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  • Thomas Cook Airlines - SKG-MAN

    The flight was Thomas Cook Airlines flight TCX635L on August 28th 2003 from Thessaloniki to Manchester.

    We arrived outside the terminal building about 20 minutes before check-in opened, so we were asked to wait outside.

    The check-in area at Thessaloniki was absolutely packed with masses on flights leaving for Germany and the UK. Our rep told us that it would be busy though.

    Originally 3 desks were opened to check our flight, but the airport only had enough staff to man one of them. The JMC Rep filtered us to the one desk until more staff were available.

    At check-in the agent mixed up me and my sisters tickets and changed my name to "Mrs" on my boarding card. This didn't pose a problem at the gate or security though.

    Once checked-in there was a long queue to go into the departure lounge, but we didn't mind.

    After a short wait in the small departure lounge, we proceeded to board at Gate 17. We were bussed over the Boeing 757-300, G-JMAB.

    At the aircraft you could choose to board at the rear or at the second door to the front. At both sets of steps were cabin crew on the tarmac and at the door. Once onboard we took our seats, which were on row 32, by the wing.

    As we where taxing we were shown a safety briefing, and the cabin crew greeted us and gave us details of the flight. We were soon airborne of fRunway 34 and climbing to 35000 ft.

    After departure, the cabin crew promptly began a drinks service and advised us that we should maybe purchase two drinks as there would only be time for one drinks service to come around. This was shortly followed by the meal service. The meal was a Chicken Dijonnaise served with veg and potato wedges, and was very good. During our meal we were also offered tea and coffee.

    The duty free trolley made its way to us prior to descent into Manchester and we bought a watch that should be 130 for 50!

    During descent, the First Officer spoke to us again and told us that the weather was overcast with a 10 knot wind and the temperature was 13 degrees in Manchester! He apologised for this. There was a little bit of turbulence due to the weather, but nothing too drastic.

    About 15 minutes before landing the cabin crew took their seats and we began our approach. At 2.10pm we made a smooth landing on Runway 06L and then taxied towards Stand 24.

    This flight was excellent and TCX are certainly the best charter airline I've ever flown on!
    The cabin crew, Rachel and Dawn, who served us throughout the flight, were also a credit to Thomas Cook.

    I would fly on TCX any day!



    Enjoy Every Moment

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    Hello Thomas Cook 757-200,

    Nice trip report.

    My hobby is to collect boarding passes from all over the world.
    Can you send me the boarding passes(jpg) of your Thomas Cook
    flights to my e-mail adress [email protected] ?

    Do you also have boarding passes of other airlines ?