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  • London - Edinburgh - Manchester - London

    Just now i got back from a short trip.
    Here it is.

    Route - London Heathrow : Edinburgh
    Airline - British Midland
    Scheduled Departure - 20:50
    Actual - 20:52
    Scheduled Arrival - 22:10
    Actual - 22:00
    Aircraft - A319
    Date - 25/06/2009

    As i only had Handluggage i checked in online.
    Seat 14C.
    I got to LHR for 20:00.
    I went straight through security and continued to my gate.
    It was full up this Last flight.
    First boarded the Business class passengers, then people with disability and people with children, then Economy.
    I sat down, next to this kind old lady.
    We got to chatting, then she started off, i shouldent have asked where she was going.For an hour i got a lecture about Her grandchildren, through take-off and through the Food&Drink service.
    I got a Sandwhich and a coffee, and i offered the Lady a Cup of tea which came to 5.99.
    We entered some light turbulence, but then soon enough we touched down rather early.
    The landing was pretty smooth, but obviously everyone wanted to get off, the temperature was about 1000 degress in there(exaggeration).
    We disembarked and my Transport was waiting for me.
    We Headed off to my Hotel.

    Route - Edinburgh : Manchester
    Airline - British Midland
    Scheduled Departure - 08:30
    Actual - 08:36
    Scheduled Arrival - 09:30
    Actual - 09:44
    Aircraft - A319
    Date - 26/06/2009

    Again i checked-in online, Seat 17F.
    I went straight through security.
    I got a call from Matt who i was meeting in Manchester saying that his train got cancelled and he might be late.
    I didnt panic because the second train came 15 minutes later.
    I saw our gate, and rushed with the crowd to ABSOLUTELY PACKED gate.
    It must have definately been overbooked.
    We boarded straight away, Business then Economy WITHOUT Disability and Children Priority.
    I sat down straight away and the safety demo started, during taxi.
    I sat at the window next to another guy who's family was sitting behind,i offered to move so they could be together but the F/A said that would not be possible.
    We took-off quite rapidly turning quickly.
    The Turblence was quite rough but nothing compared to some other times.
    Food&Drink came immediately After the seatbelt sign went off.
    I got some breakfast, coffee and cake .
    The crew seemed rushed, i dont know why, everything seemed to be done quickly.
    As soon as i threw my wrapper into the Rubbish trolley, We hit some turbulence, it wasnt light but it wasnt terrible, then we stopped bouncing around, and smacked the runway hard as we touched down.
    I disembarked and walked as quickly as possible tofind Matt.
    I had a while so went to the Train station to find his Train.
    Expected 11:15.

    Route - Manchester : London Heathrow
    Airline - British Airways
    Scheduled Departure - 11:40
    Actual - 12:25
    Scheduled Arrival - 12:45
    Actual - 13:03
    Aircraft - B757
    Date - 26/06/2009

    I waited, and waited , and waited for the TRAIN to arrive, and finally it did.
    We went straight through security(Matt checked both of us in online).
    Just to Find that it was Late.
    So we had a coffee and tried to spot our plane land, Through the Pouring Rain.
    Amazingly we saw a Taxiing A320 through the rain, BA , only to See it being the EXTREMELY Late LHR flight, the one before ours.
    Matt went to check the board, an we had a gate, so we headed slowly towards it.
    At 11:35 it pulled up, and Straight away we got called up, ready to board.
    BA called all Disabled and Travelling with children priority first, then called all UK Domestic.
    Matt obviously picked himself by the window, and me in the seat next to him.
    Matt checked to check the load factor of our flight.
    It was 55%.
    So when we sat, i asked the Very kind F/A if i could move the empty row of seats opposite, she said if nobody sits there i can.
    So when the safety demo started i dashed over to it.
    But embarrasing myself as i was still strapped in my seat,drawing all attention to me and away from the demo.
    I slowly pulled the strap, got up and walked over there.
    Sinking into my seat i looked out of the window,and watched the Helpless groundcrew get soaked as they helped an Alitalia Express EMB 170 load up.
    We lifted off with no further problems quite late.
    There was suprisingly little turbulence in the Climb.
    The crew came around with our snack from the all day deli, a cheese and pickle sandwich with fruit salad and Orange Juice.
    We started our descent after about 25 minutes.
    And made a left turn, then another, then a LOOOONG right turn.
    The flaps lowered, gear came down and we approached LHR.
    I tried to get some idea of where we were, but when i saw Windsor Castle, i knew we were landing to the East.
    We came down, Bumping a but each time we dropped.
    At 13:03 we touched down hard onto the runway.
    We taxied for about 10 minutes and parked in between another BA 320 and a 747.
    We disembarked up some LONG stairs, And through the baggage claim.
    We came through arrivals and saw our flight on the board, Landed.
    We headed up to departures and saw the return leg on the board, Go to Gate.
    Then we jumped on a Heathrow Express to T1,2,3 and then got on a 111 bus to Hampton.

    Hope you enjoyed!

    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!

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    WTF is this!!!!


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      Its not that bad is it?...its my first one
      Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!


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        Originally posted by LondonJoe View Post
        Its not that bad is it?...its my first one
        The above poster is just pissed off because everyone caught him on his fake pilot's review and then he made a flight review and claimed that photos taken off of flickr and other photo-sharing websites were his own.

        No, it's not that bad. In fact, it's a pretty good summary of what happened on your flights and it gives the reader a good idea of what flying with British Mainland and BA is like. Terminal 5 has some super long jetways, but what did you think of Terminal overall? Just a quick question, doesn't 6 pounds for a cup of tea seem exorbitant! Do you have any photos of your journey? Don't be afraid to post more reviews, most members won't bite.




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          Wat a loser....THANKS VERY MUCH....Terminal 5 overall is pretty good i think, i didnt experience it all as i didnt have to collect bags or anything.....i ment 6 pounds for the whole thing .....Sorry about no pics, but im going on another trip soon, and i will get pics on that.

          The trip is Alicante to London via Paris
          thanks for the nice comments
          Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!


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            Originally posted by sammie738 View Post
            WTF is this!!!!
            It's a trip report based on fact rather than fantasy.

            Oh sorry you don't know what that is do you, go back and play on flight simulator.

            Nice report anyway Joe.


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              nice review
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