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Virgin Blue Embraer trip! (+pics)

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  • Virgin Blue Embraer trip! (+pics)

    After tax return with a bit of spare money left over it was time to head back to Tassie again. My last trip down there was late June but never posted a trip report on that one as it was only a quick trip (BNE-SYD VH-VOU, SYD-LST VH-VOV, LST-SYD VH-VOM, SYD-BNE VH-VXH) So this time i planned to go on one of the Embraers for the first time. So my booking for the way down was OOL-SYD-CBR-MEL-LST on both the E170 and the E190 as part of the trip.

    August 16 2008
    Virgin Blue
    Seat 7A

    The first leg was a OOL-SYD on the 737-800, and as usual webchecked and had all my passes already. Boarding finally called and the walk out to the aircraft imedidatly seen it was VUO from a distance as she has no Live-2-Air. Good to get a ride on the new girl.

    Onboard in Seat 7A

    We taxied to runway 14 and took off fro SYD. Here passing the Tweed River on Take off

    Uneventful flight into SYD. Decending past Bondi.

    On finals for Runway 34R

    About to Touch down 34R

    August 16 2008
    Virgin Blue
    Seat 18F

    After getting off VUO i went to grab some breakfast then headed to the end of the Virgin Terminal to await my next flight. Originally this flight was meant to be operated by the E170 but ended up being changed to the E190, it was a little dissapointing but im sure ill survive The E190 arrived and it was the brand new VH-ZPF only her second day in service which was a fantastic bonus. Boarding call was made and i made the short walk to gate 38 were to my surprise i was last to board, i step foot onboard my first Embraer in the mean time ducking my head so i didnt hit the roof i noted around 20 pax already onboard amongst the first few rows and i made my way all the way to row 18. I had around 14 rows to myself which was great! ZPF being sparkling new was nice and clean and the seat pitch was pretty good also.

    Seats onboard the E190

    Parked next to VH-VUN

    Passing by VBZ who will be doing SYD-LST and were i will eventually end up later this afternoon

    Holding short of 34R as VBL is landing. VBL was parked next to us in OOL and was the second OOL-SYD flight for the day.

    Took Off 34R and made the quick right turn for the quick 25 mins flight and gave us a good view of Sydney airport.

    In cruise to CBR.

    On finals

    Touchdown my my first flight into Canberra

    Welcome to Canberra

    Arriving next to ZPD...

    A shot of the E190 cabin after arrival

    August 16 2008
    Virgin Blue
    Seat 6F

    After getting off the plane and not finding much in the terminal, infact it was quite boring i found myself just watching the footy (Port V Pies) awaitng my next flight. After some time she arrived and i noted it to be ZPC. This flight i will be seated in 6F which i can tell you is not very photo friendly, infact all the seats infront of the emergancy rows are very difficult for photos as the seats are positioned to cover the window, but i made do.

    Pushback from the gate

    Lift off

    On decent into MEL

    It was a terrible day in MEL

    We landed Runway 16 and taxied straight to our gate

    August 16 2008
    Virgin Blue
    Seat 18A

    Again i grabbed somthing to eat and took a seat at gate 9 where the was no one around. I didnt really get the camera out as it was a pretty dull day. I sat around awaiting my aircraft which was meant to be a -700 which i was so pumped for as i have managed not to get a -700 since December 07!!! So as time passed my plane arrived and would you belive it has changed to a -800 and to make things worse it was VH-VOQ again!!! so will be the 5th time on "Peta Pan"

    Not so nice day in MEL

    As we pushed back the sun came out for some time

    Taxing to Runway27 as a rainbow pops up

    Lined up on 27 as dark clouds loom over Melbourne

    Lifting off 27 with some large deflection just to keep us going straight down the runway

    In cruise to LST

    We got very high for such a short flight, i timed our cruise which lasted 1min 15secs This is were we are just as we reach top of climb, basically just about in Tassie

