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NW Trip Report CLE-DTW-TPA, 22 Pictures!

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  • NW Trip Report CLE-DTW-TPA, 22 Pictures!

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    Hello, as some of you know, this is my now third trip report on JetPhotos! The report here includes my two flights back home to Tampa from Cleveland. This is the first time in 2.5 months I returned home not only to leave again the following Saturday for Washington, DC which you will see in my report after this one.

    I was in Cleveland for about 4 days total. On August 8th we drove to Cedar Point, Ohio to go to the biggest amusement park in the world! If some of you are familiar with it I will tell you now, yes, I did go on Top Thrill Dragster. Four times! Someone always asks me that. On August 9th my uncle invited my cousin and I to his house until August 11th. So, we did. We left Cedar Point on the 9th and drove for two hours to Detroit (Novi to be exact). On the 11th my grandparents came to Detroit to pick us up and take us back to Cleveland since our bags were still there. So, on Wednesday, my stand-by treck back home starts.

    August 12th, 2009
    Cleveland, Ohio
    4:00AM EST

    After waking up I preceded to the shower. You know, the normal getting ready for the day procedures. I finished all my packing and texted my dad for my confirmation number. After that, I got in the car with my grandparents and cousin and drove to Hopkins airport. Once we arrived my grandparents drove off and my cousin and I preceded to the Delta check-in counter. We got ourselves checked in and went through security. I encountered something new I haven't before in security. I was pulled aside and told to step into this tall circular tube and stand on the foot prints. I then had to hold my hands up and have my fingertips touching. Two bars started going around on the sides of the tube. The only similar thing I can think of is at the dentist. Anyways, I was sitting at gate A3 while my cousins flight departed. He was going back to Boise via ATL and SLC. So, my grandparents didn't want to make two trips to the airport they dropped me off at 5:00AM for my 10:15AM flight basically. So, I roamed around the airport and took some pictures. I got on the flight to Detroit with problems. The flight was weight restricted so I got put on at the very last second. First some pictures from Cleveland and Detroit.

    An Alpaca farm we visited! Haha

    My uncle, his friend and my mom were going to a Moody Blues concert in Detroit. They rented a Hummer H2 limo for transportation. They were running late so my cousin and I thought we'd take a look!

    Cleveland Hopkins Airport

    Delta Check in.

    My cousin's CRJ-900 to Atlanta departing.

    It's obvious what airline rules this airport!

    Texas Rangers 757-200.

    Continental flying pencil!

    Inside the Continental Express (Concourse D) terminal.

    Airlink Flight #3026
    Operated by Mesaba Aviation
    Cleveland (CLE) - Detroit Metro (DTW)
    Equipment - Saab-340B+
    Seat Assignment - 11D Window
    Departure Time - 10:18AM
    Flying Time - 57 Minutes
    Gate Departure - C8
    Gate Arrival - C25
    Aircraft Registration - N422XJ, delivered on 8/11/1997
    Video:Northwest Saab-340 Cleveland to Detroit

    Flightaware map for NW3026.

    My plane, N422XJ, parked at the gate.

    Pulling away from the gate.

    Taken directly after takeoff.

    On approach.

    On June 10th, 2008 I was on this same exact plane from DTW-NRT. You'll see the report soon!

    Detroit Airport
    Once I landed in Detroit I got off the plane and headed to gate A76 for my flight to Tampa. I took a few pictures and boarded. I was really excited for this flight since the flight was being operated by a DC-9-40, one of only seven in operation I think?! Nothing special happened in the airport though.

    The tunnel between the Airlink concourse and the main concourse.

    Detroit Metro (DTW) - Tampa (TPA)
    Equipment - DC-9-40
    Seat Assignment - 21F
    Departure Time - 1:58PM
    Flying Time - 2 hours 43 minutes
    Gate Departure - A76
    Gate Arrival - E64
    Aircraft Registration - N762NW, delivered on 11/12/1969
    Video:Northwest DC-9-40 Detroit to Tampa

    Flightaware map for NW3026.

    N762NW shortly after arrival from Indianapolis.

    Taxing to the runway.

    Right after takeoff.


    I fell asleep! I woke up as we were approaching the coast of Florida.

    I had to shuffle quickly to get this picture. It's my neighborhood taken from the plane! My house is visible along with my old elementary school!

    Flying along the bay, right over the AMC Theaters I always go to.

    MacDill Airforce Base as we make our turn for runway 36L.

    Thanks for looking! If you haven't already, take the time to watch my videos. The DTW-TPA flight includes a nice view of downtown and "Spaghetti Junction" right before touchdown. Hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for my next few trip reports within the week or so!
    Matt Doehring

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    Great report mate! Some quality images there


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      Very nice trip report and excellent photos. The large tube you went through at Hopkins International Airport was a full-body scanner, it basically X-rays your body and is used, instead, of the more intrusive pat down and security wand technique. The image isn't stored and is destroyed immediately after you clear security. I believe that you have a choice of which one you want though. Was there any service on the 58 minute NW Airlink flight?

      Here's an article on full-body scanners: