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MCO-YYZ - Part 5 of a very long business trip

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  • MCO-YYZ - Part 5 of a very long business trip

    Air Canada 913
    Orlando Intl - Toronto Pearson Intl
    Scheduled Lift off - 20:15
    Landing - 23:01
    Actual Lift off - 20:35
    Actual Landing - 23:14
    Equipment - Airbus A320
    Class - Economy
    Seat - 26A
    After a long, and most important meeting, it was time to head over to Toronto for our next one.
    We got to the airport at around 7pm, an hour and a quarter before scheduled take off.
    There were a few flights headed across the pond, to London,Amsterdam etc.
    Security was packed which took us some considerable time to get through.
    We had to run to our gate, where the gate agent was just finishing off the last of the Economy Passengers. We were welcomed on-board, the crew seemed relieved that we got on in time, and that there would be no delay in looking for us, offloading bags etc...
    Took our seats, which were comfortable, but felt as if they had been used once too often, the cushion was very worn down, and the back cushions, well you could feel all the nuts and bolts inside it. But it was good enough. The PTV's in the seat back were very good, a nice selection of Audio and video, and easy to navigate. Safety demo normal and pushback on time.
    A bit of traffic caused some delay for us, but nothing major.
    After a turbulent take-off, i tuned into the first episode(s) of Band of Brothers, the best, and most realistic war movie/documentary EVER made. Not long at all after lift off, the crew were serving a drink service, i got a Coke with lemon. I continued to watch Band of Brothers, whilst sipping coke, and ignoring Jake who was blabbering on about some crap. Not long after, the Buy-On-Board trolley, i purchased a flat-bread BBQchicken pizza. Still zoned into Band on Brothers, i totally forgot about Jake,Kevin, the flight haha. Trust me you really must watch it.
    We started descent about 30 minutes prior to landing, i think. This report is very basic and there is no point in me writing it really, but it keeps you up to date of where i am.
    Descent was very turbulent, but the captain made a textbook landing. We taxiied for a while and then eventually parked up at the gate. It took almost 45 minutes for the very last passenger (me) to disembark. I think something happened up in Executive during taxi, because nobody in Economy moved for about 25 minutes after the engines switched off. I passed the time by listening to music on the PTV. I disembarked, said goodbye to the crew, who seemed to have been rushed off their feet, and seemed confused to still be on the plane. I got off and we all headed towards the hotel, to prepare for yet another damn conference tomorrow, at least its not a meeting.

    MORE TO COME !!!!....

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    Some pictures would be interesting
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