I generally never write these things since I travel as much as every other week and find trip reports on such routes as MCO-ATL to be as boring as watching paint dry. However this past week I took my last monthly biz trip to MKE and experienced the "New Midwest." I think I'm still shaking my head trying to figure out what this operation is. I'll say this, everything you knew of the old Midwest airlines...well its dead, totally dead, even the cookies are terrible now. A few observations worth pointing out.

- I love this one..."Thank you for flying Midwest Airlines, Midwest Connect operated by Republic Airways." HOLY F**K can someone please tell me what Airline I was flying on? Yes I know its really Republic but are they for real?

- No "B" seats. "Ladies and gentleman if your boarding pass has you sitting in a "B" seat please sit in a "C" seat as there are no "B" seats." This was fun trying to explain to the guy in 3D who didn't speak English that 3D was my seat. Yes I could have sat in 3C but I wanted a window, so he needed to move. It seems the planes painted in Midwest colors operated by Republic have "B" seats but the planes in Republic colors...no "B" seats. Good job guys...nothing like confusing your passengers.

- Ok this is minor but seems to me to be a bit tacky and unprofessional. They have a mix of Midwest and Frontier branded service items on board. So you may either get a napkin, cup, or food product with one of their other brands. I know its minor but it just has a garage sale feel to it.

- Noticeable safety violations. Being there is very limited room in the overheads on the E170s and no control over what people take on board, within my general seating area people had briefcases, laptops, and other packages on their laps during taxi and takeoff. The FA's didn't enforce putting these items under the seat (probably because these people had things under their seat already) and let you keep seat backs reclined during landing. The fact is this is dangerous as these items can become projectiles and reclined seats can hamper your ability to get out of your row if need be. They should have enforced carry on limits at the gate and the FA's should have demanded these items be stored.

Overall I was not impressed with the "New Midwest" and will not fly them again. I remember only 5 years ago when I began flying Midwest how great their service was. You had comfortable business class seats, amazing hot meals, and consistent service throughout. Now all you have is a name but nothing that made that name synonymous with great service...its just a name.