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Ferry Flight - WN8898 HOU-DAL

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  • Ferry Flight - WN8898 HOU-DAL

    Last night I got to experience my first ferry flight from HOU-DAL. A large group from WN headquarters and other cities went to HOU earlier in the day to basically take over the station so that the local employees could go home and prepare for Hurricane Ike. We take care of our people, that's how we roll. I was assigned to work at t-point (where your checked bags go and sorted out, then taken to the plane). I enjoyed it because it was something different than driving a desk all day.

    Our aircraft (N488WN) was ferried in from CRP, which is also being shut down for the hurricane. We signed up on a manual flight manifest with our name and employee number, and boarded the aircraft at gate 42 around 11:15pm. Not including crew, there were about 25 people on board.

    One flight attendant sang a couple of songs for us. One when we were cleared for takeoff, and one just after landing in DAL. It's amazing how fast a 73G can get airborne with 30 people on board without cargo & bags. I ordered a run & coke which was comped.

    Just before beginning our descent, the Captain came on and told everyone to look off to the left side of the aircraft. We could see an endless stream of headlights that stratched for miles, heading north to Dallas. These were people driving out of the Houston area for the storm. But we were over central Texas, and it was midnight. I felt really sorry for those people being stuck out there, especially those who have kids.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to those from the Houston region. Houston is my home town, and I hate to think of the devastation they face. When we took off from HOU last night, I looked down at all the lights and told my co-worker, "This place is gonna look a whole lot dofferent in 2 days."

    Sorry I don't have any photos. My camera wouldn't fit in the tiny bag I took.
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    Thanks for the report/update! I got the PM but wasn't able to send a proper reply just yet.

    I remember seeing T Point in STL not exactly the best job in the world, but very different from being in front of a desk for sure!

    I am sure the HOU employees appreciated it a lot!

    Very cool what you all did.

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      Originally posted by ATrude777 View Post
      I am sure the HOU employees appreciated it a lot!
      Hopefully they won't file a union grievance.
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        Thanks for the report. I have several friends in Houston and I plan to take the next couple weekends off and travel down there to help them get things back in order if they need it.

        I tried to get out to KDAL this morning to get pictures of the extra aircraft but with the clouds and rain I decided I probably wouldn't get anything worth submitting.


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          Interesting. In Canada a ferry flight cannot have more than 9 people on it (excluding crew). Over that it needs a flight number as ferries pay a lower landing fee, ATC fees and terminal charges.