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Valencia - Paris (CDG) - London (LHR)

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  • Valencia - Paris (CDG) - London (LHR)

    Sorry, i did say i was doing Alicante – Paris – London, but the connection time from the Alicante flight was 10 minutes in Paris, the Valencia flight was LONGER.
    I had flown in from England the day before.

    Route : Valencia to Paris CDG
    Airline : Air Europa
    Scheduled Departure : 07:05
    Actual Departure : 07:07
    Scheduled Arrival : 09:05
    Actual Arrival : 09:21
    Aircraft : B737-800 [EC-HGO]
    Class : Economy
    Date : 28/06/2009
    So it’s my first time in VLC, so i looked on to see how full my flight was the night before.
    It said Load Factor = 79%
    I decided not to check-in online, i had a bag.
    I got there at 06:00 and my flight had 1 person in the check-in queue.
    After about 2 minutes i received seat 21A.
    Security was pretty smooth, as nobody is usually stupid enough to fly this early.
    So no shops were open so i went to our gate 9, and stared at our plane.
    I was hoping to be on the special Disneyland aircraft, but not today, we had a normal Air Europa A/C.
    Boarding started at 06:45 which was pretty smooth.
    First Business class, then web-check in passengers, then Economy passengers with children, disability, and then Economy. I would have thought disabled passengers first but clearly not.
    I had 3 seats to myself, and through the steamy window watched the first arrival of the day taxi in.
    Air Nostrum CRJ-200, I’m not sure where from but I’m pretty sure Bilbao because that was the first Air Nostrum/Iberia on the departure board.
    The usual safety demo started and the engines roared as we taxied to the runway.
    We had a rolling take-off and lifted off without problems 2 minutes late.
    We made a U-Turn and climbed up to FL 380.Food & Drink came soon enough but i didn’t want anything to eat so i got a coffee.
    The food smelled horrible.
    We started our descent after the duty free service, and then the seat belt sign turned on and the cabin prepared for landing.
    We made a left turn and landed hard onto the runway.
    The crew welcomed us in French to Paris.
    We taxied for about 10 minutes and we parked up.
    The crew individually said goodbye to all the passengers and we disembarked to collect our bags.
    I headed to flight connections as i had to change terminal for my second flight from 2D to 2E.
    The flight connections in Paris in easy compared to T5 in LHR.
    And after about 10 minutes i got to 2E to check in for my next flight.


    Route: Paris CDG to London Heathrow
    Airline: Air France
    Scheduled Departure: 13:25
    Actual Departure : 13:30
    Scheduled Arrival : 13:45
    Actual Arrival : 13:51
    Aircraft : A320-212 [F-GLGG]
    Class : Economy
    Date : 28/06/2009>>

    Our gate was already on the board by the time the security queue had gone down.
    I was in security for nearly 25 minutes!
    I headed straight down to the gate so i could chill-out for a few hours.
    I got a drink from the bar.
    After about 2 hours, the gate started to fill.
    The flight was empty and boarding started quickly.
    Business then straight to economy.
    No children or disabled on this flight.
    The crew were quite young, but there were only 4 on this flight whereas there were 5 on the AEA flight.
    I got seat 13C.
    I was sitting next to this guy obviously on business, but i moved to the row of seats opposite as it was empty and i could get a window seat.
    We taxied towards the runway with the safety demo on.
    We waited for another Air France 319 to lift off before we could.
    We taxied on and lifted off smoothly.
    After about 20 minutes the Food & Drink came around.
    This time i accepted Brown bread with some sort of paste, REALLY not nice, also with chocolate bar and coffee.
    Duty Free service started immediately after the bin trolley came around, and the descent started during duty-free.
    Nobody purchased anything.
    We circled around for 5 minutes then jumped straight in line for landing.
    Approach was a bit bumpy, Directly over London, and the landing was pretty normal.
    We taxied to the gate and parked up.
    We disembarked rapidly and got our bags.
    I went through customs and jumped in a cab.

    I really hope you enjoyed, i know i did !

    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!

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    Sorry about that stupid stuff next to the date, i wrote it on Microsoft word before i wrote it on here, and the writing is small and there is weird stuff on there, SORRY
    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!