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DFW-DEN-ABQ-DEN-DFW on Frontier, 5 stars.

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  • DFW-DEN-ABQ-DEN-DFW on Frontier, 5 stars.

    Went Frontier to visit family in Santa Fe. Route was DFW-DEN-ABQ and back.

    Website, Booking, Check in, Airport.

    The Website is very intuitive and easy to use, they've actually updated the site since I booked the flight a few weeks back. The flight was very easy to book.

    We checked in a day in advance both times and printed our boarding passes online. DFW and DEN flowed much better than ABQ, but I attribute that to the better design of the airports rather than Frontier. The ticket counter clerks were polite and efficient at all three airports.

    For $381 per passenger we got the classic level tickets. Classic tickets include a waved fee for your first and second bag, as well as up front seat reservations, and Direct TV. All tickets include one free premium beverage. You may upgrade to "Classic Plus" for a few dollars more ($20-$30) which includes seat reservation in the first 4 rows, and priority boarding.

    Seats, Cabin, and Flight.

    I sat in row 5 window seat the whole way, we were on an A318 the whole way, I was hoping to get an A319 as well but the A318 was very comfortable. Seats were 18" wide and had a 31" to 33" pitch. All seats were leather, with adjustable head supports. The A320 series aircraft is very quiet and you could barely here the engines inside the plane, not to mention flap movements, as well as gear extention and retraction were very quiet. As stated the Direct TV was included with our tickets and there was 24 channels to choose from and your earphone hookup is on your arm rest, as well as your channel, volume, and brightness controls. I watched mostly ESPN, and the map that shows where your plane is at, how high and how fast it is going.

    The flight attendants were polite and real, they weren't smiling through their teeth, they actually seemed to enjoy what they were doing. They provided beverages within the first 1/3rd of the flight. They also offer you snacks for $2 (reasonable I think) and on longer flights they have meals available as well. A salad for $6 is about the same as you would find at most restaurants, if not cheaper.

    The pilots were very friendly and let me get a photo of the cockpit, one of the captains also talked with me breifly about pursuing my dream to be a pilot. All flights were on time, and landings were soft, despite some very bumpy winds coming in to Albuquerque.


    I've only flown AA up until this point being from DFW, so long as you schedule in advance you can get where you want to go pretty reasonably. And you can get anywhere you want without connecting which is always convenient.

    However, compared to AA, Frontier's single class was MUCH more comfortable than American's Coach class. We had plenty of leg room and I'm around 6'1.

    The flight attendants were polite and real, they weren't smiling through their teeth, they actually seemed to enjoy what they were doing.

    Not only that but Delays seemed to be few and far between while waiting in the Denver terminal. With a smaller fleet, the chance of multipal delays is obviously going to be far less.


    If I had to fly again on short notice and Frontier flew there I'd definitely choose them again. Or if I were flying to Denver I would choose Frontier hands down.

    I give them 5 out of 5 and hope to see them return stronger than ever from bankruptcy

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    Very nice flight review, thanks for sharing! Do you have any photos of your journey that you would be willing to share? I really like Frontier's tiered airfare system too and the Classic tier, IMO, is a pretty good value. Most of their buy on-board offerings are very tasty and a decent value. I agree with your assessment of Frontier's flight attendants they actually seem to care about doing their job well and IMO are among the best flight attendants in the US skies.