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    19th July 2008:

    fficeffice" />>>

    LH 491








    Early in the morning, I woke up after 2 hrs sleep. I packed all things and brought downstairs. The flight was 2:21pm, and leaves the house around 11am. I went into car and leave to the airport. Arrived in the airport, there was a new Lufthansa check-in counter. I grab the luggage and a golf bag into the weight counter. However, the flight went delayed from 2:21pm to 3:45pm for unknown reason. I went to eat breakfast, and then ordered a sandwich. I went to security checkpoint and farewell to my parents. I went to the transit train to S gate. I have never been to S gate, so it was my 1st time. I got off the train, wait for the plane. I walked around the S gate. Definitely, the S gates are mostly int’l flights, and some Hawaiian flights. The plane arrived late, taxi to the gate, the boarding were not on yet. After 30 minutes, I went into the plane of Airbus A330; I saw PTV in the seat was an amazing. Also, it has a touch screen. The plane is ready to takeoff and nice spool up RR engines. The plane en-route to ffice:smarttags" />lace w:st="on">Canadalace> and the dinner were served. I ate pasta and taste delicious. I watched a movie about 21 a college guy who addicts the poker, and House M.D. I slept some hrs. The plane flew North Pole, Greenland, Ireland, Scotland, and lace w:st="on">Hollandlace>. It never was turn dark while on a plane en-route. It stills daylight. The plane approach to lace w:st="on">Frankfurt Airportlace> then made a jumpy landing, taxi to the ramp. I took a shuttle bus to the terminal, and wait for the next plane to lace w:st="on">Malagalace>.


    20th July 2008:

    LH 4518








    While I was in B gate, I went to Pan Asian Restaurant to ordered lace w:st="on">Phnom Penhlace> noodle and espresso. After eating lunch, roam around and buy some stuff. The flight was 1:20pm. I went to find Casino, but no luck so forgotten. Apparently, I went all the way to A gate, I went to security checkpoint and passport control. At the A gate, I waited for the lace w:st="on">Malagalace> flight. I took pictures of many planes. I drank ice tea then board this gate, and I sat in 5F. One boy and his mother switch to another window seat, and 2 German blondes sat with me. I greeted them, but I don’t speak German. The plane was on taxi to ready to takeoff. I took a film on taxi and takeoff. This plane was A321-200, which different than 100. Before takeoff, I saw female pilot in the flight desk, and also A-gate terminal, I saw woman pilot in LH A340-300. During in-flight, 2 German blondes were playing the digital camera with flash. I took pictures in windows. The foods were served, crew asked me for drink. I said “ errr. Oange”, my voice were tired after a long flight from lace w:st="on">Seattlelace>. The blonde said to me “lace w:st="on">Orangelace>?” I said “Yep!” I ate pasta twice, but so hot to open it. I open very gently. Pasta was delicious. Approach to lace w:st="on">Malagalace> airport, I took a film on landing. I laid back the seat, so 2 blonde watched the window view. Landing was jumpy, and taxi to the gate. I went to baggage claim, then waited too long until other claim got my luggage and a golf bag. Overall flights were good.


    2nd August 2008:


