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NW Trip Report TPA-MEM-DTW-CLE-MSP-BOI 59 Pictures!

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  • NW Trip Report TPA-MEM-DTW-CLE-MSP-BOI 59 Pictures!

    This is my first trip report on so tell me how I do. First, I'd like to give you a bit of a biography. I'm 16 years old and I live in a suburb of Tampa, Florida. Both my parents work at the Northwest Airlines Reservations Center. My mother has 29 years and my father has 32 years. I have been an aviation enthusiast for as long as I remember. So, let me start. All flights to Cleveland took place on June 5th. Everything after is on the 6th.

    Also, I wrote this same review on if you are interested.

    Planning for which flights we (my dad and I) were going to shoot for (standby) started on Thursday. Our original plan was to fly to Atlanta and then to Cleveland from there. So, we got to the airport at 7:00AM for the 9:00AM flight to Atlanta on Delta. We made our way through the main terminal at Tampa to the tram for Airside E. When we arrived at the gate I decided to roam the terminal for my normal picture taking. When I returned to the gate I was surprisingly informed that there were 58 people listed on the standby list and we were 45 and 46! Since we are flying as a Northwest employee we aren't yet capable to fly ahead of Delta employees. That will change though on June 5th. We just decided to wait it out since there was one flight an hour to Atlanta. By 12:00PM we had not gotten on 3 flights! Since Northwest is now in the same Airside as Delta we decided to take our chances with the Memphis flight. Thankfully we got on that flight!

    Tram entrance to Airside E

    Inside Airside E

    The first Delta flight we tried for, a MD-88

    American MD82 parked at Airside F

    Some American tails

    Delta A319 departing for Hartford

    Northwest Saab-340 arriving from Tallahassee

    The 11:00AM ATL flight departing

    Bordom, haha

    Flight #1209
    Departs Tampa at 12:35PM
    Arrives in Memphis at 1:34PM
    DC-9-30 N8960E
    Departing gate E66
    Arriving gate B4
    Seat - 11E Window
    On Time

    This is flight 1209 from Tampa to Memphis on June 5, 2009. I was in seat 11E. *** Be sure to press HQ for higher quality!

    Our plane, a 41 year old workhorse arriving from MEM. Ex-Eastern

    E66 boarding gate for flight 1209

    View from my seat


    Climbing past the Courtney Campbell Causeway


    Climbing past a thunderstorm



    Parked at gate B4

    While in Memphis the first thing we did was head to a restaurant for a snack. I ended up getting a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Then I decided to roam the airport for some pictures. I saw a few aircraft takeoff, one being a C-5 galaxy! Couldn't get a clear shot though. We had about 3 hours to spend so that's what I did the whole time. Our next flight was a bit delayed due to the aircraft arriving from Mexico.

    View at the end of Concourse B


    View of the terminal

    Busy airport! haha

    Interesting architecture

    Fedex MD-11 taxing by

    Flight #294
    Departs Memphis at 5:22PM
    Arrives Detroit at 8:17PM
    A320 N336NW
    Departing gate B42
    Arriving gate A78
    Seat - 08C Aisle
    Delayed a few minutes (arriving aircraft from Cancun)

    B42 gate departure

    A320 cockpit

    I only had an hour to spare in DTW. My dad left in 30 minutes back to TPA and I would continue to CLE. I had just enough time to go get the fountain picture and tunnel (which came out bad ) My dad knew the girl at my flights counter so she gave me a free upgrade to first class! The flight only had a 48% load.

    Our aircraft we just got off of

    Inside DTW

    Inside DTW, tram station


    New Delta sign!

    Airlink Flight #1856
    Operated by Compass
    Departs Detroit at 9:33PM
    Arrives Cleveland Hopkins at 10:23PM
    Embraer 175 N639CZ
    Departing gate A63
    Arriving gate C6
    Seat - 02D First Class Window
    On Time

    This is flight 1856 from Detroit to Cleveland on June 5, 2009. This is my first time on an Embraer and I'll be sure to get myself on one again. Operated by C...

    Gate A63

    Our plane



    START HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Full cabin

    Inside Concourse C at Cleveland

    After arriving in Cleveland, I had about 20 hours there. The next day my grandparents took me on a photo shoot around Cleveland. I have included a skyline picture, but I have plenty more!

