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London - Montego Bay,Jamaica.

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  • London - Montego Bay,Jamaica.

    I got a call at 7:30 am saying "Wanna go to Jamaica tomorrow?"
    Naturally i said yes, but soon after i realised it was for work.
    I looked for some flights, and found an amazingly cheap bargain.
    My options were (One-way as i was going to America after)
    British Airways for 895 but considering the unknown strike dates i decided against it.
    Thomas Cook for 453
    Virgin Atlantic for 890
    But then i found this
    London to Frankfurt to Montego Bay, for 255 !!!!!!
    I instantly booked it.

    Here is the first flight.
    Airline - Lufthansa [Operated by Lufthansa Cityline]
    Route - London City to Frankfurt
    Scheduled Departure - 09:05
    Landing - 11:35
    Actual Departure - 09:07
    Landing - 11:52
    Equipment - Avro RJ85
    Seat - 14A
    Class - Economy

    I got to City airport at about 08:00, after checking in online. I dropped my bag off at the bag drop and headed through security. Airport is deserted.
    Security was a breeze and i entered the departure lounge. A quick look around the shops and eventuallly its time to go to the gate. Quite a long walk down a long slope and i saw my gate, the gate agent checked my ticket and i took a seat in the gate area. A small square room full of business travellers, and free newspapers at various places by the walls.
    At around 8:35, boarding was called and we all boarded at the same time, economy through the rear, and business through the front.
    I was first on, and was greeted by a very kind flight attendant, who pointed me to my seat. My seat was very comfortable considering the size of the aircraft. The temperature in the aircraft was perfect and i sunk back into my seat and waited for take-off. Safety Demonstration shown while we were at the stand, and then we made a U-turn and entered the runway. We taxiied for a while and finally powered up. The aircraft vibrated lots before we rotated. The gear creeked up, and we made a right turn. AMAZING views of London as we climbed up.
    About 45 minutes into the flight, the crew came around with the in-flight service. A chicken wrap and a coffee i had. Very tasty and the coffee was just perfect. Crew cleared away the trays and trash and prepared for landing. We landed, touchdown was quite hard with some harsh breaking but all together fine. We taxied and parked up next to an Adria Airways plane. I said my goodbyes, and disembarked, and headed to terminal 1C.


    Food - 10/10
    Crew - 8/10
    Seats - 10/10
    Entertainment - N/A
    Punctuality - 8/10

    Overall i will give LH a 9/10 and i would STRONGLY recommend them.
    Flight #2

    Airline - Condor
    Route - Frankfurt to Montego Bay
    Scheduled Departure - 14:50
    Landing - 20:05
    Actual Departure - 15:24
    Actual Landing - 20:37
    Equipment - Boeing 767-300
    Seat - 33A
    Class - Economy

    I arrived at my gate, very tired and wanting to go to sleep. The flight was full of passengers, clearly going on holiday. At the gate ,there was no plane. At 13:50, a Massive 767 pulled up. No-one got off, so im guessing we are its first flight of the day. Boarding started at 14:20.
    I was third on-board, after Premium Economy has boarded. I sat in my seat, and it turns it, the tiny Lufthansa seats were more comfortable.
    No PTV's, nothing. But its a charter flight so i guess thats ok.
    Safety demo done during taxi, and we pulled up at the runway, taxiied into position and we took off behind a Lufthansa A321, 34 minutes late.
    After take-off, we were sitting for about an hour and 10 minutes, before the seat belt sign went off, after take-off we hit some AMAZING turbulence. The crew came around with drinks and nuts. I had a Coke, and some roasted peanuts. Soon after they came around with a hot meal.
    It consisted of :
    Bread Roll
    Beef Steak or Smoked Salmon
    Fresh Vegetables in garlic butter
    Chocolate Brownie

    It was VERY tasty, but not at all filling.
    I fell asleep for 4 hours !!
    About 15 minutes after i woke up, the crew gave us a snack.
    I had:
    Ham and melted cheese bagel
    Cinnamon biscuits & Tea

    It again was very tasty, but this bagel filled me up. The tea and biscuits was a nice treat
    We started descent about 45 minutes before landing.
    Crew cleared away our trash and prepared the cabin for landing.
    The captain told the crew to sit for landing (I know some basic German ), but about 40 seconds before our actual touchdown, two flight attendant were rushing towards the back of the cabin. They whizzed past my seat, and i counted 33 seconds between that and landing. Touchdown was HARD. I swung forward in my seat. The plane rattled,creaked and made some unusual noises but we made it, we landed in Montego Bay.
    "Wilcommen in Jamaica""Bienvenido a Jamaica""Welcome to Jamaica"
    Announced in 3 languages.You would not see that from Thomson,Thomas Cook, OR EVEN BA !!
    A long wait for a gate but we finally got one and disembarked quickly. As i got off i watched all the sunburnt germans waiting to go home. I said goodbye and headed off. I collected my bags (THEY MADE IT !!) and i saw my chauffeur and headed off.


    Food - 7/10
    Seats - 7/10
    Crew - 6/10
    Entertainment - 0/10
    Punctuality - 5/10

    Overall i will give Condor a 7/10, and i would recommend them for long haul flights.