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NW46 MSP-AMS. I'm astonished!

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  • NW46 MSP-AMS. I'm astonished!


    Well, That was quite a journey.

    It all started in Denver, Where I received the boarding Pass for flight NW552 (DEN-MSP) With A320, and NW46 (MSP-AMS) with A330-200.. When I saw my seat on the 332 I was ''shocked'': I had seat 22D.
    A few facts about the flight, seat 22D on the A332 and myself:

    - The seat is right above the landing gear. (noisy during gear deployment&Retraction)
    - It's a middle row seat, to the right you have 2 people sitting, to the left 1. So that would result to be a ''elbow fight-flight''.
    - You're with your back against the lavatory. (offers limited recline).
    - It was a night flight.
    - I'm not an air sleeper. I stay awake for the major part of the flight. But sometimes I can find myself with closed eyes.

    But there was another problem. The flight DEN-MSP was delayed due to the bad weather and runway construction at MSP. So the new ETA. (estimated time of arrival) was 7:30. And my flight to Amsterdam's ETD (estimated time of departure) was...... 7:30!

    During the first flight the captain announced that we had a tailwind and were going to land around 7:20 at Minneapolis. So that was quite a relief.

    But still, Then I had to run to the new gate (who knows how far away that was going to be).

    Arrived at MSP. I ran to the gate. Wich was about 50 yards away. And saw that the reason why I would miss that flight was going to be the reason why I got on the flight.
    The flight was delayed because there weren't available take off spots due to the RWY Construction and Bad weather!
    So I was lucky with that.

    I boarded the Aircraft walked over to my seat. Said hello to my fellow ''row-mates'' And sat down.

    After take off I had a very pleasant surprise!
    Due to the wall of the Lavatory I thought I wouldn't be able to recline my seat. But that was in the old fashioned airline seating! I could recline just like any other! So that was nice.

    My row-mates were very friendly. They allowed me to wake them If I wanted to use the room right behind us, or just stretch my legs.

    I also loved the NW product, It was my first time with NW. I liked the personal entertainment system. And the crew was also very professional!
    After all I had a great flight on the NW/DL Product.

    I hope you've enjoyed reading this!
    It's my first post on this forum!

    Regards. JeffreyKLM
    The Netherlands.
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    Nice trip report, nice to see that NWA was good for you , i have nevr travelled with them internationally, i mostly use United.
    I enjoyed reading your report, keep up the good work
    :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile:


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      nice review. I took nwa from msp to lhr a few weeks ago the the ams flight was right next to our gate. It was very pleasant overall.