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JFK-ORD via IAD - Part 3 of a very long business trip

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  • JFK-ORD via IAD - Part 3 of a very long business trip

    Yes, just so you know, we made it to our meeting with just 5 minutes to spare.
    Of to More meetings...
    United 7246
    New York JFK - Washington Dulles
    Scheduled Lift off - 06:00
    Landing - 07:26
    Actual Lift off - 06:10
    Actual Landing - 07:30
    Equipment - Bombardier CRJ-200 (Operated by Mesa Airlines)
    Class - All Economy
    Seat - 10A
    We got to JFK at 5am, late considering it was busy. United let us use an empty check-in queue so that we wernt late. Boarding started at 5:40. It was quick as the flight had only about 13 people on-board. Crew were tired but were very good. Take-off was pathetic in this little aircraft haha, and i fell asleep after take-off. Was woken up by Jake, who told me that we had to get off, which i thought was wierd because i was sure i would be awoken by landing. So no report to write here.
    Connecting to the next flight....
    United 115
    Washington Dulles - Chicago O'Hare
    Scheduled Lift off - 09:33
    Landing - 10:38
    Actual Lift off - 10:00
    Actual Landing - 11:07
    Equipment - Boeing 777
    Class - Economy
    Seat - 42J
    Connection was fairly easy. Saw our gate and headed towards it, and seeing a 777 i asked if we were at the correct gate, and i was. We were given our seat numbers, and waited until boarding.
    Boarding was called and in order of priority we were boarded. Seats were quite comfortable, but the legroom was rather cramped, this couldn't have been an international 777.
    Safety demonstration was shown on projectors and overhead tv monitors. Part was done manually. Pushed back on time but lots of runway traffic caused a delay. Take-off was powerful and very smooth. About 30 minutes after take-off, the crew came around with drinks service, i got a starbucks coffee. After that, the B-O-B service came around, i purchased another classic snack box, which if you dont know has :
    BBQ crisps (chips in american)
    jelly beans
    wierd goldfish crackers
    beef salami
    cheese spread
    normal crackers
    And thats again cost me $6.
    On the Projectors and overhead tv's, they played a short news program, and a different episode of Two And a Half Men, which was then followed by an episode of Scrubs. Water was served by the crew frequently. The rest of the flight was very relaxed, the crew working hard, happily, and everyone else either sleeping, watching tv, or listening to the XM radio stations.We started descent about 40 minutes prior to landing. Descent very smooth, Landing very hard, pilot seemed to be fighting with control of the aircraft on touchdown, and hit the brakes hard. Parked next to a Company 767-300 (which i think was departing to Munich later that day...I THINK). Said goodbye to the crew, and then headed to the hotel, to get ready for our meeting at 4pm.
    MORE TO COME !!!.....