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Pisa to Monroe (Via Paris & Dulles) in Economy and Business

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  • Pisa to Monroe (Via Paris & Dulles) in Economy and Business

    After a week of serious, serious snow and bad weather. It was time to head back to Louisiana.
    Airline : Air France (Operated by Regional Compagnie Aeriennne Europeenne)
    Route : Pisa to Paris CDG
    Scheduled Departure : 07:35 (07:37 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival : 09:20 (09:20 actual)
    Aircraft : Embraer RJ145 (F-GUPT)
    Seat : 16A
    Class : Economy
    I got to Pisa at 06:00, Pisa airport was absolutely packed, Ryanair had cancelled the majority of their flights, and the early flights to Marrakech(Cancelled) Bari(Cancelled) Eindhoven(Cancelled) and Stansted(Heavily Delayed), the passengers from those flights were blocking the entrances.
    The Queue for Air France was relatively small, 3 desks being used.
    I got to the queue, and i was second.
    Security was quite full, the Alitalia (Op by Air One) to Rome, My flight, and the slightly delayed Lufthansa to Munich.
    My flight was called to the New "Terminal" which basically is 3 new gates up an Escalator.
    The Secondary security was packed, they unusually had BOTH booths open.Slowly but surely, the queue got smaller, and smaller untill it was my turn. I proceeded through to the gate area, the small bar surrounded by Germans, Italians and French. Very lively. Meanwhile the English groups travelling to Rome, Paris and Munich were quetly satisfied with the Vending Machines, Full of crap.
    At 07:10 approx, my flight got called, and we got bussed to a remote stand.
    Boarded up the stairs, and greeted by an all female crew.
    Very warm,Individual welcome onboard, and directed to my seat.
    Sat in 16A, very comfortable.
    Safety demo manually shown, as we taxied past the many,many,many military aircraft of San Guisto (The military half of Pisa airport, Gallileo Gallilei the commercial side).
    Performed a rolling take-off towards the mountains.
    A very smooth climb, making a Long left turn, then a right turn, flying parrallel with the coast.
    Crew came around with a drink and "Breakfast", i got a coffee, and they gave me an Apple Pastry, which was tiny, but very tasty.
    As i finished my "Breakfast" i stared out the window, watching Northern Italy and Southern France wake-up.
    We started descent about 30 mins prior to landing.
    Landing in Paris was very gentle, and we landed dead on time.
    Welcomed into Paris in English,Italian and French.
    Parked up next to another RJ145 of Regional, and a CityJet Avro RJ-85 or 100 which i later found out departed to Zurich. Said goodbye to the crew and then..
    I headed to my Connection....
    Overall = Air France Regional
    10/10 - Good food, good drink, good flight, comfortable, no complaints.

    Airline : American Airlines
    Route : Paris CDG to Dallas fort worth
    Scheduled Departure : 11:40 (13:10 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival : 15:45 (17:36 actual)
    Aircraft : Boeing 767-300 (N377AN)
    Seat : 4J
    Class : Business

