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LGA-MLU (Via Memphis) with Northwest/Delta

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  • LGA-MLU (Via Memphis) with Northwest/Delta

    Hey people, this is my report of my one way trip to Monroe.
    I promise this will be more detailed

    Airline : Northwest Airlines
    Route : New York (La Guardia) to Memphis
    Scheduled Departure : 06:30 (06:37 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival : 08:33 (08:50 actual)
    Aircraft : Airbus A320-211 (N316US)
    Seat : 20A
    Class : Coach

    I said goodbye to my sis, and then headed to the Delta terminal to check-in.
    Got seen to almost immediately, and got talking to the kind check-in attendant.
    "Where are you flying to today"
    "Via Atlanta ?"
    "No, via Memphis"
    "Oh ok, is there anywhere you would like to sit?"
    "Is there any chance i could get a window seat?"
    "Of course"
    "Yes please"
    "On your second flight i will give you a seat but you can probably change"
    "Sure No problem"
    then we moved on to bags etc, i saw that one or two other check-in attendants were being as good as this lady, asking where you wanna sit etc.
    I said goodbye and then i moved swiftly onto security.
    Security was pretty full but it was still a breeze and i got through within, it must have been about 5 minutes.
    I saw i was going on a Airbus A320 so when i got to my gate there was a Northwest RED TAIL !!!

    I was soo happy about flying on a red tail, they wont be around for much longer. Boarding commenced around 06:05.
    Welcomed aboard by a very kind,all female crew, who directed us all to our seats. The seat was very comfortable. Pushback was a little early, and we taxied to the runway, but a queue of traffic held us up for a while, but not alot.Directly after take off i fell asleep
    When i woke, it was sunny out the window, and i was blinded by it.
    I felt abit hungry so i pressed the crew call button and asked if it would be ok if i purchased some food & drink, she reminded me that the drink is free and yes i sure can buy food.
    She told me to look at the options and call her back when ive decided what i wanted. I called her back and asked for a breakfast sandwhich and a coffee.
    She told me it would be 10 minutes.
    I switched on my trusty ipod and listened to some music too pass some time.
    She came along exactly 10 minutes later and asked me for $5 for the sandwhich.
    Turkey and cheese croissant style, it was very good
    The crew came around with a trash trolley three times, and then during decsent they did it again.
    Descent started about 35 minutes prior to landing. We made a left turn, and stayed turning left for about 20 minutes, whilst descending.
    We levelled out to find ourselves just about to land, i found this unusual but it was fun . Touchdown was gentle, and we taxied for around 15 minutes to the gate.
    Just before we reached our gate a flight attendant came up to me and told me i can disembark with the First class passengers so i could have a headstart on my Connection (What the...? how did she know ?)
    She also said this to some other passengers.
    I disembarked with the first passengers and ran to my connection.

    Airline : Delta Connection (Operated by Mesaba airlines)
    Route : Memphis to Monroe
    Scheduled Departure : 09:20 (10:11 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival : 10:43 (11:02 actual)
    Aircraft : Saab 340B
    Seat : 9D
    Class : Coach

    Even though the very kind NWA flight attendants's gesture helped me to my connection, i had no worries, it was delayed, didnt say how long for.
    I sat in the gate area, with all 4 of the other passengers.
    2 girls sitting in front of me, i got talking to, and it turns out they go to Louisiana Tech (Small world eh), they showed me their ID's and all.
    They were visiting they family who lived in the Memphis area.
    Got taken to a remote stand and a very new shiny looking Saab in Brand new Delta Connection colours. Boarding was quick, 4 steps up and in cabin, greeted by a male flight attendant.
    The Other Tech girls sat in 11C,D, i sat in 9D, and an old lady at the front in 2A, a businessman in 6D (Extra Legroom). 5 people including me onboard.
    Taxi was weird, taxiing next to an A320 seemed like taxiing next to an A380. After a long queue for take-off we took off after a Fed Ex MD-11.
    We taxiied onto the runway and lifted off, immediately after we hit some severe turbulence, it lightened up as we got higher.
    The drink service got delayed untill the turbulence stopped.
    Eventually it did stop, and the flight attendant came around with drinks, unusually, hot drinks were not available on this flight.
    I got a coke this time.
    I asked the f/a if i could change seats, he told me i cant move to 11B but i can change to anywhere else, so i moved to 11A.
    Again i started chatting to the girls about the University, and just general things.
    Just as we started our descent, we hit some severe turbulence, and as i started out the window i saw an American Eagle ERJ jet fly soo close, i could almost see the registration.
    Descent was very turbulent but we landed gently just like the other flight.
    The girls asked if i wanted to take the same cab as them to the uni.
    I accepted and we disembarked, i grabbed my bags and jumped in a cab heading to Louisiana Tech.

    Delta Connection (Mesaba Airlines) = 9/10
    Good service, quite comfortable, but very turbulent i know its not they fault, but the small plane didnt help

    Northwest Airlines = 10/10 Best airline ever !!!

    Hope you enjoyed !

    At christmas im going on an annual family trip, all of our family go away somewhere, from different parts of the world, i think this year we are going to Tuscany. I will write a report when im there.

    Byeee all

    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!