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    This was a while ago, but I will do my best.

    I made this reservation through and got a really great fare. 185 with taxes. I don't really mind driving to COS to save the extra 100 it would have been to go out of DEN. My flight was at 7:25. Around 11 that morning, I got a call from Delta saying my plane was about 30 minutes late and maybe upto an hour late, but I still had 40 minutes to catch my next flight to PDX even if it was an hour. So, I left at the time I had planned, figuring I would kill the time just watching the planes. ( I can sit for an hour staring at one plane just parked at the gate.) I got to the checkin counter and was informed that the plane was a whole 1.45 late! My options were to take standby on an America West to PHX, and spend the night there and hope for the morning flight or go for this one and hope to make my connection. I wanted to get up there ASAP. It was more important than taking an airline I have never been on before. (This was a yearly trip to visit with family, so no wasting time, otherwise AW would have been the choice, because of AC that I have nevr been on B4) I waited and waited... no plane, finally at 8:30, it arrived and we boarded at 8:45, nice job Delta! We took off at 9:00 and headed for SLC. We landed at about 10:05. Quick flight! As I deplaned, a gate agent asked for my connecting flight and said, sorry, you won't make it. This flight that I was supposed to be on, was a 767, I was really bummed out. I was given a Delta care kit with razor, toothpaste, etc. and meal vouchers and a room at the Peery Hotel in downtown Salt Lake. Talk about a dump. Ughhh. The whole place smelled like a sewer, and never ever, ever stay in Downtown Salt Lake. Gunshots were fired outside, followed by police cars. Needless to say, I did not sleep at all. My next flight was for 8:55 am on a 727. This was my second to last 727 flight. I did not know this, or I might have stayed awake for the flight. Landing into PDX was cool, along the river. Taxi was quick and my cousin was waiting for me at the gate. PDX was under massive construction at the time and a whole concourse was closed, so our plane parked close to a ramp, but not at one, and I exited through the back staircase of the 727, that was cool. All in all, it wasn't too bad. Just don't stay at the Peery hotel. *shudders*