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    I can usually remedy bad service by carrying on some of my own food and drink.

    I can usually remedy an annoying seat mate with Bose NC headphones.

    I can remedy bad movies with my iPod and lots of good books/mags.

    What I can't get over is the absolute lack of space provided on the aircraft along with minimal cushion on the seats.

    I flew Atlanta to Dublin on a Delta 767-3 and had leg and side cramps all the way. When the seat in front of me goes back, I couldn't even lift my food to my mouth without tucking my elbows all the way in and leaning my head back.

    7+ hours of no movement.

    So the airlines can keep the movies, the food, and the smiles. I'd rather have my blood circulating when I fly.



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      I have just had my worst flight last month to come back home from a week in Istanbul. I decided to try the "new" Alitalia. Well the A320 used was old even though it was just repainted with the new livery. Inside it was very dirty, the seats were really unconfortable and in every row 3 of them were broken. The back of them couldn't remain up. The service on board was pathetic. They gave us a microscopic bag of biscuits and a small glass of horrible juice. Better not to speak about the crew. One of them was smelling bad, then everyone was lazy and very rude. This was an experiment to understand if Alitalia was really changed as they say. It was not. For me that was definitely the last experience with them.
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