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DL Trip Report TPA-BOS-TPA, First Class

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  • DL Trip Report TPA-BOS-TPA, First Class

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    Once again, here I am with another trip report. This time I took a trip to Boston to visit my relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday. So, lets start.

    Tampa, Florida
    Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

    I was awoken by my alarm at 4:00AM. I went to my bathroom and got ready for my day. I was ready within 20 minutes. I checked the flights and the loads while my mom and sister got ready. We left the house at approximately 5:00AM.

    Tampa International Airport
    After we got to the airport and parked we made our way to the Delta check-in counter. The gate agent confirmed that the flight was open and that we'd probably get first class. We walked to security and go through ahead of everyone. It's the first time we've ever seen an employee line. We skipped probably 25 minutes of line! After we got through security I decided to go to Starbucks for a morning get-go drink. I went to reach into my back pocket to get my wallet out and sure enough it wasn't there. After panicking I traced back my morning in my mind and I figured out it was on the dash in the Xterra. I take it out of my pocket when I drive because it is annoying. Of course, I left it there. Seeing as I didn't have any time to go back and get it I had to suffer nearly a week with no money, driver's license or anything. We got cleared for our flight at E68 within 10 minutes.

    Elevators to the shuttle from the Long Term Parking lot.

    Delta Check-in.

    Airside E.

    Inside Airside E.

    Air Lines Flight #1488
    Tampa (TPA) - Boston (BOS)
    Equipment - McDonnell Douglas MD-88
    Seat Assignment - 02A, First Class, Window
    Departure Time - 6:57AM
    Arrival Time - 9:55AM
    Flying Time - 2 hours 58 minutes
    Departure Gate - E68
    Arrival Gate - A14
    Aircraft Registration - N950DL, delivered 02/21/1990
    Status - On Time
    Video - Delta MD-88 Tampa to Boston

    Flight #1488
    We were cleared in all first class. I got 2A and my mom and sister got 2B/C. Before we took off one of the flight attendants came up to me after we pushed back and told me (after I had taken a picture, which you'll see) that I'd have to turn my camera off since it can "interfere with the aircraft's radio communications". Bull. A cell phone I believe, not a camera. But, anyways that flight itself after that was great. I got a nice breakfest and the captain was very informative. The first class could have been a little nicer on Delta's maddogs. They weren't really up to par with their domestic 757s.

    Flightaware map of DL1488.

    N950DL, a MD-88. My ride to Boston.

    Gate E68.

    A Northwest 757-200 operating the morning DTW flight next to us.

    Picture of Airside E. I got yelled at for taking this.

    My breakfest consisting of fresh fruit, a bagel, yogurt, milk, orange juice and Raisin Bran Crunch.

    Cruising over North Carolina. You can see the curvature of the Earth.


    Self explanatory.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Boston's Logan Airport".

    A Fedex MD-10.

    A Delta ERJ-145.

    Pulling up to our gate.

    Our plane. Note, something I just noticed while editing the pictures yesterday is that I got a picture of our bag coming off the plane! It's the blue one, if you can see it.

    Boston Logan International Airport
    Boston's airport was just how I remembered it. Clean, easy to navigate and spacious. We came in at the very end of the terminal so we had to walk through the underground tunnel to get to baggage claim. We got our bags, went to Dunkin Donuts and met my relatives outside.

    Inside Concourse A.

    Boston, Massachusetts
    Boston is a great city. We did alot over the time we spent there. We went on a a duck tour around Boston, saw Old Dogs (terrible movie), went to a fancy Italian restaurant in the North End and had Thanksgiving dinner. I'm not going to go in depth but it was alot of fun!

    Inside my Uncle's 2009 Land Rover Range Rover (not the Sport).

    We went to Plymouth Rock on Thanksgiving.

    Plymouth Rock Memorial (?)

    Our Thanksgiving Day dinner table.

    The Duck Boat tour.

    My uncle's 2009 BMW 750i.

    My uncle's house in Kingston, Massachusetts.

    Kingston, Massachusetts
    Monday, November 30th, 2009
    I got up around 4:00AM. I did my normal tasks for the day and was ready in a half hour. I took our bags upstairs because my uncle said he called a cab. Carrying the bags outside I expect to see yellow van or something but instead there is a black 2010 Lincoln Navigator waiting for us. It was nice! Even though the driver made me nervous going 90 on the highway, we got to the airport earlier than expected!

    Boston Logan International Airport
    We got to the airport and check our bags in. Once again, we got to skip the line since we got to got through the employee security line! We got to our gate and saw that this flight was rather full. They didn't clear us on the monitor. They called us up the old fashioned way and gave us our seats. I got 4A in first class and my mom and sister got 10A/B right behind me.

    Morning commute in the Logan airport!

    Air Lines Flight #2097
    Boston (BOS) - Tampa (TPA)
    Equipment - McDonnell Douglas MD-88
    Seat Assignment - 04A, First Class, Window
    Departure Time - 7:07AM
    Arrival Time - 10:34AM
    Flying Time - 3 hours 27 minutes
    Departure Gate - A16
    Arrival Gate - E68
    Aircraft Registration - N907DE, delivered 10/28/1992
    Status - On Time
    Video - Delta MD-88 Boston to Tampa

    Flight #2097
    The flight was great. We departed on time with no problems. We had a rather long taxi but it was fine. We had some great views on the flight though. We saw the sunrise over the cape, the whole coast of North Carolina, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, Island's of Adventures, Orlando Airport and Disney World! The flight itself was long but it went by really fast! The breakfest wasn't as good as the flight up to Boston but I still liked it.

    Flightaware map for DL2097.

    Gate A16 to Tampa, Florida.

    N907DE, an ex-Delta Express aircraft. My plane to Tampa.

    Sunrise over a Delta 757 tail.

    Logan's control tower.

    Wingview of BOS.

    The Cape.

    Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

    My breakfast consisting of Milk, yogurt, fresh fruit, bagel, orange juice and Cherrios (which I don't really like).

    I apologize, I didn't have the zoom lens on so these next few came out kinda bad. This is of the two launch pads at Cape Canaveral.

    Orlando International Airport (MCO)

    Disney World.

    On approach to 18R in Tampa.

    Parked at gate E68 in Tampa.

    My plane from Boston.

    Airside E.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my trip report. I spent alot of time typing this so any comments are much appreciated! I'm currently working on a trip report on some flights I took in summer of 2008. Lets just say, it includes three countries and ten states! It will be a surprise for you guys though. It will be long too, about 120 pictures! I estimate to have it up before years end.

    Anyways you can view the following of mine:

    My Jetphotos

    My YouTube Videos

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      Wonderful report, great read as always!