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Trip Report: QF BNE-PER-BNE (lots of pics)

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  • Trip Report: QF BNE-PER-BNE (lots of pics)

    Hi all,

    Just last week I went to Perth for the week, and I thought i'd post a report. I will also include some spotting photos from Perth and Jandakot.

    January 10, 2010
    VH-OGE "City of Orange"
    Seat 38K

    Got up at 5am and left for the airport at 6:20. We got to the airport at 07:00. The bag drop of line was quite big but it only took about 20 minutes. Went though security and up to the boarding gates to gate 23. In the morning I went on balus and saw that OGE had operated the red-eye from Perth so I thought that that would be my a/c to Perth, and I was right.

    "City of Orange" parked at Gate 23.

    OGG was parked next to us at Gate 24 and TJE at Gate 25.

    Boarding commenced at 07:55 and I made my way to the boarding gate. Though the aerobridge on the a/c and to Seat 38K.

    Pushback out of Gate 23

    The back of “Shepparton” (VH-VXR)

    Four QF 737’s

    “City of Rockhampton” (VH-OGG) was off to Darwin 5 minutes after us

    A QF B763 parked in the JQ, Q6, QQ section which I have never seen before. You can also see a VA B77W at the international terminal an EK A345 being pushed back and an NZ A320 on taxiway Alpha

    The domestic apron extension

    The three QF hangars

    Taxiing along Bravo as a DJ B738 lands

    About to line up with RWY19

    Lined up on 19 with ZK-OJC right next to us and you can see an AAE BAE-146, a Lynden Air Cargo C130 and a couple Skytrans DHC-8’s at the GA Apron.

    Roaring down 19

    Rotating with some nice effects off the wing

    The international terminal below us

    Brisbane CBD

    A very cloudy morning

    Cruising at 36,000 ft

    Breakfast was served half an hour after takeoff, we had a choice of Scrambled Eggs or Sultana Bran,I took the Sultana Bran, which came with Apple Slices, Orange Juice and a very nice muffin.

    Cruising somewhere over Northern NSW or SA

    It started to get very cloudy as we passed the SA, WA border

    About an hour before starting descent we were given a snack which was a cookie and a drink
    Passing over Kalgoorlie

    Starting our descent into Perth

    Making a big right hand turn

    Small speedbrake

    It was very cloudy in Perth

    On finals for RWY24


    A few shots that my uncle got of our a/c landing

    “Tamar Valley” (VH-EBM) pulling out of the domestic terminal

    A few Skywest and Alliance Fokker’s as well as a lone DJ Embraer

    The Perth domestic terminal

    The Perth International Terminal which has a QF A333 and a SA A346 which is a new airline and a/c type for me

    “Tamar Valley” taxiing out to RWY21

    A couple of shots my uncle got of our a/c pulling into Gate 12

    We pulled into Gate 12 next to two QFlink B712’s (VH-NXO & VH-NXG)

    Four Skywest F100’s a Skywest F50 and an Alliance F100

    “City of Orange” parked at Gate 12

    We then went to the bag pick up to get our bags then down to Budget to pick up our rental car and to our hotel where we would stay for the week

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    On the 15th I went to Jandakot Airport in the morning and Perth Airport in the afternoon.

    Jandakot Airport was very busy there were planes taking off and landing all the time, as well as hundreds of a/c parked at the airport. The best movement out of Jandakot for the time I was there would have been a China Southern Cessna Citation training jet which departed.

    Perth Airport was quiet at times but was still very good. There were quiet a few domestic movements, mostly Skywest Fokker’s, Cobham BAE-146’s, Skippers turboprops, QF B737’s and B767’s as well as the odd DJ a/c and QF A332. There was also a few international movements including two GA B738’s, one SA A346, one SQ A333, one QF A333 and a MH B772. There was also an MK A332 parked at the International terminal.


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      January 17, 2010
      VH-OGE “City of Orange”
      Seat 43K

      After one week in Perth it was time to go back to Brissy.
      We left for the airport at 10 and got there at 10:30, dropped the rental car off and went to the bag drop off line. The line for bag drop off was empty so we went straight up to the counter. We went through security and up to the boarding gates. Once I got up there I went straight to Gate 12 where VH-EBM was parked and got a few shots of her then I checked the arrivals board and saw that our a/c would arrive from BNE 25 minutes early and would be at Gate 15 so I had a drink and went to the Gate to see OGE parked there........damn second time in a week, oh well. After that I went to a window near Gate 14 to see VH-EBL arrive from Melbourne which I was very happy about as I have wanted to see her for a while now. Boarding commenced at 12:00 so I made my way to Gate 15 on the plane and to Seat 43K.

      “Tamar Valley” (VH-EBM)

      “Queanbeyan” (VH-VYH) arriving from Adelaide

      The International Terminal with a QF A333 and a SA A346

      “Whitsundays” (VH-EBL) arriving from MEL

      One of my favorite shots I took whilst in Perth EBL arriving from MEL and EBM off to SYD

      EBM off to Sydney

      A few more shots off EBL

      OGE at Gate 15

      Skywest Fokker 100 VH-FSW being towed away

      “Karratha” (VH-ZXG) arriving from Sydney

      ZS-SNI rotates off RWY03 to Johannesburg

      ZXG at Gate 13

      NXM taxiing to RWY03

      View from Seat 43K, just a week ago I was sitting five seats ahead

      EBL’s tail and VYH off to Adelaide






      Alliance F100

      6 a/c all parked together

      Lined up with RWY06

      The three OzJet B732’s hiding behind the trees


      Some nice views off some suburbs South of Perth I think

      Cruising over Southern WA somewhere near Kalgoorlie

      Lunch was served half an hour after take-off we had a choice of some type of Pasta or Chicken & Vegetable Korma, I took the Chicken & Vegetable Korma which also came with a bun, some crackers a little chocolate and our choice of drinks.

      Very nice view out my window

      Whilst cruising somewhere over southern WA I noticed this

      About an hour into the flight the Great Australian Bite could be seen

      And pretty soon we were over the ocean and the mainland couldn’t be seen

      It got quite cloudy over the Bite

      After about 20 minutes over the ocean I started to see quite a few little islands

      And soon we were back over the mainland

      Whilst cruising over Southern SA I saw quite a few large lakes and rivers as well as some mountains

      Just as we were cruising somewhere over NW NSW I looked out my window and was shocked……an SQ A380 was approaching from the South, it was so fast that it was only visible for about 10 seconds so I couldn’t get my camera out in time.

      Just before we started our descent in Brissy some nasty looking storm clouds could be seen

      Starting our descent with a small speedbrake

      Just out of Brisbane it started to get a little less cloudy

      A sharp left hand turn

      On finals for RWY01 with a stadium down below, not sure which one though

      Passing over the Gateway bridge, the new gateway is almost complete and should open quite soon

      Just about to touchdown


      Taxiing to Gate 24

      Pulling in next to “Alice Springs” VH-VYE

      We exited OGE and went down to the bag pick up, got our bags and went home.
      That concludes my Trip Report, thank you for reading!