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Family holiday to St Marteen.....Part 2 !!!!

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  • Family holiday to St Marteen.....Part 2 !!!!

    Hey everybody, heres part 2 !!!

    Leg 1 - London City (LCY) to Paris Orly (ORY) - CityJet
    Leg 2 - Paris Orly (ORY) to St Marteen (SXM) - Corsairfly
    Leg 3 - St Marteen (SXM) to San Juan (SJU) -American Eagle
    Leg 4 - San Juan (SJU) to Chicago (ORD) - American
    Leg 5 - Chicago (ORD) to London Heathrow(LHR) - United

    Airline - Corsairfly
    Route - Paris (Orly) - St Marteen
    Scheduled departure - 12:15 (12:17 actual)
    Scheduled arrival - 14:45 (15:21 actual)
    Aircraft - 747-400
    Class - Horizon (Economy)

    Soo we checked in at Orly, i was pretty annoyed to not be going AF, but i got my way by going to St Marteen so i cant complain.
    While booking, Corsairfly allows you to choose seats, so i was in 37K, next to my Dad.
    We proceeded to security, and to the gate (we arrived late), and boarded.
    Boarding was easy, and i located my seat quickly.
    The seats were pretty standard, the long haul equivalent of Easy jet seats.
    As soon as we boarded the safety demo started, and we pushed back.
    Take off was smooth.
    After take-off he crew told us about the meals, unfortunately there is only one meal for this flight.The crew made a drinks service.
    When they eventually came around with the meal, it was Chicken and vegetables or Salmon i think it was.
    After the food the crew did Trash and drinks at the same time.
    The IFE was really crap, there was news, and stuff for children, and other things about the TUI group, and to see more movies, play games and better TV programs, you had to pay 10 euros for a portable TV.
    So guess what, i used 10 (they accepted my sterling) and i got a Portable (media) player.
    Well, that is definately 10 quid down the drain, they had 2 extra movies(1 in french & 1 in english), 1 cartoon(French & english), 2 episodes of friends (in french,english).
    Finally we started our decent, and we hit every bump on our way down.
    We did a few turns and levelled out, IT WAS SOOOOOO SUNNY.
    I was excited to see plane spotters on the beach, and as we flew over, i didnt get a chance to see, as we went over so quickly.
    That was disapointing.
    Overall for corsair.
    Food - 8/10 (good)
    Crew - 5/10 (they didnt care)
    Seats - 3/10
    Puntuality 9/10

    thanx for reading, Part 3 coming soon
    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!

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    Were there any problems booking with Corsairfly? In particular getting a French company to accept a British credit card.


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      haha, im sorry but i really dont know. I didnt book it, i simply found them. I think my parents used an HSBC Plus card to book, which is worldwide isnt it?...anyway im sorrybut i dunno
      Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!


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        nice post.Do u know what 10 euro is in american $$$$?Hows St.Marteen??
        August 29th will be the worst day of the year.