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Northwest BOI-MSP-DTW-CLE, Pictures and Videos

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  • Northwest BOI-MSP-DTW-CLE, Pictures and Videos

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    Hello, this is going to be my second trip report on this site. And believe me, it wont be my last. After this I have my trip back to TPA, vacation to DC and last summer, which will include China. I hope you enjoy not just viewing the pictures and videos in this report but I also hope you will enjoy reading it.

    August 4th, 2009
    3:00AM MST
    Boise, Idaho

    I was awoken by my cell phones alarm. Being tired and not quite "with it" yet I made my way downstairs to the shower. After getting dressed and moving my bags to the F-250 Super Duty Lariat I sat down with my iPod and looked up the on-time status for my flights and received my confirmation number from my dad for my stand-by listing. At about 4:15AM we got in the truck and made our way to the Boise airport. My cousin, which was with me, was also traveling to Cleveland today but he was connecting in SLC and CVG. I got to the airport and went to Delta's self check-in kiosk where I checked in and printed by stand-by pass. While my bag was being checked I was informed that there was 2 first class seats open and 3 couch class seats open with me being number one on the list. I sat down with my cousin and uncle for about 10 minutes before heading to my gate. I soon said goodbye to my uncle and walked to security. Security was the normal strip down with the extra pull a side that I always get. I then found my gate, which was all the way at the end of the terminal, and sat down. I decided to try to get a picture of the CRJ-900 but I couldn't get even a glimpse through the windows. I sat there and waited. After two other non-revs were boarded and after my parents called me saying that my name had been removed from the list I went to the counter. She said that my name has been disappearing and reappearing. I found that odd. She finally said that she doesnt' show any open seats but she walked me into the plane and found me one. Only after I was on the plane, my dad texted me saying that the two nonrevs infront of me were her relatives and that my name was removed from the list at the counter. We weren't too happy. I ended up getting an aisle seat while her relatives sat in 1C and D. Anyways, we pushed back on-time and began our flight to Minneapolis.

    First, I will show a few pictures from my summer in the west.

    The Idaho state capitol.

    Lake Coeur d'Alene, located in Northern Idaho

    A seaplane belonging to "Brooks Seaplanes"

    A bit of technical info, this picture was taken at 1/4000 of a second!

    Someones house on Lake Coeur d'Alene

    The fireworks show on the Lake. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a shot like this with no tripod!

    Sunflowers on a dirt road near Spirit Lake.

    Boise Airport

    Boise Airport check-in.

    Airlink Flight #3544
    Operated by Mesaba Aviation
    Boise (BOI) - Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP)
    Equipment - CRJ-900
    Seat Assignment - 09B Aisle
    Departure Time - 5:30AM
    Flying Time - 2 Hours 50 Minutes
    Gate Departure - B20
    Gate Arrival - C16
    Aircraft Registration - N919XJ, delivered on 2/1/2008

    Flightaware map for 3544

    Gate B20, to Minneapolis

    My drink on board, somewhere over Wyoming.

    N919XJ, CRJ-900, viewed from inside Minneapolis.

    Minneapolis Airport

    Firstly, sorry for the lack of pictures and video on the last flight. It's difficult to really get anything from the aisle. Especially when the person in the window closes it. Anyways, after arriving in Minneapolis I had to make my way to my connecting flight's gate to verify my listing since it got screwed up in BOI. I walked up to the counter and got in a line of three. When I was next in line I hear from about 20 feet to my left someone scream for help! As I look back I see a man on the ground and I hear a woman scream again, "Help! I think he's having a heart attack!". Being a 16 year old I just stood in amazement not knowing what to do. Within seconds the gate agent serving the customer in front of me ran and retrieved a defibulator while a police officer was performing CPR. When the agent came back she and the police officer used the defibulator. After watching him move slowly for about five minutes they started to help him up. He was alive but not to well for the time being. He was able to walk and talk so there probably wasn't any brain damage. I'm just glad that the officer and gate agent were able to save him!
    After about 20 minutes another gate agent arrived and I got verified for my flight. She said the flight was open so I kindly hinted I wanted to be in a window in the back since it was a DC-9-50. She said that wouldn't be a problem and gave me 24F. I walked to the nearest window and saw N776NC, a DC-9-50, parked at gate F11 in the new Delta colors. This was the first DC-9 to be painted into Delta's new colors. I got a iced mocha from McDonalds and made my way to the observation deck for some spotting. They were all backlit except for a few so they didn't come out that great. I went back to the gate where I waited to board and before I knew it I was off to Detroit!

