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Business Trip - New York to Valencia (Via Munich) and back

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  • Business Trip - New York to Valencia (Via Munich) and back

    Hey everybody, this is my first trip report.
    I am a business man, i work for BP, and i live in New york, but i work in Castellon,Spain. I fly there and back i try once a week.
    But i wont bore you anymore, so here it is !!

    Well, I knew that Delta had started a route from JFK-VLC, but the prices were through the roof!, i may be a business man, but im not a millionaire.
    Airline - Lufthansa
    Route - New york JFK to Munich
    Departure - 17:35 - 18:16 actual
    Arrival - 08:10 - 08:00 actual
    Date - Thursday 20th August
    Class - Economy
    Aircraft - Airbus A330
    I checked-in online earlier that day, and i picked seat 40A.
    I said bye to my family and got to JFK at around 15:00.
    After i had dropped my bag i headed through security which was very quick and smooth.
    After security i hung around in the lounge for a while, until at 16:55, my flight got called.
    As soon as the annoncement "Would people on Lufthansa 411 please proceed to your gate, your flight is boarding ", EVERYBODY shot up, and started to queue.
    The gate agent said , "Please dont rush we will all get to Germany at the same time".
    Which is when more people stood up, and boarding turned into chaos.
    At 17:20 most of the plane had boarded, but then more people turned up late, and had held up the gate.
    We pushed back at 17:45 and taxied to the runway, meanwhile the safety demo was being done manually, as well as on the tv's.
    Take-off was smooth.
    After take-off i scanned the IFE, looking at their crap selection of mov[ie], they only had Hannah montana, which really did piss me off. The only thing that interested me was EuroNews which played throughout the flight, but instead i decided to sleep.
    Pretty soon after we got through the clouds, the Crew served a meal, which was either Fish or Beef Lasagne, i got the Lasagne which was GOOOOD !!...the lasagne also came with salad, Chocolate cake, and any drink.
    During the flight, the crew came through the cabin with a "Movie Snack", which consisted of a turkey bagel and Ice cream, which you could either get Chocolate,Vanilla or Oreo.
    We started descent about 40 mins prior to landing.
    Landing was smooth, and disembarkation was Very quick.
    I headed to my connection...
    Airline - Spanair
    Route - Munich to Valencia
    Departure - 11:20 - 11:27 actual
    Arrival - 13:45 - 13:57 actual
    Date - Friday 21st August
    Class - Economy
    Aircraft - MD-83
    I Also checked-in for this flight, Seat 14A.
    Seats were very uncomfortable, and hard.
    Flight VERY Empty, Maybe about 25 people on board.
    All female crew, were efficient but rude.
    Safety demo was manual.
    Take-off was very smooth, and immediately after take-off the crew were up in Avant class serving them before us.
    When they came to us, it was a non-alcoholic drink, with Cookies or Peanuts.
    The rest of the flight was uneventful.
    Landing in Valencia was odd, turning left and leveling out literally as we hit the runway.
    Disembarkation was VERY SLOW, not connecting to a jetway for about 15 minutes after parking.
    I collected my bags, and got picked up by a colleague, and headed to work.
    Airline - Spanair
    Route - Valencia to Munich
    Departure - 07:55 - 08:35 actual
    Arrival - 10:20 - 10:41 actual
    Date - Thursday 3rd September
    Class - Economy
    Aircraft - MD-83
    Not being able to check-in online, i got to the airport about 06:00, and got seat 24A.
    Boarding was quick as i was last on, greeted by a Another all female crew, and it was clear the spanish dont like early starts.
    This MD-83 was in even worse condition than the inbound one, And the legroom seemed smaller, but i think that was just me.
    Take-off was horrible, the old crappy aircraft hitting every bump it could find, and it continued like that for the entire flight.
    Again it was Cookies or Peanuts.
    The Crew didnt seem to bother on this flight, everything seemed to be a hassle.
    Unusally this flight was full, full of german holiday makers.
    Landing was one of the worst i ever had, Hit the ground VERY hard, And bounced about 3 times, before we came fully down to earth.
    Disembarkation, was SOOO unorganized, people disembarking when told not to, and Crew getting barged out of the way, and people getting barged out the way by the crew.
    It was funny but quite annoying.
    I headed to my connection...
    Airline - Lufthansa
    Route - Munich to Newark
    Departure - 15:20 - 15:31 actual
    Arrival - 18:20 - 18:49 actual
    Date - Thursday 3rd September
    Class - Economy
    Aircraft - Airbus A340-300
    I got seat 39H, and luckily had nobody next to me, so i could sit by the window.
    Boarding was quicker than my inbound, and greeted by a very kind crew.
    It was immediately clear that the Airbus was new, or just very clean, but it smelled new, and the seats were still squeaky.
    Take-off was Steep and quick.
    After take off it again was Fish or Beef lasagne.
    After that they came around with water every 30 minutes.
    Monsters vs Aliens was playing, with a documentary about dogs, and also how to clear immigration at JFK played at the end.
    During mid-flight they came around with a snack, a ham and cheese toastie.
    And a bit later another "movie snack", which was Crossaint with chocolate, and fruit mix.
    When the "movie snack" was cleared we started our descent.
    Landing was smooth, and disembarkation was quick , using 1L,2L.
    I gave a thank to the crew, and disembarked.
    Collected my bags and got picked up by my family


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    Nice flight review, kind of funny how the LH lady made the boarding chaos even worse with her announcement. Looks like LH was pretty good, but I agree their selection on the AVOD is minimal as is the legroom on LH flights.It was nice to see a Spanair review, as we haven't had one of those in a long time. Although it was kind of funny that the meal choices were almost the same on both flights, including very similar movie snacks.




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      nice report