    Cleveland skyline

    Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame

    Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame

    After arriving at the Cleveland airport, I once again decided to walk around and I found a large paper airplane type thing and I explored the rest of the concourse.

    Airlink Flight #3361
    Operated by Mesaba
    Departs Cleveland Hopkins at 7:00PM
    Arrives Minneapolis at 8:11PM
    CRJ-200 N834AY
    Departing gate C6
    Arriving gate A14
    Seat - 06A Window
    Delayed due to weather in MSP upon landing

    This is flight 3361 from Cleveland to Minneapolis on June 6, 2009. Filmed from seat 06A. This is my first time on a CRJ. Includes ATC on the landing in Minne...

    My plane pulling up

    Gate C6

    CLE Paper Plane in the tunnel


    Concourse D

    Cleveland Hopkins





    Finally see the ground

    When I arrived in Minneapolis I had to go get a Starbucks because I was tired and thirsty. I was waiting for confirmation that my flight wasn't delayed. Then I decided to go to the observation deck to get some pictures. Sadly, it was still a a downpour! Thankfully, my flight to Boise wasn't delayed.

    Inside MSP

    View from the observation deck

    Airlink Flight #3541
    Departs Minneapolis at 9:20PM
    Arrives Boise at 11:36PM
    CRJ-900 N908XJ
    Departing gate C22
    Arriving gate B22
    Seat - 09D Window
    On Time

    This is flight 3541 from Minneapolis to Boise. This is my first time on the -900. Very nice aircraft. *** Be sure to press HQ for higher quality!

    Gate C22 to Boise

    10PM Snack


    Boise's Terminal

    After arriving I made my way to baggage claim to meet up with my cousin. I will be over here until the beginning of August. Next week, we will be driving to Coeur d'Alene.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and look through my pictures. Within the next few days I am going to be putting together some reports from past flights. Detroit, Shanghai, Boise and Boston! Please comment with suggestions if possible! For the most part the flights were excellent. I'm looking forward to the flights home and to Washington D.C. later this year!

    Here are some links that you might want to take a look at...
    My pictures

    My YouTube profile

    And, if you haven't already try to watch the flight videos!
    Also, some of you may recognize some of my pictures from here, I have a few more being screened currently.


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    That trip report was awesome!

    It had a lot of good details + good pictures!

    I hope to get the chance to fly NWA before their aircraft get repainted into DL colors!

    It looks like you enjoyed your flight and being in Cleveland. You were really lucky to be upgraded to first class!

    I look forward to reading your future reports!


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        Brill report


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          Atleast this one was a REAL trip report.

          In my opinion this was not bad at all. Glad to see people still put some decent effort into their TRs.

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            Very well done with alot of work put forth. I was surprised to see a DC9-30 still flying regular routes after almost all of that series have long since vanished.Very interesting indeed.
            Who's on first?..........


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              Nice Report!

              The photo's and the report are great .

              May I ask which camera are you using?

              Thanks Nehal


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                Originally posted by C-FMWQ View Post
                Nice Report!

                The photo's and the report are great .

                May I ask which camera are you using?

                Thanks Nehal
                I'm using a Sony A200 with 18-70mm and 55-200mm lenses.


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                  This is brilliant. It's good to see that there are airports where the NW-jets still stop at the gate side by side. Ok, that was 4 weeks ago, but maybe they are not that fast with the paint job..
                  The German long haul is alive, 65 years and still kicking.
                  The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
                  And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
                  This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.


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                    Nice report, and great shots from inside some of the airports...lately, I have not been able to get a lot from inside due to 'security reasons'!! I also liked the legroom shots...shows just what one gets, or doesn't these days. The one snack picture made me laugh...Delta seems to invest monies where it doesn't really matter. What sense does it make to imprint the name of the airline on a consumable? Anyway, enjoy ID..


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                      Nice trip report. I can't get over what a dump MEM still look at the other airports then you get to the pictures of MEM and it just locked in the 70s. I've flown through there a few times and while its not a bad airport to get stuck in from the standpoint of food and drinks but its just so dated.


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