    A Compass Embraer 175.

    N457XJ, a Delta Saab-340B+

    A US Airways Express Embraer 170.

    Flight #1450
    Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) - Detroit Metro (DTW)
    Equipment - DC-9-50
    Seat Assignment - 24F Window
    Departure Time - 11:22AM
    Flying Time - 1 Hour 53 Minutes
    Gate Departure - F11
    Gate Arrival - A66
    Aircraft Registration - N776NC, delivered to North Central on 4/27/1979
    Video: Northwest DC-9 Minneapolis to Detroit

    Flightaware map for 1450.

    N776NC, a DC-9-50 parked at gate F11.

    View from seat 24F.

    View after takeoff. Downtown Minneapolis can be seen in the top left.

    Small snack after takeoff.

    Entering Michigan after crossing Lake Michigan.

    On final.

    Taxing past the McNamara

    N828MH, a 767-400ER is the only 767-400ER in the new colors.

    Two Delta A330-300s.

    The flightdeck of this 30 year old plane.

    My plane, viewed from gate A66.

    Detroit Airport

    After I arrived in Detroit I got off the plane and literally ran to Chilis. I was that hungry! I then walked over to gate A76 and A78 to do some spotting. That's the only windows in the McNamara terminal without those horrid dots on them. I then walked over to the Airlink terminal to gate B20. I got there and when I heard them announce they wanted people to volunteer to give up their seats I knew I wasn't getting on this flight. After they closed the boarding gate I had my dad move my listing over to the 7:30PM flight. While I waited I walked back to A76 to spot again. After a while I walked back. I must have walked two miles by then! I walked up to the gate and he gave me my seat right away. I was in 12A in a CRJ-200. I then boarded my last flight of the day. And, it was a short one!

    I have to say this, as many times as I've been to DTW, this has to be the busiest I've seen it!

    The flight to CLE I didn't get on.

    Concourse B

    D-AIKH, a Lufthansa A330-300 taking off for Frankfurt, Germany.

    Airlink Flight #2367
    Operated by Pinnacle Airlines
    Detroit Metro (DTW) - Cleveland Hopkins (CLE)
    Equipment - CRJ-200
    Seat Assignment - 12A Window
    Departure Time - 7:30PM
    Flying Time - 48 Minutes
    Gate Departure - C4
    Gate Arrival - C6
    Aircraft Registration - N8930E, delivered 04/01/2004
    Video: Northwest CRJ-200 Detroit to Cleveland

    Flightaware map for 2367

    Gate C4 to Cleveland, Ohio.

    N8930E parked at gate C4.

    Wingview before departure.

    Ramp worker writing something down.

    Sun beginning to set while we wait in line for takeoff.

    Climbing to an astonishing FL110

    The flightdeck of this small regional jet.

    My plane viewed from the Cleveland Airport.

    Thanks for looking! If you haven't already, take the time to watch my videos. The MSP-DTW flight includes engine startup, pushback, takeoff, landing and engine shutdown.. Hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for my next few trip reports within the week!
    Matt Doehring

    My YouTube Videos

    My Jetphotos

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    Great report! It's still weird for me to see pictures of the A330's and DC9's in DL colors.


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      Originally posted by Greg View Post
      Great report! It's still weird for me to see pictures of the A330's and DC9's in DL colors.
      Yah, its weird for me too. My parents work for NW so I've been flying them all my life so far. Just odd to see it go.