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Spotting day in Dublin, FR535 and 536

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  • Spotting day in Dublin, FR535 and 536

    Hi all

    This is the story of me and fellow members RyanTís latest spotting trip to Dublin

    As it was both of us, I will do some and Ryan will also add his part and pics from the trip in a reply.

    Firstly some background. Ryanair were doing another sale so I looked into doing a day trip from my local, Luton. Total cost for us both £20. However Ryan did a search on the same flights from his local, East midlands and we were surprised to find them for £1 so we quickly booked total cost £4! On with the flights

    Date: 12/08/09
    Flight: FR535 0635-0735
    Actual: 06:50-07:30 EST (sorry, didnít have my watch on! Ryan may have better times than me)
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-8AS (W)
    Reg: EI-DYL
    My seat: 17A (exit)
    Load- 184 pax, 5 seats free after rows 2-4 were closed for weight and balance

    The day started early, after waking up at 0330 I got ready for our 0400 departure to the airport. For me it was easier to stay with Ryan overnight. We left for the airport at 0400 and arrived at 0430. As we were on FR, web check in meant we went straight to security, hardly any wait this morning and very soon we were in departures. After looking around duty free for an hour we went down to the gate, As Ryan knows EMA well he knew the gate would be 1-5, which are in a different section to the others. Gate 4 would be ours today and around 0615 we were able to board EI-DYL, this was amusing for a variety of reasons, first this aircraft to Ryan is not photogenic shall we say, As you may know me and Ryan are both on and this is an aircraft which he had rejected a few months ago and hasnít got a good photo since, also as I am a Luton spotter it was a tad annoying for Ryan as the aircraft on the Berlin flight was EI-DLO, AKA Bye Bye EasyJet. Ryan told me if that was ours, I wouldnít have been allowed to forget!

    As we boarded I was lucky to get 17A an emergency exit seat. As Iím sure you know from my other TRís I always comment on the legroom! Today it was excellent!

    Before pushback the crew had to decide the number of pax onboard as they seamed to of miscounted. After 10 mins and involving all crew Inc flight deck and dispatch the doors were closed and we pushed back of stand 10L and taxied via C,R,A to hold A1 for Rwy 27. On alpha I must add the captain didnít taxi, he bounced us to the runway! .After holding for another FR738 to take off we enter and did a rolling take off in to the murky skies above East Midlands. As I know Dublin better than EMA, I will let Ryan talk about the take off. There was turbulence for much of the flight, more fun to me and soon we started our descent for FL240 in to Dublin. Not too many turns are made to establish on the localiser for RWY28. After a relatively smooth landing the news was announced we had arrived on time, yes itís a new on time Ďhorní we taxied to Pier D, I think it was around stand 110 via B,M Rwy 16/34 and on to the ramp. We soon disembarked and decide due to the rainy conditions decide to go to the city first. After visiting the city for a few hours we retuned to the airport and used our bus pass to cut our journey time to the spotting spot. We will post our results in a thread later in the photography section where we will do a small guide to Dublin.

    Some photos before and after departure

    Typical weather!

    After an excellent session we returned to the airport at 1900 for our 2230 departure back to EMA.

    After doing some spotting at the gate (D63) we got ready to board our aircraft back.

    Date: 12/08/09
    Flight: FR536 2230-2330
    Actual: 2245-2325 EST (sorry, didnít have my watch on! Ryan may have better times than me)
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-8AS (W)
    Reg: EI-DWB
    My seat: 17A (exit)
    Load- 159 pax, rows 2-4 were closed for weight and balance

    More fun for me as the Luton flight was operated by an older aircraft and soon to leave EI-DAH, we got another aircraft which has also caused Ryan issues EI-DWB; we already knew in advance the aircraft thanks to friends, ACARS and Ryanís knowledge of routes out of EMA.

    We boarded and not long after we pushed back for stand 108R and taxied via the secondary Rwy 16/34 to Rwy 28. After a short delay for inbound traffic, we lined up and took off in to the Dublin sky on a Liffy 4A departure. There was a small amount of turbulence but nothing compared to the morning flight. After a lively flight which gave me the chance to try a new technique for night time photography we landed back early at East Midlands on Rwy 27.

    This is where East Midlands airport gets more slating from me, as we were early we were put on a bus gate and they took over 5 minutes to show. This annoyed us as we had managed to talk the crew in to a flight deck visit. Due to the buses Servisair were eager to kick us off and get us away from a great crew who were excellent and were chatty meaning Ryan managed a cockpit shot, however as Iím sure he will say Servisair have cost him the views on JP as the rush made him mess the photo up. He wasnít happy.

    Overall FR were rather good, the crew werenít the best outbound but the inbound crew more than made up for them.

    Please follow the thread for Ryanís version of events.

    Thanks for reading

    Ben Leonard

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    First I'll say it was a great days spotting which some real interesting things showing up.

