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SAN-SLC-GEG & Back on Delta

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  • SAN-SLC-GEG & Back on Delta

    BACKGROUND: I had been planning this trip way in advance. I wanted to attend my 20th High School Reunion bringing up my family. I first bought my reunion tickets for a full weekend of festivities including a delicious dinner buffet at the resort followed by a cruise on Couerd 'A' Lene Lake following a . I purchased the plane tickets at least two months before travel which saved me some money I had to redeem some points off my Travel Visa which then cut my ticket price in half.

    ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT. I was optimistic about the trip and didn't expect any delays. Upon arrival at the ticket area I noticed a very long queue. However having checked in online previously online all I had to do was drop my luggage off, or so I thought. I then approached one of the airport employees standing around to assist pax in line and asked him where the baggage drop line was. He told me that I would have to get in the regular line and print my boarding passes then proceed to the baggage line (which wasn't established) in fact everything was disorganized and no one seemed to have a clue what was going on.. However, I showed him my printed out boarding passes from the night before and he said that didn't matter I need to re-print my boarding passes at the kiosk line (kind of defeats the purpose of online check in).
    By the time I reached the baggage drop off area the lines had been re-organized and seemed to have some semblence of order.

    I waited in line just over an hour until I was fully checked in and then proceeded to security.

    Once I reached the gate. I only had to wait minutes until boarding.

    Date: Thursday August 6, 2009
    Segment: SAN-SLC
    Flight: DL1150
    Registration: N621DL
    Load Factor: 100%
    Class: Q
    Equipment: 757-232 Standard configuration
    Cruising Altitude: 37,000 ft
    Cruising Speed: 454 kts
    Flight Duration: 1 hr 23 mins
    Departure Gate: Terminal 2 Gate 39
    Scheduled Departure: 1:05 PM PDT
    Actual Departure: 1:27 PM PDT
    Scheduled Arrival: 03:39 PM MDT
    Actual Arrival: 3:50 PM MDT
    Seat: 44F


    INFLIGHT EXPERIANCES: A pretty much uneventful flight until we were close to descending in to Salt Lake. I purchased a snack box for $5.00 which wasn't bad for a short flight.

    The Captain came on to inform us of some fires and high windstorms in the area and that we would be experiencing some moderate turbulence once reaching the lower altitudes. When we approached the Salt Lake City area we hit some bumps for at least 20 mins until landing. The approach pattern seemed a little longer than usual especially on the downwind portion we bypassed Salt Lake as normal but proceeded farther north which seemed like 10 mins past the lake before turning around for final approach.

    LAYOVER: I had some time to kill with a long layover I wandered the airport and grabbed some lunch. Not much spotting because of light traffic. I managed to go outside and the weather was a very windy 95 degrees and very dry.

    While I was waiting for my next departure It was announced that the flight would be delayed at least 20 mins due to a late crew.

    Date: Thursday August 6, 2009
    Segment: SLC-GEG
    Flight: DL1259
    Registration: N3737C
    Load Factor: 100%
    Class: Q
    Equipment: 737-832/73Y
    Cruising Altitude: 37,000 ft
    Cruising Speed: 450 kts
    Flight Duration: 1 hr 9 mins
    Departure Gate: Terminal 2 Gate C8
    Scheduled Departure: 7:45 PM MDT
    Actual Departure: 9:25 PM MDT
    Route: TWF1 TWF J12 DNJ
    Scheduled Arrival: 8:25 PM PDT
    Actual Arrival: 9:34 PM PDT
    Seat: 12A

    PREPARTION FOR DEPARTURE: As we were taxiing the Captain announced that our plane was 15th in line for takeoff but due to the fires and wind we could be delayed further. I took a light catnap and the Captain informed us later that the fire had jumped over the freeway threatening the runway area. The traffic in front of us started taxiing down the runway as our aircraft followed behind to the other side of the airport to establish a new takeoff pattern.

    We were then informed that the wind had picked up to around 50 knots and a bumpy takeoff was in order. Once we were cleared for takeoff we roared down the runway and you could hear the noticeble distinct sound those engines could only make. During climb out we hit moderate turbulence which caused the plane to tilt left and right pretty scary for some until we reached 20,000 ft.

    UPON ARRIVAL: I proceeded to the baggae and Thrify Rent a car desk which turned oiut to be a dissapointment as I had booked a mid sized car previously. I was assigned a Suzuki SX4 which felt like a compact car. The norm for mid- size rental cars are usually Sebrings or similar 4 door sedan model. The agent assured me the Suzuki is a mid-sized car. Anyways I digress.

    Not much to report other than the fact I haven't been to Spokane since 1992 and the city really hasn't changed since the last time. There was a lot of Airport construction going on.

    Date: Monday August 10, 2009
    Segment: GEG-SLC
    Flight: OO 4688
    Registration: N438SW
    Load Factor: 100%
    Class: Y
    Equipment: CRJ-200
    Cruising Altitude: 31,000 ft
    Cruising Speed: 440 kts
    Flight Duration: 1 hr 18 mins
    Departure Gate: Terminal 2 Gate B6
    Scheduled Departure: 5:53 PM PDT
    Actual Departure: 6:14 PM PDT
    Route: DNJ BYI SKEES3
    Scheduled Arrival: 8:30 PM MDT
    Actual Arrival: 8:32 PM MDT
    Seat: 4B


    I had a tight connection in SLC and made it to the gate as boarding already started.

    Date: Monday August 10, 2009
    Segment: SLC-SAN
    Flight: DL 1157
    Registration: N693DL (Ex-Song Aircraft)
    Load Factor: 100%
    Class: K
    Equipment: 757-232/75X Transcon Version
    Cruising Altitude: 38,000 ft
    Cruising Speed: 450 kts
    Flight Duration: 1 hr 18 mins
    Departure Gate: Terminal 2 Gate D10
    Scheduled Departure: 9:00PM MDT
    Actual Departure: 9:14 PM MDT
    Scheduled Arrival: 10:02 PM MDT
    Actual Arrival: 9:40PM MDT
    Seat: 26A Exit Row


    The Live TV wasn't working even after reboot so you had to watch movies or enjoy the other featured. I opted for the moving map.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: The crew was highly efficient and the overall service for a US legacy carrier was decent however the flights being short domestic are hard to compare.

    This is the second consecutive time I had problems with the IFE seems to me that they would have fixed these problems by now as I heard its a low tech problem.

    Hope you all enjoyed. All comments and questions are welcome

    Regards, Mike