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  • DL Trip Report TPA-ATL-MDW-ATL-TPA

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    As some of you know, I've had several trip reports posted here before. Over the past weekend I took a quick two day trip to Chicago with my dad for the Auto Show. Overall, the trip was great. Anyways, lets get onward with the actual report.

    Tampa, Florida
    February 19th, 2010
    I woke up around 7:00AM. I completed my normal morning tasks. Afterwards I collected all my chargers and the two cameras and headed out the door by around 7:50AM. The ride to the airport seemed quicker then usual and I don't know why.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida
    After parking at the Economy Parking Garage we took the shuttle service to the main terminal. We went to one of the open check in in kiosks and looked if there were any better available seats. Since the seats we had were the best available we closed out of it and made our way to Concourse E. When we arrived at security we went to the Employee and Crew line and were out of security in less than five minutes! We had about an hour before our flight left so my dad went to wait at the gate while I went to the other side of the terminal for some spotting opportunities. I used LiveATC's new TPA feed and took some pictures. Even though it's rather difficult to get spotting pictures through windows, I managed to save a few from reflections! When my dad texted me saying we were boarding I quickly made my way to E64 for our Atlanta departure. We waited for our zone to be called (4) and boarded.

    Concourse E taken while I was spotting.

    US Airways #1685, 737-400, departing for Washington DCA.

    AirTran #1038, 717-200, arriving from Pittsburgh, PA.

    Delta #2183, A319, arriving from Hartford, CT.

    Air Lines Flight #2062
    Tampa, FL (TPA) - Atlanta, GA (ATL)
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200 Transcon
    Seat Assignment - 27A, Economy Class, Window/Exit
    Departure Time - 9:46AM
    Arrival Time - 11:21AM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 35 minutes
    Departure Gate - E64
    Arrival Gate - A21
    Aircraft Registration - N650DL, delivered on 6/28/1989
    Status - On-Time
    Video - Delta 757-200 Tampa to Atlanta (DL2062)

    Flight #2062
    This flight was rather normal. I had more than enough legroom being in the exit and there wasn't much turbulence other then the approach into Atlanta. I kept entertained by playing inflight trivia on the AVOD system. I ended up winning once! Other than that, the flight was excellent! All the flight attendants were cheerful and the captain was very informational. Also, I was on N650DL in October 2009 during my trip to Cedar Point, OH.

    Flightaware map for DL2062.

    N650DL, my ride to ATL, sitting at gate E64, after arriving from ATL.

    Boarding screen for Delta 2062.

    Close up view of the 757 winglet.

    Safety video demonstration.

    Pushback and engine start.

    Holding short runway 36L, traffic on final.

    Taken shortly after takeoff.

    Close up wing view.

    In flight trivia. (This is the time I lost).

    Quick drink with some peanuts.

    Approach to Atlanta.

    Downtown Atlanta.

    Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, GA.

    Slowing down and turning for final.


    On final.

    Taxing past Concourse T.

    I spotted a Northwest Airlink (Compass) Embraer. Won't see these much longer.

    Parking at A21 next to a 767-300 heading to MSP.

    Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Georgia
    After deplaning rather fast, we took the underground tunnel (we walked) to Concourse B for our connecting flight to Atlanta. Not much has changed in Atlanta since I was last there in October. I dropped my coat off by the gate with my dad and headed to the end of Concourse B to get some spotting pictures in. It was rather hard, lets put it that way. Before I knew it, we were beginning to board our flight to Chicago Midway.

    Tram service under the concourses.

    ATL's control tower.

    ASA (DL Connection) CRJ-100/200.

    AirTran 717-200 taxing.

    ASA (DL Connection) CRJ-100/200.

    Concourse B.

