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British Airways BA092 (YYZ-LHR) nice econemy class

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  • British Airways BA092 (YYZ-LHR) nice econemy class

    After a 3 week holiday in Canada it's time to go home and as normal I'm nervos cause I don't really like flying.
    At the British Airways Check-in it's really crowded and we have to wait for about 45minutes before we check-in we go thru security quickly and arrive at our gate (after a 20 minutes walk)
    10 minutes before boarding they tell us that our crew hasn't arrived yet due to traffic.
    then we board the aircraft walk to my seat (53C)
    after 10 minutes or so we taxi away and take off.
    During the climb it is smooth then suddenly around Montreal we get some turbulence and the fasten you're seatbelts sign is turned on.
    as we fly further the turbulence doesn't stop after about 30 minutes the turbulence goed away for a little while and we get something to drink and some smiles. then the turbulence comes back again and the pilot says that the turbulence is caused by severe thunderstorms under us en he is trying to find a more stable altitude that doesn't works and after an hour or so whe get dinner it was quite nice and the turbulence continues
    I decide to go to sleep but I can't sleep with turbulence so it seems so I'm gonna watch tv and listen some music after 4or 5 hours it's gettin light and breakfast is served then the turbulence stops
    only 2 more hours to fly.
    when we're almost at LHR they let us make a few round around london due to much traffic as we're at final descent I saw windsor castle then we land at 06:24 and the temprature is 26 degrees
    Fly Ba092

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    What date did you return since i saw several thunderstorms around Ireland during my flight on August 25th IAD - LHR. We landed at about 5:55am

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      fifth of August
      Fly Ba092