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A340-600 - best seat location for photos??

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  • A340-600 - best seat location for photos??

    Hi there, it is less than one month before I leave for LHR via HK. I have reserved seat 40K next to the window as I want to get some good photos.
    There are more seats available in the back cabin but I opted against them as it is always noisier back there compared to nearer the centre of the plane. But I have seen some good photos on JP net where the person is obviously seated quite far back. From there you can get good views under the wing and see the outboard engines.
    Has anyone sat in or around row 40 on a Virgin Atlantic A340-600?? What is the view like from there?? which is the best location??


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    I was recently in row 22K ( rear of premium Economy, well worth the upgrade ) in the window seat and got this shot....


    According to row 40 is just on the trailing edge of the wing so you'll have virtually the whole trailing edge of the wing in view.
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      hi Brian,

      very good photo. I would love to be in that position but currently there are no seat availabilities. Also, not sure if I will be able to get the upgrade (here's hoping).

      Hopefully when I do the online check in more seats will be available. I am thinking that 40K will have the wing blocking most of the view.



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        btw Brian,
        How did you rate Virgin's flight and also the A340-600??


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          Excellent service and the A340-600 is my favourite aircraft.

          As far as check in is concerned, something like 40% - 50% of seats are not allocated until 24hrs before flight time so make sure you go online bang on 24hrs before to get the best selection. 31A/K have extra legroom but are on top of the wing. Go to to find a seating plan.

          If you get an upgrade be aware that row 19 does not have a window.
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          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Thanks Brian, yep I will be logged on waiting for the 24 hour mark to come around.

            JUst had a look at and it doesnt look that bad.