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LHR-IAD-DEN - Part 1 of very long business trip

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  • LHR-IAD-DEN - Part 1 of very long business trip

    Hey Everyone !!
    I Have recently got back from a business trip that took me nearly to every main airport in the USA ,North and South America !
    First leg :
    United 923
    London Heathrow to Washington Dulles
    Scheduled lift off - 07:40
    Landing - 11:16
    Actual lift off - 07:55
    Actual landing - 11:37
    Equipment - Boeing 767-300 (N657UA)
    Class - Coach
    Seat - 31A
    Sooo..where to start, well i got to Heathrow at around 04:30, and the airport was deserted, no shops open or anything. A few people turning up at about 5:30 to pick up early arrivals from Austrailia etc..
    Checked in easily, and was asked where i wanted to sit, left or right, aisle or window, you get the point. Security was pretty empty, a few people around, not many (that i knew) from my flight.
    Im going to skip the boring parts and head straight to Boarding.
    Red Carpet club passengers etc first, then business, then economy plus and economy mixed together, we boarded in rows. 19-23, 24-28 (economy plus) - then the rest of the economy cabin.
    Greeted by a tired looking pursur (which is fair enough at this time of day). Took my seat.
    Safety demonstration shown during pushback. There was a group of annoying ass unaccompanied minors, about 5, all travelling alone, giving the f/a's hell, and they wernt exactly kids, there was a 16 year old who was clearly scared of flying (flying to Sydney via IAD,LAX) and 2 14 year olds who were throwing things at each other (34A to 36B, so right over other peoples heads). Take-off was pretty smooth, no sight seeing as my seat mate INSISTED on closing the window blind, ive seen plenty of London from above so i cant complain really.
    About 35 minutes after take-off we were served drinks. I got a very strong Starbucks Coffee to keep me awake. Channel 9 was also actually interesting today. I was expecting a meal service after the drinks service, but the crew wernt seen for a while (unless they were dealing with the UM's behind us, who yes, continued to cause trouble). After about another hour we were served another drink, and another starbucks landed on my tray table, this drink service WAS followed by a meal service, which was very swift in getting service to the front of the Economy cabin (Trolleys came from both Rear galley and through from the Economy Plus/Business cabin.
    Choice was a full English (style) breakfast, or continental breakfast. I got the full english (full american haha) which was very good.
    Crew were VERY efficient in clearing the trays and cleaning the cabin. IFE on United usually is good to keep me occupied, and i think its very easy to navigate. I fell asleep for a little while after breakfast. I was woken by a can opening, my seat mate opened a can of coke, which literally exploded, im guessing because of the pressure. We were served another drink about 1 hour 30 minutes before landing, followed by a Turkey and Cream Cheese bagel. We were then given a mini tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream, which went down well. We started decent about 45 minutes prior to landing. We circled for an extraordinary amount of time, untill we did eventually come to a final landing which was incredibly smooth. After about 15 minutes of taxiing, we got to a gate and we disembarked.
    The Gate agent had clear problems handling all 5 UM's, running off in different directions, STILL throwing paper at each other, still feeling sick. I collected my bag, and headed to meet my business partner (who i will be travelling with for the rest of the ENTIRE report). Finally, peace and quiet.
    Flight Rating :
    Crew - 10/10
    Food - 10/10
    Service - 10/10
    Flight - 8/10 slightly late
    Aircraft - 10/10
    IFE - 10/10
    Seat - 9/10 cushion was not very thick.
    Overall - 9.5/10
    United 933
    Washington Dulles - Denver Intl
    Scheduled lift off - 22:14
    Landing - 23:58
    Actual Lift off - 22:17
    Actual Landing - 00:05
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200 (N524UA)
    Class - Coach
    Seat - 32F
    Well, we checked-in and were given seperate seats, asked if we minded as there was family that they wanted to seat together, which was fair enough.
    Was a hefty queue at IAD at security, which was pretty annoying, the random searches really did take the p**s a bit.
    Got to the gate just in time for boarding. The plane was quite striking in its new livery.
    Greeted by an extremely hyper male flight attendant, dont know if thats good or bad, but i was told by a calmer female f/a that it was is first day. Seats were amazingly comfortable which, i dont mean to be harsh to UA, were not expected. The free XM radio has a good variety of music for all tastes. After take-off the overhead TV monitors were switched on, and a movie called The Invention of Lying was played...i think thats what it was.The Free drink service came around after about 50 minutes.
    It took a while for it to get to me (third last row).
    I got a coke, and was served by an Extremely happy crew, who asked me if i wanted ice and a slice, which i thought was quite funny. I also purchased a Classic snack box, which had BBQ crisps, oreos, a small pack of jelly beans, some wierd goldfish crackers, beef salami, cheese spread and some NORMAL crackers haha. The food was tasty, and it was only $7.
    The flight was very comfortable and smooth, the environment was very relaxed after the B-O-B and drink services. We started descent about 30 minutes prior to landing, and touched down smoothly onto the runway. We taxiied for around 10 minutes, untill we parked up and disembarked.
    When i was walking out of 1L, i realised that the 2 crew who were saying goodbye looked incredibly sad (Not the 2 who were serving in Economy who were extremely happy..), i dont know why but they just did.
    Flight Rating :
    Crew - 10/10
    Food - 9/10
    Service - 10/10
    Flight - 8/10
    Aircraft - 10/10
    IFE - 6/10
    Seat - 10/10
    Overall Rating - 8.5/10