    Yes, i got to Paris and i had been upgraded, either American Being generous, or a suprise by a family member, im really not sure, but it was sure welcome
    I decided not to make use of the Lounge, for one, it was a trek to get there from where i was.
    So i headed to 2A and just chilled out for a while.
    Then i found out the plane had been delayed, and asked for directions to the Admirals club.I was told to go to the Sattelite Round, so i then followed signs to there and found the Admirals club.
    I took about 3 steps in, and someone was straight up to me asking if i wanted a drink.
    I sat down near a computer, and went on my e-mails, chatted to my friends back in Loui, and looked on
    I had a few coffee's, and a few cokes, some snacks, nice .
    I then went to Flight stats and had a look at AA48 from DFW to CDG.
    It said arrived. But my flight was delayed still, maybe a technichal fault of some sort, or maybe The aircraft that operated DFW-CDG would not be operating CDG-DFW .
    Eventually, AA49 was called, and me and a few other people stood and headed to the gate.
    Priority boarding, through door 2L.
    Greeted on board by a very friendly little old lady, who guided me to my seat.
    I sat in my seat, and i was praying that 4H would be empty, and my wish came true, Business was practically empty.
    For business Class the safety demo was shown manually.
    In Economy i think i could hear them being played on the Projectors.
    Take-off was pretty turbulent, and lots of people were getting abit uncomfortable, including myself, the plane was bouncing left-right-up-down repeatedly, then when we got above the clouds, it stopped as quickly as it started.
    Soon after take-off we were handed Personal DVD players and menus.
    The Start was :
    Warm Mixed Nuts
    Marinated cheese antipasto
    I got the warm nuts, and we got a drink, and i got Orange Juice
    Then about 15 minutes later....
    Appetiser :
    Marinated Grilled Shrimp, Smoked trout and grilled salmon enhanced by a mustard caper sauce, served with fresh thyme and a lemon wedge
    Salad and Bread Basket :
    Freash Seasonal greens with an assortment of fresh vegetables offered with Honey Dijon or sapori d'arte olive oil and balsamic vinegar with an assorted gourmet breads offered with butter and sapori d'arte olive oil.
    After this was all cleared, the crew told us about dine upon request.
    I was full now after all this.
    I started watching The Proposal on my DVD player.
    About half way through, i asked for my main course.
    (Im not going to go through the options, just what i had)
    Chateaubriand with red wine sauce :
    Seared fillet of beef enhanced by a red wine and challot sauce offered with Haricot verts and mustard mashed potatoes.
    When i asked for this, the flight attendant asked me if i was old enough to have Red Wine... WHAT THE !!!
    Finally she admitted that i am 18, after checking my passport and ticket etc...
    Then Dessert :
    Ben & Jerrys Ice cream with whipped cream and pecans
    I was offered Cheese and biscuits which i declined.
    Instead they gave me a selection of Lindt chocolates.
    I watched a few movies, looked out the window and listened to music for a while and then i asked for something to eat.
    They gave me...
    Beef Fillet Sandwich :
    Sliced beef on a sun-dried tomato ciabatta roll topped with barbecue roasted tomatoes and onions, offered with a greek salad and balsamic vinaigrette.
    Then they gave me a choice of:
    Fresh fruit and cheese with biscuits
    Freshly baked cookies with Tea,Coffee or hot cocoa.
    I chose Hot cocoa with cookies.
    I fell asleep for about 2 hours after this.
    Then i awoke, and i was immediately approached by a flight attendant
    She asked me if i would like a pre-arrival beverage
    I accepted and they gave me:
    Chilled Sparkling water with a fresh citrus garnish.
    We started descent about 55 mins prior to landing.
    Crew made last preps for landing, and we touched down about an hour an 10 mins late.
    Taxied to the gate and i disembarked first with the other Business class passengers.
    I said my goodbyes to the excellent crew and headed to my connection.
    Overall = American Airlines(Long Haul) = 10/10...Business class

    Airline : American Airlines (Operated by American Eagle)
    Route : Dallas Fort Worth to Monroe Airport
    Scheduled Departure : 19:10 (19:15actual)
    Scheduled Arrival : 20:15 (20:35 actual)
    Aircraft : Embraer ERJ-145
    Seat : 3A
    Class : Coach

    Boarded A little late, and boarded the empty jet at a remote stand.
    As usual, Monroe isnt popular, and the flight was very empty.
    Greeted by a tired looking flight attendant, directed us to our seats.
    Safety demo was manual. Taxied to take-off , quite a bit of traffic, mostly domestic.
    Took off after an American Airlines 757.
    After take-off quite a bit of turbulence, but nothing compared to the take-off from Paris.
    Normal drink service, i got a Coke, and i purchased some Trail mix from the buy-on-board.
    Nothing else happened really during the flight, i really dont understand why airlines fly to Monroe, its really unpopular, but its good for me. We started descent quite soon before landing.
    During descent, a Delta 737- 700 (i think) flew just over our tail, it was so close i could see the window blinds that were shut.
    Touchdown was quite rough, when the wheels hit the ground, we suddenly swung violently to the right and then to the left before deploying thrust reversers.

    Overall American Eagle = 8/10 .... American Eagles Buy-on-board service is S**T, they only sell two F***ING THNGS !!!
    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!

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    Sorry the title says via Paris and Dulles, its ment to say via Paris and Dallas
    Theres strong, then theres Army Strong!