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Flying the new Delta Air lines--777-200LR included

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  • Flying the new Delta Air lines--777-200LR included

    Hey Everybody--

    Some of you all may remember I wanted to fly Northwest one final time before Delta completely submerged NW into their company. I had a great time riding NW getting to see new airports and new planes. The TR is here if anyone wants to reflect back.

    Now, a year later, to the month even, NW is gone, hardly any color schemes remain left, and all flights are operated under Delta. I had a trip to SLC in April planned but had to cancel it. So I had DL funds sitting around to be used. Once I got word of the 777-200LR operating ATL-LAX onward to SYD I thought I have got to get on that. I will sacrifice whatever it takes to get on it! Plus I had never been on a 777, and to think it is in my screen name! I gotta live up to my name right?! ha ha. So I traded my work shifts for the weekend, had to call Delta to get it booked and reserved, and got myself confirmed on the 777-200LR, I was VERY excited.

    My other legs were
    Delta STL-ATL MD88
    Delta ATL-LAX 777-200LR
    Delta LAX-ATL 767-300ER (G)
    Delta Connection operated by Pinnacle CRJ-900

    First, I want to show some pictures of STL as a whole, including the Main terminal and A concourse.

    Very crowded check in for Delta

    Old NW Ticker Counter

    Really? Haha

    Old A10/12 gates


    Hello Vintage UNITED!

    DL Gates in STL

    CO gate in STL

    One of the Air Tran/OO CRJ's at the gate in B

    CO Bird


    UA RJ

    Those are all the STL pics. Hope you enjoyed them!

    Now on to the first leg.

    February 27th, 2010
    Delta Air Lines

    After I checked in and got my seat assignments, I went through security. If anyone has watched "Up in the Air" you will recognize the first scene of the security at the A Gates Security Concourse, so I thought about that while going through. Thinking, wow I stepped foot in the same area George Clooney has!

    After I went through security, I headed down to A and walked around and took the photos you see above.

    I waited around until it was time to board and the plane had pulled up to the gate from ATL.

    Tail End

    I pre-boarded and got on the plane before anyone else did. So I took the time to snap a shot and look around. Boarding was quite lengthy. I am used to Southwest's way of boarding, get on, and get off. Not so at DL, they take their sweet time, but hey, I had 3 hours in ATL I had no hurry at all.

    I settled in my seat and just kept an eye outside watching the traffic at STL. That's right traffic. You know the ants crawling outside, the birds flying past the ATC, the trees rustling, MAYBE an RJ taking off in the background. That traffic...

    Was notified there was wireless on board this flight, but my battery is dead on the laptop so I was not able to use it nor did I want to pay for it for a short trip like STL-ATL.

    The F/A's started their safety briefing, and we backed out slowly to head to the new runway, 11-29

    We took off on Runway 29 and headed southeast for ATL.

    The sun was shining on my side the whole time so pics were not good but I attempted them. I kinda slept a bit but not too much. Had a very long day of traveling. I listened to my ipod and had a seatmate who was going to South Africa to study TB. Was a doctor from St. Louis area.

    I laid back for a bit, relaxing. I enjoyed the leather seats, I am used to this on SWA so I liked consistency too, which I will see a lot on Delta, very big plus with this airline.

    Snacks and Drinks were served, A big plus is the bigger cup. AA serves soda cans and WN does if you ask for it with the order, however I think DL's cup is the right amount too so I was pleased to see that as well.

    Again after the snack and drink service I just played my ipod. One of the few Aircrafts that has no entertainment, sans Internet so I just took random pics when necessary and watched the view go by until we started our approach into ATL.

    Sidetrack--I have flown over 250 times, and everytime I fly it is like the first time again for me. Security, lack of food, none of it has ruined it for me. Flying is still flying, I have said this so many times, but the very thought of getting on a plane, and defying gravity, I mean, we know how it works, and why, but to see it in action, just boggles my mind. No matter the airline or aircraft we share the same thought "how in the world does this take off?!" This was running through my mind as I sat in the plane awaiting to fly on one of the larger planes, the Boeing 777-200 LR.

    Starting the approach and vectoring for ATL.

    ATL slipping by under us before we make the final turn for the runway

    Final approach, flaps coming down, ATL City beyond there

    Pulled into the gate at ATL

    After I got off I went to find my connecting flight, the 777. It would be leaving from E so I walked around and got some pics of interest at ATL.

    6312 at Gate

    February 27th, 2010
    Delta Air Lines
    Flight 17
    Boeing 777-200 LR

    I got to the gate in the E area, and saw the beautiful 777-200LR sitting at the gate waiting to take us on to LAX and continuing to SYD.

