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Family holiday to St Marteen !....Part 1

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  • Family holiday to St Marteen !....Part 1

    Hey everyone, this is my report about my family holiday to St Marteen, BEACHES AND PLANES....PERFECT!!!

    Leg 1 - London City (LCY) to Paris Orly (ORY) - CityJet
    Leg 2 - Paris Orly (ORY) to St Marteen (SXM) - Corsairfly
    Leg 3 - St Marteen (SXM) to San Juan (SJU) -American Eagle
    Leg 4 - San Juan (SJU) to Chicago (ORD) - American
    Leg 5 - Chicago (ORD) to London Heathrow(LHR) - United

    Airline - Air France (Operated by CityJet)
    Route - London City to Paris
    Scheduled departure - 19:45 (19:45 actual)
    Scheduled arrival - 22:10 (22:31 actual)
    Date - 03rd August 2009
    Aircraft - Avro RJ85
    Class - Economy
    After checking in we preceeded to security, where i got stopped twice because of my belt.
    After that we preceeded to the departure lounge.
    The lounge was empty, but still some people, mostly from our flight.
    Boarding was called at 19:25.
    Boarding was smooth, and quick.
    Warm welcome from the all female crew.
    Take-off was on time.
    In flight service was minimal, but i didnt have anything to eat or drink.
    The rest of the flight was uneventful, and we started descent about 35 minutes prior to landing.
    Decsent was unusually turbulent, and the little plane hitting every bump and crack that it could find.
    Landing was hard, almost hitting the seat infront of me as we braked hard.
    We taxied for about 10 minutes and parked up.
    Disembarking was chaotic, crew trying to get a man who was ill off first.
    Due to the long disembarkation, our bags beat us to the conveyor belt.
    So we grabbed them and made our way to the hotel for the night .

    Thank you for reading, Part 2 coming VERY VERY VERY SOON !
    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!

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    Looking forward to the rest of your report, quite an interesting routing you took. Although some could argue the routing I did was just as crazy... MAN-LHR-IAD-STT-SXM-STT-ORD-MAN.
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      Nice concise flight review and an interesting routing. Do you have any pictures of the journey that you would be willing to share?