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    Ok, i'm finally sitting down to write this trip report from 3 weeks ago!
    Aug 5, 2003
    Delta Flt 1162
    737-800 Ex Shuttle
    Seat 4F

    Well, i got up around 530 for our 840 departure to ATL, got ready and waited for my aunt to pick my family up to head to FLL and RSW for 12 days on the beach. We arrived at MCI at about 715, which gave us enough time to have a quick breakfast at the Boulevard Brew Pub. I had a breakfast burrito while watching several aircraft take off on 9/27. Aircraft at MCI that i saw in our area: 3 NW DC9s, 2 CO ERJ's, a CO 735, HP 733, AA 752 M80 762 and 738, DL 732 M90 and our 738. Well, after breakfast we made our way to the security line for gates 56-60. Although the line was pretty long with pax heading to SLC, CVG, and ATL, it moved very quickly. After a painless screening, i sat down and watched some more planes. And of course, snapping a pic of our 737-800.
    After about 15 minutes, boarding was started. This went pretty quickly, as there was not first class on this flight. The gatehouse was pretty packed, because the M90 to SLC was boarding at the same time. I was seated in row 4, so i was among the last to board. When i boarded i was absolutely floored by the awesome legroom and comfort of the seats. If you ever get the chance, fly DELTA SHUTTLE!!!!! Soon after boarding we pushed back simultaneously with the MD90 to SLC. We made our way to 1L behind a SWA 733 and the Delta MD90. There was no wait at the threshold, as ATC was stacking up departures this morning. We powered up and shot off into the morning sky. About 30 minutes into the flight we were served drinks and biscoff cookies. I had my usual CranApple and listened to some Lil John to get myself in the ATL mood. Soon enough, the moving map showed us getting closer to ATL. We made a long approach to runway 27R and touched down at a not-so-busy ATL. We made our way to gate A7, and becuase we were so close to the door, were the first ones off.
    Delta flight 1017

    After a long lunch at Chilis Too, it was time to head to FLL. We made our way to A12, where our 767 in old school colors was waiting. Soon enough, we boarded. I love the plasma tvs all over the place at ATL, we have them at MCI, but not all over the place, no wonder these damn airlines are having trouble turning a profit. I made my way onto the 767 and took my seat. This flight was also full, and after some confusion about seating assignments with other pax, we were ready to go and made our way to 27R to be number 8 for takeoff. After a while, it was our turn to go and we followed an ASA ATR72. I love the 767/757 takeoff, it seems so powerful! We made our way over the MARTA station, then turned southeast towards some nasty looking clouds. Soon after this, the worst turbulence i've experienced started. The captain informed us that the seatbelt sign would be on for the duration, and that flight attendants would not be able to offer service...well, i can deal without my cranapple for 1hr, no big deal, safety is always more important. I looked out my window, and saw TPA. Right after this, we entered a slow turn. We were then informed that we were entering a holding pattern that could last up to 1 hour due to storms at FLL. I love turbulence, so the major bumps and yawing didnt really bother me, but it obviously bothered some of the other pax. After 45 min of circling over Tampa and Sarasota, we were cleared for approach at FLL. We made a low approach over the everglades, which was really cool due to all of the lightning and heavy rain off in the distance. Soon enough we were over Sunrise, and Sawgrass Mills. I noticed that we were really high and fast, so i realized we would be landing on 27R today instead of the usual 9L. We passed over Davie, Lauderdale Lakes, and then Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, headed over the ocean, and turned in for our approach to FLL. We headed over port everglades, passing several ships, then over US1, finally smacking down on a soaked 27R. The pilot pumped the brakes to avoid skidding and used full reverse thrust. I'll be damned, the bastard used every last inch of that runway, finally turning off at the blast fence next to I-95. Ok, here are some pics:
    Delta 1162 MCI-ATL

    Approach over the atlantic into FLL

    Approach over US1

    Aug. 16, 2003
    Delta flt 871
    Well, after 2 weeks in Ft Lauderdale and Boca Grande outside of Ft. Myers, it was time to head home for school. We arrived at RSW at about 1230 for our 1420 departure to ATL. Had a quick lunch at burger king and watched the very few planes that were at RSW that day. The only planes i saw in the 2 hrs i was there: B6 A320, FL 717, CO 737, DL M80, and 3 Cape Airs. You could definitely tell it was the off-season for Southwest Florida. After eating, i sat in the gate area for a while. Soon enough, the boarding call was made and i made my way to my seat 32F. We sat at the gate for EVER waiting for the rampers, who were slow as i dont know what to load the plane. Finally, after a 35 minute RAMP delay (i would have lost my job at YX for a 35 minute ramp delay!!!!) we were on our way. At this point, we were the only aircraft at RSW!!!! We made a slow taxi to the Runway, and the full 757 screamed down the runway. We shot off into the low puffy clouds and narrowly missed a storm. We made a rough climb up to 34500. Soon after takeoff, the flight attendants rushed to serve the drinks, as the flight to ATL would be just over an hour. The f/a's were very cordial and efficient on this flight. As we were 90 miles out of ATL we were informed that we were boxed in by T-storms, and we would have to hold for a minute. The pilot was incredibly informative, giving us realistic announcements and 'keepin it real'. After just 5 minutes of holding, we began dodging the clouds on our approach to ATL. We flew through the nasty looking clouds, and as we broke through, i saw an AA 757 running parallel to us with it's gear out already, so i knew we were getting close. We made a fast approach into a very busy ATL, and taxied to gate A17. We had 3 hours to kill for our flight to MCI, so time wasnt really an issue, somehow, we only arrived 20 minutes late.
    Delta 545
    737-800 Ex-Shuttle
    After waiting forever at the TGI Fridays in concourse B (i think), my brother and I made our way to Concourse E to check out all the International Departures, sadly, this was the only pic uploaded into the database, a DL 777 going to FCO:

    After an hour of spotting, we headed back to Concourse B for the departure of our flight. The flight was full to the brim, but nonetheless, boarding went extremely fast. We were ready to go within 25 minutes of boarding. The door was closed, but then reopened due to 2 late-arriving pax. We pushed and were on our way to rwy 27R once again. We were 12 in line for departure. I got worried for a minute because the nasty storms we had just flown through 3 hours ago were quickly approaching ATL. Worries aside, we thankfully made it out of ATL before the storms hit. However, we had to sidetrack to BHM, which delayed us a bit, no problem though. Over BHM, the air was pretty smooth, so the F/As began service. There were not enough headphones on this flight, so the F/A said that the audio would be played over the PA, and that if anyone objected, they should let the FAs know. The air was smooth the rest of the way, and over the Lake of the Ozarks, Delta Horizons was switched off and replaced with the "compass" moving map. We made a great approach into MCI, overflying the whole eastern half of the city, over the Sports Complex, downtown, liberty, and the turning base over Smithville. We mad about a 3 mile final, letting the flaps and gear down relatively fast, and making a great landing on 19L. We taxied to gate 58, parking next to a DL MD90 in old school colors, and a Skywest CRJ in new colors. We deplaned, and the most exciting part of my flying "experience" happened. As i was waiting at baggage claim, i saw a NW aircraft land on 19L. As it taxied around i realized it was the NWA 757-200 in new colors!!! Between working at MCI for 4 months and constantly being up there, i had never seen a NW 757 at MCI!!! I nearly *shat* myself!!! What a great ending to a good experience with Delta!

    Service: 7 (information was great, f/a's could be more friendly)
    Aircraft: 8 (clean, smell-free, young, and the DL shuttle was great)

    MCI: 9 the renovated gatehouse and terminal area for Delta is wonderful, clean, and efficient. Security was very efficient as well
    ATL: 8 A great airport, lots of diversity, but it's starting to get a little run-down.
    FLL: 10 MY FAVORITE, but the crowds are a little much.
    RSW:4, not much traffic, out of date terminals, cramped feeling, absolutely horrific security
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    Awesome report and pictures!


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      Nice trip report. Pictures are always nice in trip reports. The new renovated MCI sounds great and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing the improvements in a couple months when I fly out of there.


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        Pics are on their way, ignore this post
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          Well, i can give you a bit of a preview:

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            I liked MCI even without the improvements. Maybe it's just me?

            Also, one of the coolest things at FLL I thought was the chimes that the baggage claim played instead of the typical alarm.

            Van Hoolio's Photos


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              DAMN! One of the best trip reports ive ever read!

              Pictures, Great detail, Delta Air Lines, rankings... this one has it all people!

              Great JOB!



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                DeltaASA16: Glad you think so! It was a great trip, and another great trip on delta deserves a great trip report!!

                VanHoolio: Dont worry, the designs at MCI just updated and complimented the structure, the convenience is still there. If you want to see the old MCI, southwest is the only airline now in an unrenovated space, so you have until about next march to see the timecapsule from 1975!!
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                  Thanks for the pics MCIFLYR. Looks great. I didn't mind MCI before the improvements either but I thought there was plenty of room for improvement and it was getting long in the tooth. I find it to be an underrated airport. I'll be flying out with Southwest and I don't think their area has been renovated yet, aren't I able to walk over to Delta's area and see the renovations? That shouldn't take a lot of time I'd imagine, since I probably won't have a lot of extra time there. ( I have a tendancy to get to MCI later than planned for some reason or another)


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                    For the next few months, you'll have to walk outside under a covered walkway that connects WN and DL, it's about a 5 minute walk, but well worth it, it'll give you the chance to compare the "before and after" of MCI
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                      Great Review MCI!!!

                      Keep em coming!!

                      Pete Ganabathi
                      Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

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