    LH 4519








    I woke up this morning, packed all things for 5pm flight. I went to checkout at Villa Cana and waited for van to pick us. It was my 1st time to visited lace w:st="on">Frankfurtlace> for 3 days. On the other hand, Lufthansa was on strike. My flight weren’t affecting the flight. It was still normal. We arrived in the airport; we waited for the check-in counter. After 1 hr, the counter was open. I and my brother were stand in the 2nd line, and hope to get a good window seat. However, the Spanish woman asked for a golf bag to charge cuz of strike. My father went into the line and uses his card, so no charge. I asked Spanish woman for a woman seat. As a result, the ticket came out and it said “7D”. What? No window seat? What a shame! The Spanish woman didn’t say anything about asked for window seat. I was bit disappointed to sat in aisle seat. After the check-in, we went thought the security checkpoint and cleared the checkpoint. I went to upstairs to eat some snack. I bought an energy drink and sushi also lace w:st="on">Middle Eastlace> chocolate. After eat snack, we went to toilet and go to the gate to wait the plane. I boarded the plane and sat in 7D. I saw the plastic bag with food and drink inside. I have never seen it before. My brother, my half sister, and my father were laughing at me because I sat in aisle seat instead of window seat. The plane ready to takeoff, and I took a film in the middle seat on takeoff. The sound was awesome, but shames no window view. During in-flight, the crew served only coffee and water. No beer, coke, or whatever. I saw in business classes, it has coke, beer or whatever, but blocked by crew. I slept some hrs. I wasn’t happy sat in aisle seat because I can’t lookout the window unfortunately. The plane to approached the lace w:st="on">Frankfurtlace> airport at evening, and made a rough landing. The passengers were applause for great landing. I made applause and my bro, half sis, and my father also clapped the hands. The plane to taxi the gate and made a u-turn to the gate. We disembarked the plane, and went to baggage claim, then took a taxi to the hotel in lace w:st="on">Frankfurtlace>. In baggage claim, I saw same German blonde from flight to AGP from FRA was sat in next claim, but didn’t catch up for email or something.


    Overall flight from lace w:st="on">Spainlace> was okay.

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    Nice report and picture gallery. Looking forward to read the next legs.
    Thanks for visiting
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      Nice Paul, two blondes...good work.
      My Flickr Pictures! Click Me!


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        5th August:-

        TG 923




        Gate:- B46



        In the evening, I stayed in the hotel room until 6pm, but I went to boat tour in around River main, and ate German food. I cleared all the room before I checkout then go downstairs to the hotel counter. I went to my father’s room. We checked out the hotel. We took a taxi to the airport, and drove on autobahn. At the airport, I went to eco class sector, and put my luggage & golf bag. I got a window seat 37A to Bangkok, and 47K to Phuket. I went to passport control, all the way to the B gate. I went to Business Class lounge for the 1st time. There no internet, but computer has. However, no email was available. The flight was 8:25pm. I relaxed at the sofa and took pictures in outside airport. I ate donut and tomato juice. The flight began and waits in the gate area. The man announces the seat row. I went to the boarding, but went back to stand wait. It again and all again until row 30-40 then I got in. I went in the plane and sat in 37A. The seat was lightweight and no PTV. Shame. The plane began pushback and then to taxi. The plane to takeoff at rwy 18 then departed. At the cruise, the crew gave out the menu of different kind of foods. The movie began as Dr. D. The cartoon was based on book. I guess the name. The dinner was served after I ate a green beans nut. The menu main course has Curry Chicken Pa-naeng (with Peanuts) or Salmon Fillet. I choose Curry Chicken and it was delicious also Wild Berry Cake. After ate dinner, I went to sleep. I woke up then look the map view that en-route into Red Sea then I sleep again. At near to BKK airport, I woke up with 1:45 hrs to go. It was my 4 hours sleep longest than 2 hrs. The breakfast was served. Omelette or Scrambled Egg. I choose omelette. Taste delicious. At the BKK area, I took a film for landing. It was smooth landing and taxi to the gate. The plane arrived at the gate in around 2pm. I disembarked the plane and change flight to Phuket.

        6th August:-

        TG 217



        Gate:- A1B



        In BKK airport, at the A gate, after I went thought the immigrant control area. The flight to Phuket was 4pm. I went to internet cafe, but I went around the gate. I saw the gate of Air Asia to Ubon Ratchathani where my old Thai friend lived there. I was unsuccessful to find friend or her inside the security checkpoint. I was no 75% sure it was my friend or not. BS. I went to internet cafe and checked email. I bought water bottle. The flight was begun, and took a shuttle bus to the different gate. I thought it B747, but it appeared B777-300. I got in the plane and sat in 47K. On the other hand, there no window in 47 row WTF. What a BS. My 2nd time sat in no window since flew on UA B757 to Denver from Seattle on no window row on 13. I lend over the other seat window or door window. The plane departed to takeoff and 54 minutes to Phuket. No TV show or movie was shown in-flight. I no enjoy in no window in seat. The plane was ready to landing at Phuket airport. It was rough landing and people were applauded. Then taxi to the gate. I took a picture in the gate.