    I walked around the gate to get as many shots of this beauty. This plane is absolutely sexy in every single way. The engines, the legs, the body, GORGEOUS!

    At around 6:10pm they announced boarding. Lots of paxs were quite concerned if SYD would be cancelled due to the tsunami stuff that had been going on. As obvious by my report it didn't cancel but folks were concerned.

    I was getting so excited at the idea of finally stepping on board the Boeing 777. I have been in love with this aircraft since it came out. My first Model was a Delta 777 so I swore my first time on the 777 would be on Delta if I could help it. I congratulate DL for getting me into this bird. I really enjoyed it in the Ron Allen Scheme but, I'll take what i can get. So to see the chance to get the LR version, was even more exciting. I never dreamt this would be possible but now it was!

    I got lead to the jetbridge, and walked down it, in anticipation. I turned the corner, and saw the massive white body peering through the jetbridge. It took all of me not to skip LOL

    I got to the 777, and just smiled, and stepped on board. Ladies and Gentleman I have officially stepped on board a Boeing 777. I got on and it still smelled good! The F/A directed me to the seat and it was a long walk! I walked passed the business elite seats. Not bad, I think I may still prefer AA's but haven't tried Delta's yet!

    I walked back, and it just seemed to grow longer, and longer. Bigger and Bigger it seemed as well. I continued walking down the plane, and found my seat, I sat on the right side behind the wing, Good lord the wing was MASSIVE!

    Beautiful Full Moon

    Interior Cabin

    Control Tower

    Took a peek at the cargo coming in our plane!


    Leather seats!

    Plenty of leg room!

    With that shown, we had a late start. I was hoping to get a video of us taking off but alas no deal.

    We did the safety briefing, and I got to watch Deltalina wag her finger during the smoking is not allowed. I actually laughed. What i found interesting was the cabin crew still demonstrated the entire briefing along with the video.

    We backed out, and headed right to the runway, Very quick taxi. We turned onto the runway and the moment I was waiting for. Engine spooled up and we jetted down the runway. We took off right over the city lights. I absolutely love night take offs for this reason.

    We headed pretty straight, as the clunk of the gears came in and the flaps came up. I couldn't believe it, we were actually flying on the 777! It was so awesome.

    I watched the rest of the sun continue to set. Immediatly the PTV's were turned on for us to start using. I fly AA a lot and SWA and we don't have PTV's (except AA's 777) and so I was excited to try it out.

    However, no subtitles. This is a huge downside of being Deaf. Lack of subtitles. Not a DL fault just all airlines involved.

    I decided to make a playlist and check some of the songs out to my liking. I set it up. Used the seat beside me to put the in flight map on so I could I keep track back and forth.

    I was really enjoying this flight and was having a great time. I was really enjoying Delta so far.

    As we got over Alabama, all the PTV's turned black, right in the middle of my movie. Dang! Had to wait 20 min and it rebooted. During this time, they passed out the EATS menu, and I ordered a Chicken Ceaser salad.

    Drink service came by later and I got coke and a biscoff cookies.

    I watched grease and up in the air, Interesting to see about Up In the Air, Delta did some HEAVY editing. Any time an AA plane was shown they "erased" the Tail logo, and the stripes were colored black or green or both! So, when you see this and you don't know it is AA, they did a good job. The title AMERICAN was also "Erased" off the planes too. Just silver tails and bodies flying around. They did show the interior of F class on the S80 and 767 in the movie, and only the eagle logo was shown, on the uniforms, otherwise, not a clue that AA was featured anywhere.

    Dinner came around and it truly was very good! I of course broke the salt bag and salt went flying everywhere on me, and my pants. I stood up to wipe the salt off my pants and seat and wacked my head on the overhead.

    As we got near the rockies, the full moon continued to shine and the ice and snow on the mountains created for GORGEOUS viewing outside. now THAT is my IFE. Stunning views out the window.

    In time we started slipping down and getting ready to land into LAX. I always love the approach into LAX and this was no different I kept an eye on the moving map as we slowed down, and did the approach.

    We touched down, quite hard, very abruptly, and slowed down to a stop. We took the whole runway to slow down as we turned off at the last exit. Taxied for a long time to get to our Terminal.

    I grabbed my things and got off the plane, and checked in for my return back to STL via ATL.

    I had a buddy meeting me briefly so I left LAX to go meet him and say Hi and hang out for a bit.

    Feb 27th
    Delta Air Lines

    When I checked in, it alerted me that the flight was overbooked and they would be seeking possible volunteers! I was excited to see what would be offered, and would loved a chance to stay in LAX again!