    Connection Flight #5953
    Operated by Shuttle America (A Republic Airways Company)
    Atlanta, GA (ATL) - Chicago Midway, IL (MDW)
    Equipment - Embraer 175
    Seat Assignment - 08A, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 12:23PM
    Arrival Time - 1:16PM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 53 minutes
    Departure Gate - B30
    Arrival Gate - C2
    Aircraft Registration - N211JQ, delivered on 5/12/2008
    Status - On-Time
    Video - Delta EMB-175 Atlanta to Chicago Midway (DL5953)

    Flight #5953
    This was my second time being on an Embraer aircraft. I must say, they have to be on of my favorites. They're quiet, not as tightly packed as the flying sardines (CRJ's) and just plain nice! Anyways, the flight was rather uneventful. The landing wasn't as hard as I expected (I always thought they landed rather hard due to MDW's runway length) and the flight attendants were great!

    Flightaware map for DL5953

    B20, our boarding gate to Midway.

    N211JQ, our plane to Midway.

    On board the little E-Jet.

    This picture isn't great but I liked it. New colors and old colors. It was taken by accident too .

    Holding short if the runway. Look at the slope of it!

    Shortly after takeoff.


    Coke and my favorite, the biscoff cookie!

    Shuttle America Embraer 170/175 safety card.

    First encounter with snow on the flight.

    Indianapolis International Airport, IN.

    Approaching Midway!

    Still on approach.

    Vacating the runway at Midway! Welcome to Chicago!

    Southwest hangars.

    Willis Tower and downtown Chicago!

    Delta #5934, pushing back from our gate, for La Guardia.


    Our plane viewed from the terminal.

    Chicago's Midway International Airport, Illinois
    After we deplaned in Midway we took a quick look around. Our shuttle to the Sheraton Hotel and Towers didn't depart until 2:30PM so we had some time on our hands. We basically just looked. My first impression of Midway is that it's a rather clean and quiet airport. Afterwards, we made our way to the shuttle pickup and waited for it to leave. The Sheraton was the first stop so it wasn't a very long ride.

    The Midway sign.

    Another sign.

    Baggage claim.

    Chicago, Illinois
    February 19th and 20th, 2010
    The main reason we went to Chicago was for the Auto Show. We've decided to go to a different city every year. 2008 was in our hometown of Tampa, 2009 was Detroit, and 2010 is Chicago. (2011 will be either Los Angeles or New York). After we arrived at the hotel we faced a large issue. My dad had booked the hotel (package) online about two weeks prior to the trip. The lady at the check in desk said that it was only a reservation, not pre paid. My dad could have sworn he pre paid the room. So, we had no choice but to pay the $132 for the room plus the $50 they hold for room service. He only brought $200 with him (no credit cards) and I brought $50. Not good! Anyways we took a quick lunch at Panera and made our way to the Auto Show. That's basically where we spent the night and next day. We took the shuttle from McCormick Place straight to the airport.

    McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
    February 20th, 2010
    We finished going through the show at around 2:00PM so we called the shuttle service for an earlier pickup. We arrived at the Midway airport around 2:50PM.

    I took nearly 400 pictures so I uploaded about 80 of them to Flickr. If you'd like to view them click the picture above.

    Chicago's Midway International Airport, Illinois
    Being short on money, we hadn't eaten all day so we went straight to a restaurant. We were hoping for something like a Chili's but we weren't that lucky. We found a place in the main terminal section called "Harry Caray's".
    After I finished my Chicken Parmigiana sandwich I dropped my coat and camera bag by my dad at the gate (C1). Within an hour I had been to every part of the airport.

    Check in counter for Delta at Midway.

    Concourse B.

    Delta CRJ-200 preparing to depart for DTW.

    Southwest 737-700.

    Southwest 737-300 departing.

    Porter Dash-8 preparing to depart for Toronto City Centre, Canada. I think this is Midway's only international flight?

    Southwest 737-700.

    Delta CRJ-200 to DTW.

    Delta EMB-175 for MSP.


    Harry Caray's. I recommend it.

    Concourse C. Our gate, C1, is in the left.

