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Spring Break 2010 DFW-EWR on AA

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  • Spring Break 2010 DFW-EWR on AA


    Welcome to my first flight report. In 2009 I made my first ever trip to New York City for Spring Break. I enjoyed it so much, that I have done the same again this year. This flight report will include my outbound trip from Dallas to Newark.

    March 10, 2010
    Today I woke up around 6:50 with The Musers from 1310 KTCK The Ticket in Dallas blaring over my clock radio. Good funny man-talk/sports talk radio, for me this was a "late" wakeup, as I am usually up around 4:45 or so on most days. I was ancy, as I usually am when I have not flown in awhile, and I could tell there was an eery calmness outside. Apparently there were storms brewing just west of Dallas, I knew that that may not bode well for my departure to Newark.

    My pre-airport arrival security screening:

    At about 10 my brother and I left for the airport, but Johnny Law decided that my brother was driving too fast along a stretch of highway. I feel terrible because he was on a probation for another traffic violation and this event does not help his future. This little event left a sour taste in the back of my mouth, which I tried to get rid of, but that really didn't happen till I fell asleep later. We continued on to DFW and arrived at the same time that a nice little thunderstorm was rolling through, nickle size hail, lots of lightning, and heavy rain. I knew right there that I was delayed at least an hour.

    Check-in at DFW terminal C was simple and straightforward as always with American, only waiting for about 3 minutes for an agent to take my bag, tag-it, and send it on its merrily way. TSA check-in , well it only took 5 minutes and I will leave it at that.

    DFW is about to go through a renovation on Terminals A, B, and then C. But, for now the check-in area in these three terminals which is dominated by AA or AmericanEagle look fairly similar to this.

    Underground curbside check-in:

    Main concourse check-in:

    Terminal E was updated when Delta downsized and it is a beautiful terminal, with cues similar to terminal D, and has a very professional feel to it. Now that United has moved over to E, the concourse feels full again, but, it sadly does not have the buzz it once had when Delta claimed it as a hub operation.

    Some photos from Terminal D:

    Ship 359 getting ready to go to Maui.

    Ship 7BF finishing up boarding for Tokyo Narita

    Some CRJ getting ready to leave Terminal B:

    The Maddogs go marching out one-by-one hurrah hurrah! Seen inbetween the A & C Alley:

    The flight will be in the next post...

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    The Flight

    Flight: AA2026
    ETD: 1325
    ATD: 1425
    GATE: C27
    ETA: 1805
    ATA: 1916
    GATE: A34
    A/C: N9628W (Fleet: 4XP) MD-83
    SEAT: 27A
    LF%: 92%

    Everyone in the lounge for gate C27 knew that our flight was going to be delayed, an no oned seem to have a problem with it, which was wonderful cause the ladies that handled our flight were able to do a supberb job on trying to get us out as soon as possible. We usually recieved an update of some kind about every 3-5 minutes notifying us of the situation. Boarding was simple, quick and we were able to leave the gate right on our delayed scheduled time.
    Once we cleared the terminals we waited in line for runway 17R, we were about number 10 in line. Eastbound departures were slow, with the ARTCC employing "Entail" spacing, which is one aircraft for every 20 miles for spacing around thunderstorms that were due east. We began our takeoff roll at around 1515, after about a 20 minute wait.

    Our flight map:

    Video of the departure:
    Departure out of DFW on March 10, 2010. Onboard N9628W, several bumps on the way out but overall a great flight. Sorry for the goofy camera work. I had to pr...

    The flight and flight crew were absolutley wonderful and were extremely pleasant to fly with. The were attenttive, and very kind with everyone. For the most part we only had a few bumps along the way. The older seats however were not bad, and were very comfortable and provided a lot of cushion, with legroom not being a problem. A nice smooth landing on runway 22L with some nice braking action was a great way to end the flight.

    Overall, American did a fantastic job on this trip, and given the circumstances, I would give them an 8.5/10 on this trip.