    I went to the service center, said something about the overbooking and they said "oh ya we can get you on the 10:55pm (I was on the 11:55pm). I said "oh what's the compensation for that?" Delta "Oh nothing, we just wont charge you for changing your flight"

    Well, I wasn't gonna do that so I declined and waited till an agent showed up at the gate.

    Once an agent did, I waited until the 10:55pm left, then asked about the overbooking. Agent said "oh ya we will offer 400 dollar voucher, hotel in LAX and outbound tomorrow on the morning flight, which I could choose. Which meant another ride on the 77LR?! Maybe! I offered to accept it and she took my name and put it in my itinerary and thanked me for volunteering. Told me to stay near the gate so she could accommodate me as needed.

    I still couldn't figure out why the massive overbooking. Thought nothing of it. I waited around and they ended up not needing me to take the compensation. BOO!

    So they offered me to pre board as a thanks and so I got on the 767. 3rd time on a 763, first time with Delta!

    I went and sat down and looked at the Safety Card and noticed it said B767-300ER(G). What does the G mean? I figured it had to be some diff 767 but didn't care to know, I was so tired and wanted to get home.

    I pulled out the blanket that was on board and got comfortable. I wanted to try to sleep as much as I could on the flight. I REALLY hate red-eyes, and took my first one on the 753 SEA-MSP on NW last year, and now was doing it again for LAX-ATL on the 763. However, I was willing to do whatever it took to do a red-eye and if that's what it took then so be it!

    I got comfortable with the blanket, and then kinda dozed in and out. The IFE on our side wasn't working for the duration of the flight, go figure. When it did turn on, it was upside down HA!

    They did the demonstration and headed to the runway. I honestly don't even remember the take off. I just remember waking up afterwords. I took out my hearing aid and implant so I didn't have to hear the engine and put them away. I slept periodically waking up here and there to the flashing light on the wing.

    Man, how do the crews do this working and stay awake as it is? Granted I had been up a lot longer than they were more likely.

    Finally they turned the lights on--HELLO BRIGHT LIGHTS! Geez. What a way to wake up!

    We started the approach, seatback upright, seatbelts locked, etc etc the usual.

    Sun was slowly coming up in the distance which was neat to see. We flew past ATL airport just like on the STL-ATL leg.

    We came in for landing just as the sun was fully, and completely up.
    Not exactly the best video LOL

    We taxied around and arrived to our gate.

    I got off the plane, and got a text from Transpac787 asking if I had arrived. I did, told him of the overbooking ordeal. He asked for my 767 ship number. I told him. He got really excited and told me about how it is rare and why it was G, and the exit doors and such. I'll leave him to explain, but some of you other Delta folks may know this too.

    Apparantly it is a rare bird in the DL fleet and I got it? LOL. It was flying domestically for that day, ATL-LAX, flew me LAX-ATL, and was continuing on to JAX then return back to ATL, assuming no other swaps occurred.

    Feb 28th
    Delta Connection operated by Pinnacle

    By now I was exhausted and ready to go home! I sat around the gate at A07 and just texted until it was time to board. My plane pulled up to the gate.

    I boarded in Zone 3, and got on the plane. Very different from the other CR9 I flew in with when it was Mesaba last year. I like the consistency of Blue Leather seats in ALL planes so far.

    The Delta I remembered is cloth, blue and gray, man it was a way back! haha

    This flight went by very quick. I hardly remember this one too LOL

    I went right to sleep after we took off. Put on my ipod and just played music until it was time for approach. I had no pictures from this flight.

    Once we started the approach we flew up from the south over the arch and downtown STL. Turned left for Runway 30L.

    Flaps and wheels came out, and we came in for landing at STL.

    That is it! I drove home and hit my bed and slept all afternoon! I am exhausted!

    I hope you enjoyed my report on the NEW Delta Air Lines. I plan to fly Delta again when possible and the fares work for me. I had a fantastic time flying the 777 and was def worth it.

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    night takeoffs/landings are amazing,arn't they?? Man,if you've never flown in/out of Las Vegas at nigh,you DEFINITLY need to!! Over the summer of 08 my family went to alaska and we flew PHL-LAS-PANC in daylight and then PANC-LAS-PHL with like 2 hours of the 5 hour flight to vegas was daylight except for the landing in phl. Landing in vegas would take your breath away that night. Scattered thunderstorms in the area made flashes of lightning look cool.and not to mention the lights went on forever,probably for about 30 miles be4 you actually get into vegas limits. We landed and were in a hurry to get off cause our flight was leaving in 15 min cause there was a delay in PANC and then when we got to the gate,there was no freaking person to extend the jetbridge!!so we wait 10 minutes and we finally get off,run to the other gate,and its not even there yet!
    August 29th will be the worst day of the year.