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DL Trip Report TPA-ATL-DCA-ATL-TPA in F/Y, 55 Pictures 4 Videos

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  • DL Trip Report TPA-ATL-DCA-ATL-TPA in F/Y, 55 Pictures 4 Videos

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    Hello, as some of you may know this is now my 4th trip report on It may not seem like it, but I put alot of time and effort into editing, uploading and typing these reports so any comments are welcome! This is my trip in August that took me to Washington, D.C. Enjoy!

    August 15th, 2009
    Tampa, Florida
    6:00AM EST

    As usual I was awoken by my phones alarm. And, just like before I made my way to the bathroom to get ready. At about 7:00AM we printed out the loads on all the flights and made our way to Tampa International. We got to the airport and went to the Delta counter and checked ourselves in for our flights. We know we aren't going to have any problems getting on the flights since they both had over 50 seats open! So, we made our way to the next floor where the trams depart for the Airsides. We took a quick stop at Starbucks for a little wake up. Then, we showed our boarding passes and ID and got on the tram to Airside E. Security was just like always. Being nonrev, they always seem to pull us aside to go through the puffer. Then, we walked down to gate E64 for our flight to Atlanta, Georgia. We checked the nonrev list and my dad, sister and I were all at the top 1, 2, and 3. The agent at the gate called us up and said she has two first class seats for us. My dad said that my sister and I could have it so we took them. 1A and 1D. We boarded the flight and off we were for Atlanta!

    Airlines Flight #2062
    Tampa (TPA) - Atlanta (ATL)
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200
    Seat Assignment - 1A, First class, Window
    Departure Time - 9:53AM
    Flying Time - 1 hour 33 minutes
    Departure Gate - E64
    Arrival Gate - A1
    Aircraft Registration - N676DL, delivered on 5/28/1992
    Video:Delta 757-200 Tampa to Atlanta
    PS - There is an issue with the video. Some text overlay I used in another video got on this one too. Sorry, I will update this when I get the fixed one up!

    Flightaware map for DL2062.

    E64, our departure gate.

    Deltalina talking about cell phones.

    Looking at the peninsula directly after takeoff.

    Downtown St. Petersburg and Whitted field.

    Honeymoon Island, a beach 10 minutes west of my house.

    Climbing over the Gulf of Mexico.

    Delta cookies.

    Glass cup in First class!

    A bunch off 77L's on the ramp in ATL.

    Lineup for takeoff as we taxi. The NW 744 is headed to HNL.

    Our gate, A1.

    Atlanta Airport
    Once we landed we got off the plane and tried to find our next flight to DCA. It was at gate A15, not too far away. My dad and sister sat down there and I proceeded to explore the ATL airport. First and only stop, the international concoure E. After going there I made my way back and got on the flight to DCA.

    The Atlanta airport.

    Korean Air 747-400 nonstop to Seoul, South Korea!

    Airlines Flight #1962
    Atlanta (ATL) - Washington Reagan National (DCA)
    Equipment - McDonnell Douglas MD-88
    Seat Assignment - 15F
    Departure Time - 12:16PM
    Flying Time - 1 hour 39 minutes
    Departure Gate - A15
    Arrival Gate - 17
    Aircraft Registration - N950DL, delivered on 2/21/1990
    Video:Delta MD-88 Atlanta to Washington Reagan

    Flightaware map for DL 1962.

    N950DL, at gate A15. My ride to DCA.

    Gate A15.

    View from onboard.


    Descending over Virginia.

    Going around the airport to line up to our runway.

    First view of the DC airport for me.

    Inside Concourse B.

    Headed down Concourse B.

    Washington, D.C.
    After we landed in Washington D.C. we made our way to baggage claim and headed for the shuttle for our hotel. After arriving at the Double Tree hotel we tried to find a way to get to the Pentagon and see the 9/11 memorial. We got on the DC metro and got to the memorial. One of the evening, I don't remember which one, I saw Marine One and the two excorts (incase of terrorists) heading over downtown and one descending lower and landing at the White House. I thought that was pretty cool. The next day was the day that we went into downtown to see all the monuments. Over the next few days we had bought double decker bus tickets for transportation and we visited several monuments, the Smithsonians and Arlington. On August 19th, we left to go back home in Tampa.

    The Pentagon Memorial for 9/11. Every person who died is remembered by this pure marble monument and fountain underneath.

    The Washington Monument.

    Typical approach into DCA. An American Airlines 737-800.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy's grave and the eternal flame.

    The Washington Monument and the reflecting pool.

    The National Cathedral.

    The Capitol Building.

    The front of the White House.

    The National Air and Space Museum with NW's first 747.

    August 19th, 2009
    Crystal City, Viriginia

    We got up at 7:00AM for our 11AM flight back to Atlanta. We checked out of the hotel and took the airport shuttle to Reagan National. After arriving we went through security and headed to gate 19 for our flight. We got McDonalds for breakfast and before we knew it we were onboard in the coach class bulkhead!

    Delta check in in DCA.

    Concourse B in the early morning.

    Airlines Flight #1961
    Washington Reagan National (DCA) - Atlanta (ATL)
    Equipment - Boeing 737-800
    Seat Assignment - 10F
    Departure Time - 10:57AM
    Flying Time - 1 hour 49 minutes
    Departure Gate - 19
    Arrival Gate - B27
    Aircraft Registration - N385DN, delivered on 11/19/1999
    Video:Delta 737-800 Washington Reagan to Atlanta

    Flightaware map for DL1961.

    Our plane, N385DN, my ride to Atlanta.

    DCA tower.

    Our gate, 19, to Atlanta.

    Taxing to the runway after pushback.

    Directly after takeoff from DCA.

    Climbing through the clouds.

    Beverage and snack on board.

    The Asheville, North Carolina airport.

    Descending into Atlanta.

    Downtown Atlanta.

    Taxing to B27.

    An Airtran 717.

    Atlanta Airport
    After arriving in the Atlanta airport we got off the plane and headed for the tram to Concourse A. We sat down and they started boarding. We got on and were all together in the bulkhead.
    Airlines Flight #2065
    Atlanta (ATL) - Tampa (TPA)
    Equipment - Boeing 737-800W
    Seat Assignment - 10A
    Departure Time - 1:43PM
    Flying Time - 1 hour 24 minutes
    Departure Gate - A10
    Arrival Gate - E64
    Aircraft Registration - N394DA, delivered on 6/29/2000
    Video:Delta 737-800 Atlanta to Tampa

    Flightaware map for DL2065.

    N394DA, to Tampa, Florida.

    Gate A10.

    Taxing to the runway.

    Small snack while cruising.

    Cruising over Georgia.

    Beginning our descent into Tampa over the Gulf of Mexico.

    Descending over the Tampa suburbs.

    Some storms to the east while on final for 18R.

    On the ground at gate E64 in Tampa. Welcome home!

    Again, I thank you for reading and looking at this trip report. I have three more coming so keep an eye out for more within the week!

    If you haven't already please view my videos!

    My YouTube

    My JetPhotos


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    Wow, once again a very nice trip report and good pictures, I'm really glad that you put a lot of effort into making the trip reports good, instead, of just sloppily posting them, as it makes for a very enjoyable read. How was the seating comfort in first class and did you only get coke and biscoff cookies on that flight? Looks like you had a good time in Washington DC! Looks like DL has improved in the past few years!




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          Very good pictures.
          Thank you