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    PHNL - PHJR - (10NM - Charter Flight, World DC-10)

    and a close second...
    PHNG - PHNL - (13NM - repo flight, P-3C)

    Longest one shot.

    PHNL - KATL - (4502NM - Commericial, Delta L1011, B764)

    Longest "one day affair" (Total 8163 NM - Military Charter, ATA B752)

    Leg 1 - PHIK - PKMJ (2280NM)
    Leg 2 - PKMJ - PGUA (1846NM)
    Leg 3 - PGUA - RJSM (1880NM)
    Leg 4 - RJSM - RODN (1259NM)
    Leg 5 - RODN - RPLC (898NM)
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      JAX-ATL Delta Airlines B757-300 Duration 55minutes


      Vienna-ATL Delta Airlines B767-300LR Duration 11Hours
      BH Airlines A319


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        Longest: LHR-KUL 12 Hours

        Shortest: LGW-DUB 1hr 30 mins


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          Shortest : Copenhagen - Billund

          Longest : Madrid - Buenos Aires


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            ...not the only one who's shortest flight is of this type... but here's a couple of photos anyway...

            The jet....

            ..and the helo....

            Holed up in a cabin in the woods.. with 3 years worth of canned goods.. and a whole bunch of guns.


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              My longest flight: Beale AFB, California to Kadena AFB, Okinawa 6100 miles, in a KC-135 web seat. My butt hurt for a week.

              My shortest flight: LAX (Los Angles) to PMD (Palmdale, California) 38 miles. In a Swearingen (Fairchild) Metroliner. Every seat is a window seat and every seat is a asile seat.


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                My shortest flight (unscheduled flight) due snowing in Detroit. I was in Detroit City airport (KDET) on Southwest should have non stop to Midway KMDW on a B737-300. DTW had some of passengers stranded for MDW. Southwest called in DET could you please pick psgrs up in DTW? Southwest pilots said sure! LOL! We flew DET-DTW in 9 minutes with snowing. It was awesome flight!

                I have been a few times between Appleton and Green Bay on an Air Wisconsin Bae 146 and Bac 1-11 $24 RT in 7 to 8 minutes flight. LOL! That's a shortest schedule flight. The ticket agent told me that I see nobody buys ticket between ATW-GRB-ATW you're the only person. The ticket agent was laughing about me hardcore flying. LOL!

                My longest flight: ORD (Chicago-O'Hare)-SJU (San Juan) and back on a United 757 in 5 hours 15 minutes.



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                  Shortest: MKE-ORD
                  Longest: SFO to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific


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                    Shortest (commercial flight): Terceira - Ponta Delgada (The Azores) 103 miles - approx. 40 minutes.

                    Longest: Paris CDG - Tokyo Narita. 6048 miles - approx. 12 hours.

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                      Longest so far MAD-SCL - 6,668 mi, 12:25 h
                      Shortest so far LBA-LHR - 173 mi, 0:49 h
                      2005 - LBA-LHR-MAD-SCL (BMI/Iberia A319/A340)
                      2006 - EZE-MAD-LHR-LBA (BMI/Iberia A319/A340)
                      2007 - MAN-MBJ (Monarch B767)
                      2008 - MAN-CDG-HKG/HKG-CDG-MAN (Air France B777)
                      2008 - MAN-AMS-IAH/IAH-AMS-MAN (KLM B747 combi)

                      30/31 Mar 2010 - MAN-AMS-SIN (KLM B737/B777)
                      06 May 2010 - GOA-LGW-MAN (British Airways A320)


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                        Longest Flight: San Juan (SJU) to Los Angeles (LAX) - 6:30 hours

                        Shortest Flight: Los Angeles (LAX) to San Francisco (SFO) - 1 hour


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                          Shortest flight Melbourne to Sydney - 1 hour.
                          Longest flight Singapore to Amsterdam which is about 14 hours. After about 10 it's just like get there already...


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                            Longest Flight - LHR-LAX - 5,456NM - ANZ 744
                            Shortest Flight - SXM-SBH - 20NM - Winair Islander
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                              Shortest was on Aires Colombia Dash 8-300 from PEI to EOH for 97 miles and from that flight came my first photo on JP....

                              Longest was my last flight and it took me from LAX to MEL (where I'm now!) on Qantas A380!! for 7921 miles.... got photos but haven't gotten around to editing them...


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                                My longest: Northwest 11, 12:15 hours and over 6000 miles 747-400 DTW-NRT
                                My shortest: American 1093 0:34 hours and 68 miles 757-200 SJU-STT