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JFK-MSP-JFK with Sun Country

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  • JFK-MSP-JFK with Sun Country

    Route - New York JFK : Minneapolis
    Airline - Sun Country Airlines
    Scheduled departure - 10:55 (11:07 actual)
    Arrival - 13:00 (13:22 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-800
    Seat - 26A
    Class - Coach

    Check-in area was deserted and i checked in straight away.
    Security was abit packed, with passengers from my flight holding people up, by not putting their 1L bottles of water in the bin.
    After that incident i was late getting to the gate and was last getting to the gate.
    After walking on-board, First class didnt have a spare seat, and after passing the open curtain, there was only about 30 people on board.
    I sat in 26A.
    During Pushback, the First Officer told us the Incredible load factor of 21%.
    Safety demo was manual.
    Take off was smooth and quick, and as soon as we got above the clouds the Complimentary drink service started, and i got a Coke.
    Soon after that the Buy-On-Board service started and i got Pepperoni Pizza for $6.
    The Rest of the flight was uneventful.
    I plugged my Headphones into the Armrest and listened to the crap Audio that Sun Country have.
    We Started our descent about 40 minutes prior to touchdown.
    The Passengers who held us up at security , turned on their phones and started blaring out crap music, and eventually after arguing with The Pursur, and 2 F/A's , and a number of passengers, they turned it off.
    Landing was amazingly smooth and a big clap after landing.
    Usual Welcome from the crew.
    We Parked up at the gate and disembarked swiftly.
    During the walk down the jetway, the Cool crew from our plane turned on their phones again and started playing Bone Thugs n Harmony out loud, which echoed throughout the Terminal.
    After being told off by their parents, they shut up for the first time since we boarded in JFK.
    I collected my bags and headed to my hotel.

    Route - Minneapolis : New York JFK
    Airline - Sun Country Airlines
    Departure - 06:30 (06:45 actual)
    Arrival - 10:05 (10:00 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-800
    Seat - 14A
    Class - Coach

    After a fun week in Minneapolis, it was time to head home.

    An early start and i arrived to MSP at around 05:00.
    The check-in area was PACKED , and the Sun Country Desks appeared to be centre of attention, so i assumed my flight was full.
    After checking in i got seat 14A, and headed quickly towards security.
    No problems this time.
    I ran to gate H4 and again i was last on-board.
    I walked through First Class which was again Packed, and walked through the closed curtain to see that again my flight was nearly empty.
    I saw that rows 13,14,15,16,17 were deserted and that row 18 had 1 person in it.
    I sat by the window on row 14.
    Safety demo was manual.
    Pushback and take off were normal.
    Turbulent climb to cruise, and the drink service started about 45 minutes after take-off.
    I got a coffee to keep me awake.
    This flight was strange, never, ever, have i been so cold on a plane before
    The Buy-On-Board service got no business and no one purchased anything.
    I decided to catch some ZzZz
    When i woke, we were half way through descent, and we landed very very smoothly.
    A round of applause from the passengers as we taxied off of the runway.
    We taxied to a gate and we disembarked.
    I collected my bags and got picked up by my friend.

    Overall i will give Sun Country an 8/10.

    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!

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    Nice job on the flight review! Looks like Sun County airlines is a pretty decent airline and you got pretty good service. Wow, those were some pretty big idiots on your first flight, glad to hear everything else went well. Do you have any pictures of the journey that you would be willing to share?




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      good flight review.The kids sound like the people on my sisters airline all the time.She tried to get some1 to turn off their cell phone,and i qoute"Ill just be a few minutes more"5 minutes later"Sir,you need to turn off your cell phone now.You cant tell me what to do!!Ill have my cell phone on if i want it on!!"My sister had to buzz the captain to tell him to turn off his cell phone.
      August 29th will be the worst day of the year.