    As the other mad people traveling on a 6:35 to Dublin materialized i jumped into the queue and was first surprise surprise after a few minutes Miss Stewardess aka Joanna turned up this wasn't the best thing that had happened so far that morning as after having her as a stewardess on another flight which was hardly the definition brilliant I was slightly apprehensive about what lay in store on the nemesis that is EI-DYL. I was right to be after a brief chat with Joanna I was relieved to establish Greg would not be the number one on board doing well by this point although I must confess between lax and dopey Greg or ignorant and rude Chloe I'm yet to decide. After a little bit of dwardling in the way only Ryanair crew seem capable we started to board my initial encounter with the purser went something like this.
    Me: "Good Morning, is it possible for me and my friend to visit the flight deck once we've landed"
    Chloe "No it isn't on any Ryanair flight any seat except rows 2 and 3"
    Me "Other Ryanair crew have never minded"
    No response from Little Miss Ignorant apart from a look of deepest loathing I think.
    This was going to be a traditional Ryanair flight with a business only attitude. After a mess up on passenger numbers we got on our way with Captain Kangaroo bouncing us to runway 27 via A1 we accepted a rolling take-off. Captain Kangaroo worked his magic again as we bounced to 24,000 feet.
    Shortly the usual Ryanair market started the crew sold the following within 35 minutes.
    Drinks and Snacks
    Smokeless Cigarettes
    Scratch Cards
    And a few other bits. I had my usual Ham and Cheese Ciabatta and Coffee and brought Ben a drink has he payed for the flights.

    Not long after Captain Kangaroo brought use bouncily down onto runway 28 at Dublin. I was quick to disembark not wanting to spean any longer with the crew from hell.

    A few minutes later we were through passport control and free to terrorize Dublin city. If the person with the red t-shirt is out there I thank you at this point.
    About 7:30 having enough of being on our feet we choose to go to the gate and settle down a little sounded fine and was.
    When entering a security area first thing security guard said
    "How are yah" which I thought was very friendly and nothing like this has ever happened in England. Through security we proceeded to our gate were the Stansted flight was boarding which is fine we just squeezed into 2 spare seats. Once the flight had closed a more than friendly dispatched checked the system and found that as my friend had said we would definatly be traveling on EI-DWB, not the best of the news as this aircraft has thwarted me twice before and I had no doubt it would do it again. Which it did. However no pictures was compensated for by the outstanding crew. The aircraft landed at 21:50 and we were boarding at 21:57 very efficient I had a good feeling about this flight. Me and Ben assisted an elderly couple with there luggage onto the aircraft as I got on the plane the usual passport and boarding card check in which the number 1 said to me
    "Welcome on board Ryanair Ryan" I must admit for a £1 flight this was very unexpected as I have never personally being welcomed on board a flight before. But there's a first time for everything. I proceeded to find a seat which was 16A after moving and had a quick chat with the stewardess called Catherine who was very friendly and informative. Behind me I had two real characters to keep me entertained and if your out there Thank-You. Not 20 minutes later the doors were shut and we were off on our way to the runway. Which was a much smoother journey than the outbound. All to soon we were climbing over the stunning city of Dublin which by night was incredibly pretty. As ever Ryanair in flight service was started and not eating for several hours I ordered my cheese and ham Ciabatta which I was informed would be ten minutes. I was getting excited about getting my Ciabatta I didn't get a drink as I purchased a slightly larger that anticipated bottle of water in the terminal which i drank rather to quickly. Suddenly Andrea the purser returned with my Ciabatta and handed it to me with the most pleasant remark of
    "Here's your Ciabatta darling" I little amazed at her sincere politeness I couldn't say much but "Thank-you" All to soon after many a amusing discussion with the cabin crew about such topics as
    Safety Records
    Center Of Gravity
    The On Time Horn
    My Plane spotting Hobby
    We were descending into East Midlands at which point I asked the number one after a flight deck visit as to which her response was
    "I can't see any reason why not but ill have to ask the captain darling" Which is not bad for saying cockpit visits aren't permitted on any Ryanair flight. After a hard landing we had arrived 15 minutes ahead of scedule which of course resulted in the horn and a round of applause headed by me. All to soon we were on stand a remote so we had to wait for the buses which result in a highly amusing PA announcement from Andrea
    "Ladies and Gentlemen we have taken the airport by surprise landing so early so we'll be waiting a few more minutes for the buses" which was fine more time to enjoy talking to the highly interesting chaps behind me.
    The buses arrived and most passengers disembarked and wondered off quiet merrily to the buses but feeling this crew would be friendly of my passion for planes I asked for a cabin shot and cockpit shot both were acceptable to the crew with open arms neither turned out well but such is life. As servisair were demanded us last two passengers got off the plane immediately so yet again servisair ruin everything no surprise this is England after all. I took my hurried cockpit shot and chatted briefly to the friendly Senior First Officer who was acting as Captain and turned to leave the plane in which Andrea said
    "Take Care Darling" I responded with
    "Thank-you you to night ladies" Which is all that is possible when Ryanair crew are being so genuinely friendly.
    In summary this crew was the opposite of the outbound being friendly, funny, accommodating and most of all professional unlike the outbound whom were stroppy, cranky and very disorganized.

    I would like to thank Andrea, Amy, Charlotte and the other lady whose name I can't remember for a super flight.

    Also I will add two of the crew I had, one on the outbound, one on the inbound I've had before.

    So overall score
    Outbound: 6/10
    Inbound: 11/10

    I would like Ben Leonard for making the trip so great.


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      Nice report ryan, glad to hear u had a good time on Ryanair, i have had many, keep up the good work.

      by the way....
      Ryan Taylor
      Dont shoot me im only the Ryanair fan

      i think u should change to
      Ryan Taylor
      Dont shoot me im THE ONLY ryanair fan

      hahah joking
      Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!