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The end of an awesome summer (lots of pics)

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  • The end of an awesome summer (lots of pics)

    So this summer I was out in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ. Needless to say, it was the best summer I've had so far. We were there from May 31 to August 10.
    The last night we had one last get together to look back on the summer and attack what's ahead. That night I wanted to go to bed at a decent hour, but I didn't end up going to sleep until about 145am on the 10th. I woke up about 545am because the first wave of cars headed out just after 6am, so I got up to say goodbye to all of them. So they left, and the next wave went out just after 7am, and did the same. About that time, we got to see the last sunrise in North Myrtle Beach to wrap up the summer. So I went up to the porch on the second floor of our apartments to catch it.

    The car I was in left at 8, so we said goodbye to the people who were still there that were leaving later and headed out. I had bought my flight out of KFLO, so they were going to drop me off there on their way back to the upper midwest. It's only just over an hour to go to Florence, and it started raining on the way. When we got closer to the airport, we saw a couple of guys and horse on the median of the road.

    Just thought that was kinda funny.
    So we get to the airport, I get my stuff out of the van, and say the goodbyes. It was about 930am at this point and my flight wasn't until 550pm. I bought the 550pm flight to CLT because I thought that we would stay for church that morning and leave in the afternoon sometime, but that's not what happened. So I sat down and waited for the counter to open because there are only about 6 flights a day to and from CLT.

    So I waited for a bit and one of the ladies opened the counter to check a few passengers in and I hopped in there and asked her if there was an open seat on an earlier flight. Turns out there was one open seat on the 230pm flight, PDT4191. I managed to shift some things around to go with my golf clubs to get my other bag down to 50 pounds.
    So to kill the time I just wandered around the small terminal for a bit and watched the flight before that arrive, pick up the passengers to CLT, and then depart. That flight was operated by N825EX.

    So not long after they left, our plane came in, N827EX. I was already through security and couldn't get a shot of it. They only opened up security when a flight is about to depart to keep the area minimized. Otherwise, it's pretty much free roam in the terminal. Well I did actually get one good shot of N827EX.
    The open seat on the flight was 1D which was assigned to me, but when we got out to the plane, I noticed the seat next to me was open, 1F. So I took that one and it turns out there was one person who we had to wait on and that was her seat, but she didn't say anything about it. On takeoff the pilot held the brakes, throttled up, and let 'er rip. It was pretty awesome. I waited until after takeoff to start taking pictures because I wasn't sure what the FA would say or do about it. She was facing backwards at the door and I was in the front row, so I didn't want to cause anything. After a minute, though, I did decide to see what happened when I did, and it turns out she didn't really care. Here's a shot of KFLO.

    The flight to CLT was a quick 20 minute flight, but it was pretty bumpy as we had to avoid some buildup in the area.

    I also got a good view of Lowe's Motor Speedway as we closed in on CLT.

    Also a brief view of the air museum as we floated down to 18L.

    Landing was a pretty smooth one.

    It's pretty cool to watch the gear do its thing.
    Well we taxied in and I waited for everyone else to deplane before I grabbed my stuff. The FA asked me if I needed any help, but I told her that I had about 7 hours in CLT and was in no hurry. She laughed. I kept my original flight to ATL at 1030pm because it was an Embraer 175. That's the reason I chose that one instead of the A319 at 730pm. I had checked arrivals that morning and realized that the LH flight from EDDM would be arriving the time I was there. So I went down to Concourse D and sat in the rocking chairs waiting for the A346 to come in.

    That was the first time I'd seen an A346, and thought it would be longer, but it was still really cool to see it. I wandered around the airport for a bit and apparently the JB flight to JFK was supposed to depart about 330pm (I think), but for some reason kept getting delayed.

    I ventured back over to D to watch LH leave and just started taking pictures of planes that taxied by.
    Mismatched rudder on N725PS.

    LH trying to sneak into the frame.
    I was also surprised to see N933UW, US's Star Alliance 757 come into the gate beside me and LH.
    Just after pushback.

    So that was all the fun and excitement I could capture down in concourse D. I decided to go walking around the airport some more and went down to concourse B to find N828AW at concourse C.

    Looking back on concourse C.
    Then I ventured down to concourse A to see what all was going on down there.
    Family of Embraers parked.

    Got this sweet shot of N188US heading out while a company A319 taxis by.

    AirTran at the gate getting ready to head back to ATL.
    Mismatched nosecone on N567RP.
    And there goes N827EX, which brought me to CLT a few hours before back from another flight off on another one into the sunset.

    Lumbering off to EGKK.

    Once the sun went down and it started getting darker, I decided to grab some pizza and go sit down and eat. I chose to go back towards D and sit down there at one of the tables.

    After I finished it off, I decided to make one quick last look around before I headed to my gate.
    Staring into the eyes of my ride as RPA3275 to ATL, N125HQ.
    This was my first flight on an Embraer, so I was pretty excited about it. What really got me was the space I had. It was a pretty nice plane to say the least.
    The view from my seat, 7A, as we waited for the rest of the passengers to board.

    Taxiing past a taxiway.

    Takeoff was smooth and I was just in awe as we climbed above the clouds.

    For the first couple of minutes, it was a little bumpy, but we soon climbed above the clouds, and the most beautiful sight I have ever seen was right there before me. The clouds weren't that high, but they did have some buildup to them. The moonlight lined the clouds while the moon and stars shone gloriously above and the lights of the world came into view in breaks in the clouds. I didn't take a picture because it just wouldn't do it justice.
    The descent into ATL was smooth and we landed on 8L.

    I decided to try some decent night shots. I've been looking at exif data on shots like that in the db and decided to give it a go. Turned out pretty well. We got off the runway and taxied all the way down to concourse D at ATL and passed a World MD-11 at concourse E doing another military charter. After I got off the plane, I decided to walk down to baggage claim because I really didn't see the rush in taking the train. It's 5,000 feet from concourse D to baggage claim. Quite a walk. For the first bit I decided on not taking the moving sidewalks, but after a while, I decided to. It was already 1145pm when I got off the plane, so we didn't get our luggage until about 1215am or so. I was just about out of it because I was running off of 4 hours of sleep the night before, a Dr Pepper at lunch, and a Mountain Dew at dinner. So I met my Granddad and cousin at baggage claim and waited for my bag and golf clubs to come out. My bag came out fairly early and apparently oversized and sports items come out on the large one at the end of baggage claim. It was right there behind us, but didn't have any lights or anything to go off to let us know that stuff was coming out. We eventually grabbed it and headed outside to meet my uncle. My cousin and my uncle dropped my Granddad and I off at his house and we split for the night. It was a well deserved rest.
    I chose to go to ATL for a day because it was about the same price as going FLO-CLT-AUS or SAT all on August 10th. So I figured why not.
    I'll find some time possibly in the next few days to put my trip home from ATL up.

    Also, I saw about 14 Delta Connection Embraers parked at KFLO. Does anyone have any insight on that?

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    Nice report aptly backed by a substential gallery. Looking forward to share the ride on the next leg.
    Thanks for visiting
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      nice report!!

      impressive pictures!!




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        Great flight review. Dig that taxiway shot at CLT with the blurred lighting.


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          Great FR. With this one and others, we also can do the travel, and visit places that otherwise will difficult, at least to me.

          Thank you very much to sharing it.

          Josť Luis
          A portuguese photojournalist living in Brazil.