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  • London - St Marteen - London

    Route - London City Airport to Amsterdam
    Airline - BA Connect
    Aircraft - BaE 146
    Date - 10th June 2009
    Scheduled Departure - 13:00
    Actual - 12:58
    Scheduled Arrival - 15:10
    Actual - 15:00

    I woke up at 10:30 and had a bit to eat then i set off for the Docklands light railway station at Canning Town.
    I got to LCY at around 11:55, plenty of time for my flight, so i checked in and took my FAVOURITE PICTURE EVER !

    VERY PROUD OF THIS ONE (At maximum zoom, Quite far away)

    Sorry but i dont know where this came from, but i THINK it had arrived from Oslo.

    At 12:35 my flight was called to the gate, and i counted about only 29 people on this flight, as it was the most expensive of the day, im guessing that people only went o it if they really had to.

    My A/C Taking me to AMS, with another BA CONNECT Lifting off heading to Zurich.(can someone help, y so big??)

    I boarded and took my seat just behind the wing.

    We taxied straight off the stand and almost immedately were at the runway, We waited for a Lufthansa to get off the runway.

    After 3 Minutes we blasted off towards Amsterdam, taking off over London.

    The crew came around with some food, which was small, but it was only a small flight

    (I dunno wat zoom i just pulled it out took a pic and put it away)

    Chicken Sandwhich, coffee, juice, Nuts, nothing to complain about.
    We got up, and started descending after nearly 10 mins of cruise, and then bumped down towards AMS.

    Sorry, The Flight crew said no pics once in the air, so thats why i only managed to sneak in that one of the food, im sorry.

    We landed quite hard down onto the Runway, Bouncing THREE times before we could safely touch down.
    The captain apologized and then when he finished speaking we parked up and disembarked.A nice Flight with BA Connect today, my first flight with them and definately not my last, a warm welcome and good flight and service(apart from landing), Overall 8/10.

    Next Flight....

    Route - Amsterdam to St Marteen VIA Curacao
    Aircraft - B747-400 (KLM ASIA LIVERY)
    Airline - KLM
    Scheduled Departure time - 18:10
    Actual - 18:32
    Scheduled Arrival Time - 21:30
    Actual - 22:07

    I walked around Schipol for a bit, watching a Couple of MD-11's taxi, then i checked in, 2.5 hours before T/O.
    I went straight through the crowded security, which took 25 minutes !, then went into the ABSOLUTELY JAM PACKED departure lounge.
    My flight already had a gate so i walked slowly towards it.
    My gate, i cant remember sorry, was in the main shopping area so was convenient.
    Parked up was,rusty, old looking, 747, which was disembarking passengers, which i later found out had just arrived from Beijing ..
    I shopped around for a while, then when a few more passengers turned up, the flight got called forward.
    Row by row, passengers boarded.
    The crew on this flight said to me, "NO PHOTOS ON BOARD PLEASE SIR!", which i obviously had to obey.
    So unfotunately, the old 747 had to TV'S on the seats, so we had to pug some headphones into the armrest and watch the TV'S that were every 12 rows.
    We pushed back, and sat on the tarmac for 15 minutes, i dont know why.
    Then the safety Demo started, and we started taxiing.
    We Got priority taxi over a Transavia 737 to Alicante and we passed a Bmi on its way home to LHR.
    We lined up straight away, and Blasted away.
    We got up and turned right almost immediately, while banking, we had a rather unusual drop, not a nice drop.
    A few people screamed and the lights flickered, but it was over soon enough.
    We climbed into the thick cloud and started our long trip over to SXM.
    I asked again why i wasnt aloud pictures, and the Lady answered "Sorry, this is a KLM Asia Aircraft, Not KLM"
    Thats not an answer is it, even the French guy next to me said that i might aswell take some.
    I thought i wouldent as the rule wouldent be there for no reason.
    We leveled out at 38,005, and cruised.
    The crew handed out a meal after about 50 minutes

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    there is a part 2

    there is a part 2


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      Ahhhh mate your "trip reports" get funnier and funnier each time! I see we've given up the day job flying for BMI/Monarch/Thomson now have we?

      I love how all your pictures have been stolen from other websites! The BA inflight meal is from from a Newquay-Bristol flight. That massive photo is a London City Airport PR photo. You must be very proud of that SAS photo, having pinched it from Flickr!

      Also think it's really funny that on your return flight, even though there are 3 conescutive photos from your "return flight", they are all hosted on completely different websites with different usernames

      KLM Asia no longer operate either, just to keep you up to date.

      Did your Mum & Dad not accompany you on your flights? They might want to know that you've given up the job for BMI/Monarch/etc and are taking flights to "St Marteeeen" (sic). Quick word of advice - read up on your airline trivia before quoting random fake facts on here!


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        He worked for BmI thomson AND monarch haha.....Lets have a bet....

        5 - 5 YEARS OLD
        10 - 6-12 YEARS OLD
        15 - 12 -13 YEARS OLD

        What do you think?
        Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!