    We made a straight in arrival for Runway 14, here passing Launceston City

    Touchdown Runway 14

    Taxing back to the terminal i spot Mr Joel Austin spotting my arrival

    As i jump off the Back stairs JQX taxied right past so i grabbed a quick shot

    JQX pulling in

    I headed into the terminal and met up with Joel and headed to the Aeroclub to get some shots of the departures on such a lovely afternoon

    VOQ rotating back to Melbourne

    TQM also back to Melbourne

    The fantastic scenery surrounding Launceston, you can see why i always some back here

    JQX departing after the sun had set and passing the moon

    After 4 days it was time to head back again.

    August 19 2008
    Tiger Airways
    Seat 19A

    On the way home i had picked a couple of Tiger Airways flights just to see if i could get my last remaining aircraft to complete the fleet (VH-VNB) Plus they were only $29 anyways On my 3 previous flights on Tiger i had got VNC,VND and VNF. So i arrived at the airport and checked in then headed to the railway with Joel for some spotting. My Tiger finally came in infact it was early. It was VNF, oh well maybe next time. So we headed back to the terminal and i headed to the gate. I was meant to be seated in 19F but the flight was near empty so i moved across to 19A to see if i culd see Joel below

    My Tiger Arriving

    Good Bye Launceston

    Lining up 32L

    An empty flight meant we lifted off very early, as usually we are rotating around were we are now

    Crusing past the suburbs in Melbourne

    Melbourne CBD in the distance

    Touchdown 34

    Spotting myself in the reflection

    August 19 2008
    Tiger Airways
    Seat 8A

    As i jumped off i checked in for my next Tiger flight to Adelaide this time. I just hung around in the Tiger terminal and figured my next flight was to be VNF also, there was one flight arriving 30mins before our departure but i didnt think that it wuld do the ADL leg also. Boarding was called and i made my way out to see VNF deserted (Must have the day off) and would you belive VNB!!! i was so happy, now i have comleted the fleet, what luck! All 4 in only 5 flights.

    Onboard and parked next to 3 747F!

    The 3 747F's

    Lift off 34 passing 09/27

    Tiger cabin

    On decent into ADL

    On finals

    Made a shocker of a landing but made it to the gate. ADL terminal

    My Tiger on her way back to MEL

    August 19 2008
    Virgin Blue
    Seat 24F

    It was now back to my trusty old Virgin Blue for the remainder of the trip. It was only a short wait before my aircraft turned up which happened to be VUG not again :cry: I had got her just on my last trip as well as VOQ from on the saturday. So 3rd time on "Jasman Tasman" now.

    Seat 24F

    In the short time i was there the runway was changed so we took off back over the water

    In cruise to SYD with our contrail seen on the clouds, i could also see the start of the contrail starting to form right under the horizontal stabiliser

    Sun slowly going down

    The sun finally fell in the most boring sunset i have ever seen :cry: Here passing by Canberra on decent into SYD

    Arrived next to ZHB and ZHD, VUM was to our left. Just after i took this shot VOV pulled in next to us also.

    August 19 2008
    Virgin Blue
    Seat 13A

    After a quick look at the departures screens i noted again that i would be going on VOV not having any luck latlely So 4th time "Alluring Alice"

    Seat 13A as VUG pushes back on her way back to ADL

    Crossing the cross runway 07/25

    Ready on 34R

    On take off a bunch of girls from some sporting team thought they were at Dreamworld raising their hands and screaming

    Sydney lights

    Heading over the city

    In cruise on a clear night

    finals for Runway 14 with the moon glaring off the water

    finally back in OOL

    Jumped off the plane paid my parking ticket and met up with Matt Coughran for a quick chat, then it was time to head back home for some sleep.


    To see my pics on

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    I enjoyed this interesting, and altogether informative report Thanks again for sharing your rides aptly supported by this abundant illustration.
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      Nice report, enjoyed reading it. E190 looks nice with the red seats