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London - St Marteen - London PART 2

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  • London - St Marteen - London PART 2

    We descended slowly into Curacao, and the Captain announced a 40 Minute Stop in Curacao.
    We descended through no cloud,and landed straight down.
    We parked at a remote stand, and the stairs pulled up.
    "All passengers for Curacao please disembark the Aircraft via the Front and rear exits,all passengers for St Marteen please stay seated"

    Is that it?....just sit here for 40 mins?

    Turns out no, the crew wanted all Curacao pax out the way,so they could hand out drink and snacks to the SXM pax.

    A packet of chocolate coated peanuts and a coffee were all i needed to stay awake.
    I Curacao it was evening ad the light was dimming.
    We pushed back after what seemed about 20mins, and took off straight away.
    We didnt turn but insted cruised at 21,000 ft.
    The crew then came around with a Cheese and Onion Roll and another drink.
    While eating/drinking, we started a descent into SXM, and made a left turn over an island, but i couldent work out what island.
    Some music started being played, and we prepared for landing.
    We got lower,and lower, and lower to the water,then saw lots of camera flashes in the dark night sky as we fly over Maho beach landing into SXM.
    The last flight of the day had just arrived,a WESTJET from Vancouver, and parked next to us.
    The WESTJET disembarked before us, ad we sat in the A/C for about 15 minutes before Disembarking, ROW BY ROW.

    Overall 6/10....I shouldent have chosen the night flight with the stop in Curacao.