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  • LGW-SYD-NAN(Fiji)

    As some of you may know, i have been planning a trip to Fiji to see relatives in September, but as the rest of my family wanted to come, we had to change the dates to early July.
    Route - London Gatwick - Dubai
    Airline - Emirates
    Scheduled departure - 21:15 (21:15 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 07:10 (06:52 actual)
    Aircraft - B777-300ER
    Class - Economy
    Flight number - EK010

    So we started the hour long journey to LGW.
    We got to the airport and the check-in queue was extra-short.
    I was handed seat 23A, WINDOW SEAT !
    So at about 19:35 we got through to the departure lounge.
    The rest of my family, my mum,dad,younger bro(14), and younger sisters (15,1 decided to get a coffee.
    I told my bro to get me a coffee, but changed my mind when i thought about what would be inside it.
    At about 20:20 the gate was called.
    The very cool and friendly crew welcomed us on-board , and a kind female flight attendant directed us to our seats.
    We pushed back at 20:45 during the safety demo on the PTV screens.
    When the safety demo finished, we waited in a long queue of aircraft for our slot, we lifted off bang on time.
    Climb up to 39,000 was pretty boring, noting to report about that.
    When we got over Luxembourg we were handed our first refreshment, which was a drink and Beef lasagne or Chicken, i took the lasagne which was GOOOOOOOD!
    After that i fell asleep.
    I woke up at while it was pitch black outside, and just as i woke up, breakfast was served, Crossaint,Apple cake,orange juice,fruit bowl and jam.
    After breakfast some people were getting sick, including my bro because on approach to DXB the turbulence was immense, it was like being at Thorpe Park (theme park).
    I felt abit sick but nothing major.
    The crew returned to their seats, and the touch down was gentle.
    We taxied for about 15 minutes and parked up on ur own (not a remote stand).
    Overall this EK flight was good, crew =10/10, Aircraft = 10/10, flight = 4/10, food = 10/10

    Route - Dubai - Sydney
    Airline - Emirates
    Scheduled departure - 10:15 (12:00 actual)
    Scheduled arrival - 06:05 (07:13 actual)
    Aircraft - A380
    Class -Economy
    Flight number - EK 412
    So flight connections in DXB is soooooo simple, makes LHR looks like a maze, and our flight didnt yet have a gate, so we went to this restaurant, i forgot the name.
    Then we were told our flight was late arriving and we would be delayed for 45 minutes, which wasnt bad i guess.
    Then came the nasty bit, at 10:00, the flight showed last call, but no aircraft was at the stand,then at 11:00 the flight still showed last call, the Emirates gate agents doing nothing to stop the passengers from having verbal arguments with each other, one Ozzy man having a go at an asian man, they were shouting loudly drawing attention from other gates, other passengers were splitting them up, and Emirates were doing nothing to stop this.
    at 11:20 the flight showed last call but then at 25 past they changed it to All passengers with children and disability.
    And an A380 pulled up our gate !!!
    I found it abit unusual that we were on the upper deck, and the leg-room was AMAZING, i could lie on the floor and not touch the other seat, maybe we were upgraded?
    So we took off an hour and 3 quarters late and take-off was just as turbulent as landing, but no one was ill , i think as the IFE on this flight was 9" TV !!
    After take off we were offered an appetiser, which was Smoked Tuna.
    After that came main course, which was Grilled chicken or Lamb Brochtte.
    I had the lamb which was amazing.
    Later we were then offered a choice of 3 deserts, cheese&crackers, Hot chocolate with Warm cookies or Sticky toffee pudding.
    I chose the Hot chocolate with cookies which was perfect.
    I then fell asleep.
    When i woke up i had missed breakfast services, but as soon as i woke up, a flight attendant asked me what i wanted, i said whats the options, and they were a cheese and cucumber sandwhich or Bacon,Egg,and cheese roll, i chose bacon,egg and cheese roll which was pretty standard.
    We then started descent and the wing-felx on this beast in scary!
    The cabin was huge and the flight was PACKED.
    After a smooth approach and gentle touchdown we taxied to the gate.
    We went through flight connections in Sydney whichis very confusing, twice we got lost and finally we got to security, and then through to departures for our next fight.
    Overall , Air Crew = 10/10, Ground Crew -10/10 , Flight = 10/10, Food = 9/10

    Route - Sydney - Nadi
    Airline - VirginBlue(operated by Polynesian Blue)
    Scheduled departure - 08:15 (08:26 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 14:20 (14:10 actual)
    Flight number - DJ155
    Aircraft - B737-800 (Winglets)

    We boarded our Polynesian blue plane at 08:00, i realised that Polynesian blue has a cool livery
    After the manual safety demo, pushback was short to the runway, and we took off straight away rolling take off.
    Climb to 34,000 was boring, and no IFE on this flight, only get IFE on Virgin blue flights.There were screens above with Monsters vs Aliens on but no PTV.
    The BOB service then came around, i got a Coke($3), and chicken noodle soup ($4), so $7 for a meal is quite expensive.
    The views of the islands for the A/C were breath-taking, i couldent belive some of it.
    Approach to Nadi was something else, The views, were 100000 x better than the inflight views, the beaches,islands , it was so amazing.
    Taxi in Nadi was long, waiting for a Korean Air to get off our gate so we could get in.
    So off the Korean went, to Seoul, and then we parked up.
    Disembarking was nice ,the F/A's saying goodbye personally to all PAX.
    Overall Crew = 9/10 , Food = 10/10 , Flight 10/10, Virgin Blue help = 0/10, Polynesian blue help = 10/10.

    Thank you for reading, i will post my return when i get spare time, thank you.

    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!

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    Economy on EK A380s is only on the main deck, so if you were on the upper deck, you were upgraded.


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      Originally posted by twr75 View Post
      Economy on EK A380s is only on the main deck, so if you were on the upper deck, you were upgraded.
      I thought so because the leg room was huge and the seats were huge
      Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!