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  • Delta - BusinessElite - JFK-LHR

    Hope you enjoy my first trip report.

    Monday 29th June
    DL3, JFK-LHR
    Block Time: 08 hours, 05 minutes
    767-432/ER, N840MH, Ship# 1816
    Seat: 5G, BusinessElite

    Load Factor-
    Business: 50%
    Coach: 80%

    My plane to LHR

    Gate sign for DL3 .

    Boarding was a bit delayed but the Captain made a PA that due to un-forecasted tail-winds, our flight time en route would be considerably less than scheduled, taking only 6:32 instead of the planned 8:05.

    Initial boarding of the J-class cabin. Load factor was especially light, barely 50%.

    Aft J-class cabin. As did most Biz pax, I got the row to myself, 5F & 5G

    View out the window, still sitting at the gate. When assigned my seat, I was initially given 2F but asked if they had any window seats as far aft as possible (for better view of wing and engine)

    BusinessElite cabin just prior to pushback

    Taxi to the runway at JFK was very long, longer than any of the other international hubs I tend to frequent (LAX, SFO, DTW). I suppose the taxi time accounts for quite a bit of the abnormally long blocktime (8:05) for the relatively short TATL flight.

    Delta winglet 763. Looks fantastic!! Can't wait to see more of the winglet AA & DL 763's around.

    SU 763 arriving from SVO.

    After being either #8 or #9 in line for takeoff, we finally got to the runway and had, what I thought to be, a remarkably strong and quick takeoff. I suppose for a plane that was designed to fly a bit over 11 hours, 6.5 hours of gas is a relative light load.

    Just after takeoff out of JFK

    PTV. Nice touch-screen features, though watching movies was a bit of a pain in the ass - bizarre control to fast forward and rewind. Also didn't have the DVD "chapter" features.

    Warm nuts - cranapple juice
    Having never flown Delta internationally before, I had no idea what to expect for the service. Given their half-assed domestic service offering (1500 miles for F-class meals), I wasn't expecting much. However, I must say I was very pleasantly surprised.

    tizer, soup, and salad

    I especially liked the soup, though very spicy!!

    Looking out over the wing just before sunset en route to LHR

    After dinner, I immediately reclined and fell asleep.

    Breakfast was served:

    . I was somewhat disappointed they didn't have a hot breakfast option, but then again the flight was only 6.5 hours so I won't complain about it

    Flaps 1, initial descent down into LHR

    Final view of our moving map. DL's moving map system is not the best, unfortunately. I much prefer NW's that offers the "free roam" feature.

    Short finals.

    Landing was pretty smooth, but we taxied for 10 mins looking for a gate.
    Customs was jam packed and the were only 5 booths open.
    Final Impressions of DL's BusinessElite: Very nice service levels on board. Nice amenity kits and great food service, definitely better than UA and NW, though not quite up to the levels of AA. Still very good though. The seats, however, are a different story. I won't complain about them too much because DL is installing new seats in the 764's, and hopefully the 763's as well - they'll definitely need it to remain competitive with UA and AA in terms of hard product. All told though, I really enjoyed the flight on DL!!

    Thank you for reading and i will post my return when i get some spare time.
    :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile:

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    Nice trip report, nice pics.
    A shame about the Delta Breakfast, even i would have though in business class they would have given you an option....

    Keep it up!
    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!


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      Thank you for the nice comments.
      Yes i though it was unproffesional for business class not to get breakfast options...but it is only a 6.5 hour i guess they couldent be bothered
      :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile:


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        Great flight review and photos! I enjoyed it. You're right, that is not quite what you'd expect for a Business Elite breakfast. At least the portion of the Cheerios was decent lol.


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          Very nice flight review and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
          Looking forward to read the next one covering a return flight.




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            nice pics; a pitty you missed out on the new seats wich are now in place.