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Flybe Southampton to Manchester 28th August 2009

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  • Charles022
    Excellent review and it looks like Foxy and Snoopy enjoyed themselves too!
    Can't forget Foxy! Nice report Mark

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  • HB-IHC
    Excellent review and it looks like Foxy and Snoopy enjoyed themselves too!

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  • rohank4284
    Nice job on the review and some very good pictures, as well! FlyBe seems to be a decently good airline. Keep up the good work.


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  • Flybe Southampton to Manchester 28th August 2009

    Flight - BE7363
    Aircraft - Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
    Reg. - G-JEDO (third time flying this one!)
    Crew - very friendly
    Flight Time - 45 minutes.
    Departure Time 08:35 - actual 08:30
    Arrival Time 09:40 - actual 09:40 due to storm avoidance.
    Food - Buy on Board but didnt by anything.
    Flight satisfaction 95%

    On 28th August i went to Southampton Airport again for a nice Bank Holiday Weekend to Manchester to plane spot and also see my friends. The first flight of the day that i caught last time wasnt available so i checked in for flight BE7363 which was going to depart at 8:35am.
    I had checked in online the day before so i checked my bag in and went through security nice and easily and waited for my flight. The ramp looked almost empty with a couple of E195's waiting for their next flights but then a lot of Dash 8's including my one came into land.

    Waiting at the gate.

    It wasnt long before the bus took us to the aircraft and i was suprised to see it was the same plane that i have been on three times now lol! G-JEDO likes taking me up to Manchester and back i guess.

    Before boarding photos and video.

    After doing that i thought i better get on the plane before it left without me LOL!!!! i sat in seat 16A which was a nice seat.

    Me on the plane.

    It wasnt long before we got away, as we had boarded and everything was done and ready to go, we were allowed to pushback 5 minutes early which was great.

    Video of pushback and startup.

    Pushing back at Southampton and starting up the massive Prop.

    Taxiing to runway 20.

    We lined up and took off it was exciting!

    Video of Takeoff from Southampton.

    Passing over Southampton Docks as we turned northwards.

    Foxy and Snoopy always travel with me.

    We climbed to 20,000ft and the weather was lovelly with scattered clouds but it was more stormy near Manchester so the pilot said we would do some alterations to the route to avoid going through storms, good idea too!

    Cruising at 20,000ft on the way to Manchester

    We passed a few airports too, I think i can name them but if iam wrong you can correct me.

    Oxford Airfield.

    Foxy enjoying the flight!

    Foxy on his way to Manchester again for another exciting adventure to Manchester.

    Brungtingthorpe Airfield.

    East Midlands Airport.

    View inside cabin facing front, i was sitting next to someone who looked like Alan Sugar! It wasnt him i found out when i asked him lol good thing he saw the funny side!

    View out the window before our descent into Manchester.

    Video of descending through the clouds apparoaching Manchester.

    It was a bumpy approach due to the stormy weather, Southampton was still warm and sunny lol! Here is the video of the landing.

    We got below cloud cover and lined up for a 23R approach to Manchester, it was exciting to be back here again.

    It was a nice firm landing and we taxiied to Terminal 3 and i filmed this on my personal camcorder as i have filmed this before and i waited until everyone was off the plane and took a photo of the empty Dash 8 cabin with the friendly flight attendant too.

    Then i said goodbye and went down the steps and met the person who saw me the last time i came which was a coincedence! He showed em the way into the baggage area and i didnt have to wait long for my bag which was good.

    When i went through arrivals i looked for my two friends Dan and Adrian who are gonna watch the planes at the AVP today with me which was great. We went to the bus station and waited a while until the storm passed over. Iam usually lucky with the weather up north but not today probably lol!

    We got to the AVP an hour later and watched a lot of planes and i did several videos. Here is one video of us and the airport action.

    We stayed all day and i dodged the showers taking photos of planes and its lucky we had the newly built Concorde hangar to hide in!
    Dan and Adey went home around 3pm and i stayed for an extra 2 hours but got soaked in the process, it was worth it though as i caught this AWACS plane!

    After i took this my friend i was staying with took me back to his house and i had such a great day and look forward to spending the Bank Holiday Weekend with them and i will return on Tuesday 1st september, that will be in part 2 coming soon! Hope you enjoyed folks feel free to comment.