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Inaugural Flight-SWA STL-BOS Jan 10th, 2010

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  • Inaugural Flight-SWA STL-BOS Jan 10th, 2010

    Hey Folks-

    I fly Southwest Airlines quite a lot, and I don't normally take trip reports because it's usually the same ordeal, check in, check your bags, get on, get your peanuts and drinks and you are there. I had some plans to try to get on the inaugural STL-BOS flight that was starting for both STL and BOS, and Southwest Airlines too. Also starting on Jan 10th for Southwest was STL-MSP, DEN-RNO, DEN-GEG, DEN-BOS as well. So we at Southwest had if you will, 5 inaugurals going on today, and I decided to do the STL-BOS one.

    For those that use Flight Memory I had already flown STL-BOS previously and that is added on my map, but that was for 2009, I needed to re add it again for 2010!

    So with that in mind, I had settled for STL-BOS, I flew up on Cape Air on the C402 the day before, and due to immense weight restrictions and no room on board I was not allowed to have my bag with me so I wasn't able to take pictures for the flight and do a trip report. I was quite disappointed but, you win some, you lose some. After I flew STL-BOS I had to head to Dallas for a mix of Business and Pleasure trip so my total itinerary for the day was STL-BOS-STL-DAL. My main focus will be the STL-BOS with pictures and videos, but I'll briefly touch up on how the other flights did for me as well.

    Here we go!

    Southwest Airlines
    Flight 1318
    Boeing 737-700
    Gate E-8

    I arrived into the airport to check in and since I wasn't checking bags I was able to head through security. I had gone through security before with my Cochlear Implant for those who had been following me in the off-topic thread about that. The implant went through fine, no qualms or concerns. Didn't even set off the metal detector as some had feared.

    For those who already know I am with SWA as a CSA in STL but took a Leave of Absence for personal reasons regarding my Hearing, so I went to go say Hello to some of my co workers and catch up and let them learn more about the implant.

    I spent the next hour talking with the agents, checking up on CS2 the new system for Southwest and just catching up on old news and gossip. The inaugural BOS-STL flight was due in VERY early, and I had a friend on that flight heading to training to DAL. So he was coming in through STL from BOS and I was heading to STL. He got in so early they had to wait for a gate. This is becoming more common, and our ground time is getting much longer now, some as long as 2 hours! This is not the norm but on some occasions it seems SWA has to schedule unique ground times between flights.

    Southwest Airlines Flight 1318 N258WN sitting at the gate.

    We started the boarding process, I was B-8 so I was in the second group to board. I had gotten on board, we were booked to 77 I was told, so not to horrible for the first flight. I was settling in and my friend that arrived on the BOS-STL came on board to surprise me and say a quick hello before his connecting flight to DAL.

    I chatted very quickly to say Hi, and then he got off the plane, and I settled back into my seat. While it was booked to 77 or so, there was still plenty of room to spread around.

    We backed out of the gate and taxied behind 2 other SWA planes as well. Can you imagine? We actually had traffic and had to wait to take off! Come May, SWA will be adding 9 more flights, 2 to LAX/BNA, 1 each to MSP, RDU, MSY, SEA, SAN, so that STL will see 83 daily flights to 31 non stop cities. Not bad STL!

    We continued the taxi to the runway and did a rolling take off.

    We turned right to head northeast for Boston-Logan International Airport! The inaugural flight has begun!

    Small note- An announcement was made on board thanking us for choosing SWA to BOS and for being on the inaugural and a round of an applause was given as well. No certificates or anything it is just the idea I was finally on an inaugural for once, and on my own airline out of my hometown airport. Was very neat. So that is why I decided to do this randomly.

    We continued making our way past St. Louis checking downtown out and the Arch as well.

    We continued the climb to 41,000 feet. It seemed to take awhile to reach cruising altitude but I am not a pilot so I don't know a darn thing haha. It was a nice steady climb if you will.

    Within about 30 minutes or so in flight service had started. Since this was a morning flight, we would only be served peanuts/pretzels for "food". However due to the duration of the flight, any afternoon or evening flight for STL-BOS/BOS-STL will see a snack bag, peanuts and as always unlimited drink service which we did get on my return BOS-STL segment.

    In Flight "meal"

    We had reached cruising altitude and of course snow was everywhere on the ground.

    However a cloud cover had formed

    I spent the rest of the flight listening to music, reading my book or working on my SWA Flight Log which actually took me a long time to complete! It was a very nice, enjoyable and relaxing flight. I was hoping there would be wifi on the flight but, my computer needed to be charged and we do not have them on board so it would have been useless anyhow.

    We made the announcement soon that we would begin our descent into BOS Airport. So we did a couple of turns and went under the clouds to reveal a gorgeous downtown Boston and Area covered in snow.

    Soon we were creeping up to the city of Boston and flying paralel to the airport to turn around and head back for the landing. Gorgeous approach!


    If you had told me a year ago I'd be flying Southwest Airlines non stop STL-BOS I'd have laughed at you...well look where I am now!

    Boston Airport!

    Turning near BOS Airport

    At this time, trash was collected and tray tables/seats were asked to be in their upright and locked position.

    The view was just absolutely gorgeous flying over the water as we made our turn for final for the runway at BOS, will let the pictures speak for themselves.

    At this time wheels came out and flaps and we were read to land.

    Landing into BOS Airport-Video

    Welcome to Boston!

    We landed and I had 3 hr layover before heading to Dallas via STL Airport (once again). So I walked to the intl terminal and grabbed a few pics of the heavies.

    That's it folks! Hope you enjoyed the report!

    Other Flights...
    BOS-STL was on N257WN
    STL-DAL was on N365SW
    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    Great report + Pictures!!!

    It was very cool that you got to be on an inaugural flight! That's always special to any aviation geek!

    I haven't flown for a long time, and reading your tr has made me want to go back in the air again!


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      Originally posted by jazzyspreetsingh View Post
      Great report + Pictures!!!

      It was very cool that you got to be on an inaugural flight! That's always special to any aviation geek!

      I haven't flown for a long time, and reading your tr has made me want to go back in the air again!

      Thanks Man! It was indeed very cool. Nothing too fancy but just the idea of being on, very cool!

      Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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        Great report as always. Nice to see WN adding service to STL, might help to make up for AA bailing.


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          Hello Alex,

          Another excellent detailed trip report and good pictures, as well! Congratulations, to Southwest on their expansion in St. Louis, hopefully Southwest's presence will fill some the void left there by the TWA-AA merger. Looks like it was a pretty fun experience to be on an inaugural flight and I hope your new cochlear implant is working well.

          Keep up the good work,




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            Transit- Thanks for reading! Ya while the level of daily flights is small for STL, it is huge for Southwest so I only hope we can continue to see increases!!!

            Rohan-Thanks for reading as well!

            Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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              Nice report
              YouTube Channel: Plane4u