    Delta EMB-175 arriving from ATL.

    Connection Flight #5971
    Operated by Shuttle America (A Republic Airways Company)
    Chicago Midway, IL (MDW) - Atlanta, GA (ATL)
    Equipment - Embraer 175
    Seat Assignment - 06A, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 5:44PM
    Arrival Time - 8:25PM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 41 minutes
    Departure Gate - C1
    Arrival Gate - B20
    Aircraft Registration - N958WH, delivered on 9/25/2008
    Status - On-Time
    Video - Delta EMB-175 Chicago Midway to Atlanta (DL5971)

    Flight #5971
    The flight was uneventful. I couldn't get many pictures since it was night. Only thing was that we had turbulence basically all the way to Atlanta.

    Flightaware map for DL5971.

    Gate C1, our flight.

    N958WH, our ride to Atlanta.

    Taken while boarding was finishing up.

    One of my favorites. Night picture taken after takeoff. We were experiencing turbulence so this was amazing for me to get.

    Another difficult picture to capture. Downtown Atlanta while on approach.

    Taxing past Concourse A.

    E-175 cockpit.

    Our plane at gate B20.

    Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport, Georgia
    Once we deplaned we made our way to the tunnel again. This time we parked right next to it so it was close. Our gate was changed from A20 to T5 so we had to go to Concourse T. It was my first time in Concourse T for a while so I didn't quite know what it looked like. The terminal seemed smaller than the others. It only has gates on one side too since the main terminal is on the other. I explored T for a while and ended up sitting byour gate waiting for departure.

    My failed motion picture attempt with a passing 757.

    Concourse T.
    Air Lines Flight #2075
    Atlanta, GA (ATL) - Tampa, FL (TPA)
    Equipment - McDonnell Douglas 88
    Seat Assignment - 28E, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 9:40PM
    Arrival Time - 11:03PM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 23 minutes
    Departure Gate - T5
    Arrival Gate - E64
    Aircraft Registration - N908DL, delivered on 9/25/2008
    Status - On-Time
    Video - Delta MD-88 Atlanta to Tampa (DL2075)

    Flight #2075
    This flight was great. There was only about a 60% load factor on this flight so it was pretty nice. Other than that it was uneventful. It was dark so I didn't get very many pictures.

    Flightaware map for DL2075.

    N908DL (new colors) for Tampa.

    T5 for Tampa.


    Wingview before departure.

    Snack. Coke and peanuts.

    St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport on approach to Tampa.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida
    We quickly deplaned and made our way to the parking garage to leave. We were tired and hungry. On the way out I tried to get a picture of the United 747-400 (maintenance) but I couldn't get a good shot of it.

    Concourse E.

    Heading down to baggage claim.

    Once again, thank you for taking your time to read my trip report. I put quite a bit of effort into this (it takes a while to edit over 80 pictures) so any constructive criticism is highly respected. My next report might be around spring break, if not, early summer. Thank you.

    If you haven't already you may visit the following links...

    My Youtube Videos

    My Jetphotos

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    Another awesome trip report!


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      Originally posted by JoeMD80 View Post
      Another awesome trip report!


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        An excellent flight review as always and gorgeous pictures! Thank you for taking the time to edit all of those. How was the Chicago Auto Show and I'm sorry to hear about the little incident with the Sheraton. It's nice to see that Delta still offers cocktail snacks for free in economy class, as so many airlines don't do that anymore.




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          Originally posted by rohank4284 View Post
          An excellent flight review as always and gorgeous pictures! Thank you for taking the time to edit all of those. How was the Chicago Auto Show and I'm sorry to hear about the little incident with the Sheraton. It's nice to see that Delta still offers cocktail snacks for free in economy class, as so many airlines don't do that anymore.


          The show was great. It was bigger than Detroit (from last year) but Detroit seemed more emphasized. The displays in Detroit looked liked there was more time put into them versus the Chicago show.