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Whats Your Favourite/Worst Airline?

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  • Whats Your Favourite/Worst Airline?

    Hey, my favourite airline is by far United. The Service is great, crew are great, Aircraft are great.
    My worst airline is American, Punctuality is terrible, crew are rude, service is half-assed, and aircraft are old.

    Thanks for reading, whats your Favourite or worst airline?.....and why
    :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile:

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    Favourite : Swissair

    Worst : Iberia (Terrible service, extremly rude crew)


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      Favourite - Air New Zealand

      Worst - Eurocypria
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        Favorite: Singapore Airlines - excellent service, new and young fleet, and the Singapore Girl!

        Worst: I really do not know, to be honest...


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          Favorites: WN, B6
          Worst: UA, AA


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            Singapore and KLM are my favourites I'd have to say. KLM mainly because of the hot female employees.

            Don't like Lufthansa much. Old crew and old planes.


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              Air Canada, in both categories. They have their ups and downs, but I have been an Aeroplan member since 1989, which determines who I fly with, both domestically and intl. Airmiles with Westjet does not cut it unless the price is a huge difference, and they do not have any alliances.


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                Best: UA
                Worst: Mesa.... god I hate them. horrible.....


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                  Favorite - Ryanair
                  Worst - Air Malta


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                    I usually got what I paid for, but my experience is somewhat limited.

                    I always felt VERY safe in those "old" Lufthansa 737's or A300's. Had the most impressive flight ever on a LH319 however. Almost empty plane, heavily delayed end-of-day flight, high-power takeoff at EDDW, some ATC shortcuts, supposedly favourable wind conditions. 55 minutes regular flight to EDDF reduced to a mere 35 minutes. Personell could be a little less tight-assed, but did an effective job each time.

                    I like BA better though. They still give you a sandwich (at the same ticket price), and on long-range the service/personal entertainment is FAR better. I also experienced VERY helpful, friendly and polite personell on every flight so far.

                    Mid-range (mostly holiday charter) experiences... Condor, TUIFly, Air Berlin, Germania are pretty much the same if you're a pax w/o children. Usually not overly generous in space or service, but they do okay. Air France is not better though.

                    The crappiest flight ever... well this (Turkish charter) airline doesn't exist anymore. Rest in Islam Hell, hopefully.

                    The worst still existing-

                    Germanwings - I've never tried to sit in such a tight place before... thank god there was no free inflight service, you have to be anorexic to have any chance to lower the tray/table.

                    WDL (sub-charter for extinct DBA): The flight itself was okay and everything, but I painfully realised the difference between an Avro RJ 3-3 seating and a 737 or 32x... might be more appropriate to file it under "aircraft you don't like".


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                      Out of the few airlines I've been on, I consistently am satisfied with Air Canada. Aeroplan is a good deal, unlike AirMiles. I love the new enRoute onDemand system, good service and decent prices.


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                        Originally posted by kaiser_chief View Post
                        Singapore and KLM are my favourites I'd have to say. KLM mainly because of the hot female employees.
                        KLM r not hot!!!!!, probz the worst i been on!!!
                        Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!


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                          These things are purely subjective but here's my choice.

                          I'm Plat on AA and try not to fly anyone else but AA when I can. My reasons...

                          - Large route network.
                          - High frequency from the NYC market.
                          - Good First class product.
                          - Outstanding Transcon Biz class product.
                          - Comfortable coach seats.
                          - Very good JFK facilities.
                          - DFW hub.
                          - High quality alliances.
                          - Flexible FF program.

                          Worst IMO- US Airways

                          - Poor quality F class product.
                          - Terrible coach cabin.
                          - Terrible treatment of Elite level flyers.
                          - PHL hub can be compared to the ghetto of city the airport serves.


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                            Well my favorite airline, used to be United, but they have been slipped quite a bit, so my new favorites are British Airways and Jet Airways.

                            British Airways:

                            Positives: good IFE, good meals, very good cabin crew, excellent international premium cabins, and above average long-haul economy class cabins.

                            Negatives about BA: connecting through LHR, European/domestic services are ok (LH is better, IMO), sometimes inconsistent staff, ground staff quality varies, often delayed, very stingy mileage program.

                            Jet Airways:

                            Positives: excellent cabin crew, very spacious economy class seats (lots of legroom, even on domestic flights), free meals on most flights (even domestic short hops), great AVOD IFE systems on most aircraft, brand new and very well maintained fleet.

                            Negatives: outsourcing of some services to Jet Airways Konnect (no IFE, buy on-board), inconsistent quality of ground staff, stingy mileage program.

                            United Airlines (not my favorite, but I still like them):

                            Positives: huge array of destinations, relatively good flight attendants, decent fleet, pretty good mileage program, comfortable seats in economy, IPTE product is pretty good, economy plus

                            Negatives: surly and rude ground staff, poor legroom in economy, economy plus on international flights is pretty sub-par for being a premium economy product, poor handling of delays/cancellations, and for being the first airline to come up with the "brilliant idea" of charging $25 for the second bag.

                            Airlines I dislike:

                            American: they are good in premium cabins, a nice BoB menu, lots of destinations, ONE WORLD alliance, decently good internationally in modern planes, but their ground staff are unhelpful and some are downright stupid and rude, very inconsistent flight attendants, poor legroom in domestic economy, old domestic aircraft, unhelpful when things go wrong.

                            US Airways: shitty treatment of economy class passengers (even internationally!), poor premium cabins, used to charge for beverages (including water!), horrible mileage program, PHL hub, pathetic ground staff, and delays galore, poor IFE choices on domestic flights, horrible website, some good F/As, but many rude and sarcastic ones, too.




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                              Rohan, thank you for giving your opinion.

                              Yes i agree, Us Airways r pretty shitty ....

                              United on the other hand, i think they have improved greaty considering this economic crisis, personally i think they r dealing with it well.They can be a bit crappy but most of the time experiences anyway
                              :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile: