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YYZ-CLE - Part 6 of a very long business trip

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  • YYZ-CLE - Part 6 of a very long business trip

    Continental 8679
    Toronto Pearson - Cleveland
    Scheduled Lift-off - 14:15
    Landing - 15:30
    Actual Lift off - 14:19
    Landing - 15:30
    Equipment - De Havilland Dash 8 Q200 (Operated by Commutair)
    Class - All Economy
    Seat - 6A

    The Conference went well, and we had time to relax a little before heading up to the airport.
    We checked in and got seats 6A,B,D.
    Security was easy, and we boarded up the tiny stairs right on time.
    The flight attendant personally welcomed us on-board.
    Pushed back on time and we took off a few minutes late. Immediately after take-off, she was up and serving drinks. A few people up front purchased alcoholic drinks, which took some time.
    I didnt get anything. I stared out of the, tried to follow the propeller spinning around but couldent quite keep up haha. Flight was boring but the atmosphere was relaxed, flight mostly full of families. No turbulence for the entire flight. We started descent about 20 minutes prior to landing. Descent was smooth, and didnt turn, just headed straight onto the runway. Hit the runway hard and bounced a few times before coming to a complete stop. We exited the runway, and stayed still on the taxi way for around 10 minutes. I hadnt done this before so it seemed wierd.
    We parked up next to a USA 3000 Airbus A320, which was boarding. The f/a lowered the stairs and we disembarked, i thanked her and we headed off to our hotel.

    More to come !!!.....