Labeling the food and how much they cost. I was starving to death so I figured I'd fork over money for this in flight meal. Let's see how it tastes and how much I will be charged for it.

    Turkey Sandwich-6 dollars. Cookie-3 dollars Soda-Free Total Cost: 9 BUCKS!

    Good Lord. 9 bucks for the whole lunch meal. Damn! Oh well, what can ya do? I forked over the CC for it, and got to try the in flight CC on board purchase. Not bad at all swift and easy! Too bad we don't get double miles for on board AA purchases since I used my AA Mastercard for it.

    Once I finished the lunch, which was quite honestly very good! I got stuffed and very tired so I went to sleep for a bit. Slept for almost an hour playing my ipod too. I had no interest in watching the movie since it was not subtitled.

    Somewhere in the USA LOL

    Finally in no time (ok I lied VERY long time, jesus that felt like a long ass flight) we were starting the approach for STL. We flew over Des Moines, Iowa and got to see some of the water from awhile back.

    We approached from the East, then flew past STL Airport into Illinois then turned around to line up for R 30R.

    Flying by STL Airport

    The approach was interesting for me because of the turns we were doing on the 757. Saw a bit more of the floods which you will see in the picture. Spoilers went up to slow us down as we turned and the flaps came out steadily.

    Flaps were now totally out and landing gear had dropped by now.

    Once again, I started the video taping of the landing. Now look very carefully and tell me if you observe something upon landing. I was not expecting this, so was surprised this happened, or rather didn't happen! Anyone care to explain?!

    AA 757 Flight 1414 Landing into STL

    We landed, and passed the A concourse where I saw the Nevada US A319 plane! We taxied over back to gate C-16 where the plane would turn around back to SEA as Flight 1707. Just like my flight last week! Wow, I couldn't believe it had been a week already. I got sad again, already missing my friends.

    But, alas my trip had finally come to an end, and it ended on a great note, having a great time with my friends in Pasco. They took me on a wonderful tour all over Seattle and Portland and I got so many pictures, and experience to share with everyone again. Hopefully will be able to come back at some point!

    American was once again great showing why I pick them. Cheap for me, Paid 386 dollars round trip plus 180 bucks upgrade to F class on the flight up there.

    Hope you enjoyed the pics and comments and questions always welcome!

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    Nice report...Great job. Loved the pictures.


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      Great flight review and awesome videos and photos.

      Yeah, upon landing at STL the spoilers failed to deploy. I remember this happening on my only L 1011 flight, ATL-FRA back in '93. After landing at FRA there was only reverse thrust, no spoilers. Maybe sometimes depending on the load of the plane and wind conditions the PIC chooses not to arm the spoilers? I dunno, that would be something the experts on the forum would explain... lol.


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        Great report backed by equally great pics and videos. And thanks for adding the lady as a cherry topping the cake
        Thanks for visiting
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          I talked to joe from here and a few others and all believe that PIC just didn't set it to Auto for landing even though the 757 IS an Auto plane.

          I was really shocked when it did not go up. It had never happened to me before in my 200 flights. Quite odd but not the exception apparently.

          Thanks for reading!

          UY707-Glad you enjoyed the little gem of a girl there

          Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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            Originally posted by ATrude777
            I talked to joe from here and a few others and all believe that PIC just didn't set it to Auto for landing even though the 757 IS an Auto plane.

            Ahh, confirms my initial suspicions.