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Phoenix Trip- REVISED

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  • Phoenix Trip- REVISED

    I have already posted this trip, but I was not happy with it, and I found some pictures so I decided to change it and add the pictures. Enjoy!

    Friday, July 12, 2003

    3:30am- I wake up to my alarm clock next to my ear. I check the time, 3:30am, my flight to Kansas City departs in three hours. After a shower, breakfast, and some last minute packing, I was on the road with my parents, en route to Chicago Midway Airport.

    We arrived at Short term parking at 5:00am, and got to the terminal via shuttle bus at about 5:15. We checked in, and were placed in the "B" Group. After getting our bags scanned, we were on our way to Gate F10.

    Southwest Airlines flight 1032
    Chicago Midway- Kansas City
    Scheduled Departure Time: 6:35am
    Actual Departure Time: 6:36am
    Scheduled Arrival Time: 7:35am
    Actual Arrival Time: 7:35am
    Seat 13A, N663SW, 737-300
    Load: 45%

    We sat at the gate for about 8 minutes because we had borded too early. Many people were talking on there cell phones, but I was just looking out the window. We started moving, and took off one minute late. We were inflight for about one hour, and only Orange Juice or Coffee were served.
    The flight was mainly clear sailing while we were flying to MCI.

    We got to MCI, and I left security to use the bathroom, I did not like that. We ran into my uncle sitting in the gate who we were going to AZ to see! What a suprise! Once again, we were in the B group. They called the A group and my uncle borded, after teasing us about "being late" we then borded the plane and just sat there for a while.

    Southwest Airlines Flight 2538
    Scheduled Departure Time: 8:35am
    Actual Departure Time: 8:55am
    Scheduled Arrival Time: 9:15am
    Actual Arrival Time: 9:15am
    Seat 9C, 737-700, N***SW

    Flight Time was announced as 2h 35min, we took off late, and flight attendents came around and gave out cookies, I ordered a Sprite, and was given a full can! I took out the skymall, and looked at it, and spent the rest of the flight talking to my seatmate, he was my age and was flying alone. We landed on time, and my uncle escorted us to the baggage claim, we got our bags, (he had one carryon) and we went to the Advantage Rent-A-Car counter, and he went and got his car. He gave us directions and said he would meet us at his house. We got on the Advantage Shuttle Bus, and went and picked up a 01 Ford Windstar Van.

    After a week of traveling Arizona with family, it was time to return home.

    We got to PHX three hours early, just in case we had any probelms with the rental car. We waited around in the gate, and our flight was deleyed.

    Southwest Airlines 2852
    Scheduled Departure Time: 5:05pm
    Actual Departure Time: 6:32pm
    Scheduled Arrival Time: 10:35pm
    Actual Arrival Time: 11:27pm
    Seat 4B, 737-300. N***WN, CANYON BLUE

    We took off late, flight time was announced as 3h 35min, there were a lot of small kids on the plane, they were yelling, screaming, and crying the entire flight. After a late landing, we made our way to the baggage claims in the deserted MDW, and took the shuttle to the parking lot and went home.