        Now overall flights from Frankfurt to Phuket were great.

        Next is Phuket-Bangkok-HK on TG, and then HK-San Francisco-Seattle on UA.


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          Great report and photos, Paul! Can't wait to hear about SFO!

          I would have photographed your plane if I knew which flight you were on.

          Did you take the landing video down?


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            Originally posted by Crunk415balla View Post
            Great report and photos, Paul! Can't wait to hear about SFO!

            I would have photographed your plane if I knew which flight you were on.

            Did you take the landing video down?
            I do have. I will post my return home flight from HK.


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              15th August:-

              TG 214



              Gate:- 10




              At 6am in the morning, I woke up and drank espresso from the coffee machine. The house was empty. I was only alone. I packed everything in my baggage and the golf bag. I ate last pack of congee before rode to the airport. I took all the pictures in the house and outside. It was a great weather. Perhaps, I used an internet for while. The SUV arrived, and I leave the house at around 1pm. Arrived in the airport, and went though the security check-point. Cleared the check-point, then I went to check-in counter. It was a very long line. After 30 minutes, I check-in in the counter. The TG agent told me that my baggage was overweight (over 20 kg). I said "What?" "Huh?" The TG agent was annoyed me and look down on me. It was unpleasant. Sigh. I went to baggage counter to pay my overweight baggage for $2,838 baht. It BS. I went to check-in counter to get my tickets for HK flight. I got window seat in both flights. The flight was 3:50pm and go thought another security check-point. I saw TG A330 in the gate. But the flight was not on yet. I ate French fries and Thai Red Bull. I went to check the internet in cafe. The boarding was on and hope to got a window than none window. None window was nothing to see. I went inside the gate and saw the TG B777 instead of TG A330. My face "o_O". I went inside the plane and sat in 35K. It got a window but only one window. Other was nothing. I took pictures before takeoff. The plane ready to takeoff and go thought the rwy 27. I took a film on takeoff. The weather was amazing and it rare for summer season. Winter season are always sunny than rainy in summer. It was only 1 hr flight to BKK. I ate snack and coffee. I took pictures in-flight. At sunset, I took a film on landing then touch down the runway and taxi to the C10. I disembarked the plane at C10 gate and wait for HK flight.

              TG 602




              HS-TJE (Again)


              At BKK airport, I went to have drunk of espresso then I rushed to get HK flight by 30 minutes. I went to security check-point then went to C10 gate. I waited in the C10 gate for HK flight to get in the plane. I saw the same plane where from HKT and same reg. I have never seen the same plane to fly another city. It was my 1st time to fly same plane to HKG. The boarding was start and wait until row of 30. Phuket flight was bit of delay before takeoff. I sat in 32A in the plane then delayed for another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the plane pushback and go thought the taxiway. I saw TG B777-200ER but not for HK flight. The plane ready to takeoff at night, and I took a film on takeoff. It was my 1st time to film on night flight. The plane departed and 2 a half hr to get into HKG. At the cruise, the foods were served and crew asked me for food choice. I said "Fish". I ate the curry fish and it was delicious. The weather was clear and approach to HK airport. The plane flew over the Chai Wan and N.T. then touch down the runway, and taxis the gate. The flight arrived in HK was 11pm. I rushed go to immigrant area ad put my HK ID card on it then put my fingerprint. Cleared the immigrant area gate, and go thought to baggage claim. I picked up both, and buy an airport express train ticket to HK. I sat the seat in the train. There was no PTV in seat and replace with LCD TV. I guess cuz of uselessness on PTV. In the past, there was PTV seat in train. After 20 minutes on train, took a taxi to hotel in Wan Chai.

              Overall flights from Phuket via Bangkok were great and great services.
              Next is:- HKG-San Francisco-Seattle flight.


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                I can't wait to see the rest.


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                  Can't wait to hear about SFO!