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Trip Report : Singapore- Sydney on Singapore Airlines (Boeing 777-312ER)

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  • Trip Report : Singapore- Sydney on Singapore Airlines (Boeing 777-312ER)

    Trip Report : Singapore- Sydney on Singapore Airlines

    Airlines: Singapore Airlines
    Flight :SQ233 SIN-SYD
    Reg : 9V-SWP
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-312/ER
    Dep - SIN : 07:00
    Arr - SYD : 16.05
    Flight time : 7h 55m
    Distance : 6,305 kilometers or 3,404 nautical miles.

    Not a fan of day-flights as can't sleep and feeling of exhaustion at the end of the trip.Took this flight as it was the best option of the available flights.

    Reached Changi at 4.30 a.m, counter was not open. Waited for a while before the counters opened. had the bags checked. Did immigration in a min. Surfed the internet and updated myself with the world.

    Click Photo to see bigger size

    Terminal 3

    Gate @ SIN


    Window View

    Kingfisher Airlines from Mumbai

    Taxi and departure from Singapore (Video)


    After departing Singapore

    Window View

    Flight path after departing Singapore

    Flight information

    Safety Card

    Food Tray

    Cabin View



    Breakfast after Departure

    Window View

    Entering Australian Shores

    Boeing 777-300 ER Seating

    Flight path



    Over Northern Territory

    Had to keep window shades down for most of the flight as the sun is very harsh over Oz.

    Over South Australia

    Flight path

    Over NSW

    Over Blue Mountains

    Bankstown Airport

    Heading east

    Heading past the airport towards east to align with rwy 25

    Passing the Eastern Suburbs

    Turning over the Tasman

    No need for a roll-coaster ride.Did a big nose dip to align with the runway. Was a bumpy approach. Didn't take video, wish i had.

    Clearing Rwy 25

    Passing SQ 222 to Singapore

    Heading towards gate

    Flight Information


    Gate @ Syd

    Completed immigration without any issue, baggage came in 10 mins, the quarantine took 10 mins cze of long queue. Since had arrived from Singapore without any declarable item, no dramas.Took 1/2 hr to exit airport.

    End of Trip

    YouTube Channel: Plane4u