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Montego Bay - London via JFK. Quite Long

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  • Montego Bay - London via JFK. Quite Long

    I had to find some flights back to London after being told i was no longer required in America. I found NO flights that i would have liked, only AA flights. I eventually booked an AA flight from JFK-LHR, reluctantly.
    I found some cheap flights to JFK but none slipped nicely into a connection. One did, Delta, but it was more expensive that the others.
    I ended booking Delta as it had a perfect connection time.

    Airline - Delta Air Lines
    Route - Montego Bay,Jamaica to New York JFK
    Scheduled Departure - 15:02
    Scheduled Landing - 20:09
    Actual Departure - 15:32
    Actual Landing - 20:13
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200
    Seat - 40A
    Class - Coach

    I checked in online, and got to MBJ at 13:45. I was told at check-in that my flight had an exact load factor of 32%. I had rows 37-38-39-40-41-42-43-44-45 ALL TO MYSELF
    I headed through security. It was FULL , all the morning arrivals from the States headed home mostly, with a few domestic and carribean ones aswell. I got to the gate at 14:25. I watched our plane pop out of nowhere and this rather striking 757 touched down. I assumed it was mine. There was a HEAVILY delayed Delta flight back to Atlanta so i considered it might be theirs, but unfortunately forthem it wasnt.
    Boarding commenced at 14:50. I was greeted by a very kind crew.I took to my seat, and as soon as the safety demo finished, i knocked out and fell asleep. I awoke, unbuckled my seat belt, put one knee on my seat, peaked my head over the top of ALLLLLLLL of the rows. I saw one head between me and the Exit in front of me. I looked behind me and saw the crew talking and prepping for service. An f/a saw me looking around and came and asked if i was OK. The cabin was completely dark.
    "Wh...Wh...Why's it so dark in ere ?"
    "Haha, people are sleeping"
    " i didnt know i was asleep that long"
    "Were landing in about an hour and a half sir"
    She disappeared for 10 minutes, and came back with a couple of packs of biscoff cookies and a coffee. She unhooked my tray table, placed them on there, winked at me and said "You look like you need it!"
    Ok a blast from the past there, i felt like a UM all over again
    I sipped my coffee, it was PERFECT, and ate my cookies
    I stared out the window, it wasnt as dark as inside the plane!
    The plane had a wierd dark blue glow inside it, meanwhile outside had a calming Orange Glow from the sunset. About 35 minutes after, i picked up my trash put it in the trash trolley that the crew came around with.
    I got out my iPod, and tried to listen to some music, No battery, i got out my phone, no battery. So i just stared at the air rushing past us.
    We started descent around 40 minutes prior to touchdown. Touchdown was quite smooth but not the best, we bounced about 3 times before fully touchingdown. We taxiied for a fair few minutes before parking up next to a company 764. I said my goodbyes and headed off to my connection.

    Overall :
    Food - 9/10
    Seats - 10/10
    Crew - 10/10
    Punctuality - 7/10

    Airline - American Airlines
    Route - New York JFK to London Heathrow
    Scheduled Departure - 22:35
    Scheduled Landing - 09:35
    Actual Departure - 22:57
    Actual Landing - 09:14
    Equipment - Boeing 777
    Seat - 34A
    Class - Coach

    I made my connection. After checking in online in Jamaica i didnt have to worry about much, only dropping my bags off on-time. I told them i was on the AA132 and they made me a priority as "they wanted me to have a comfortable departure" instead of worrying.
    Security was fine and i was at the gate 20 minutes before boarding.
    I grabbed a coffee and waited. I Watched the crew turn up at the gate. I have noticed that the crews on these AA transatlantic flights, the crews are young, too young. I saw one girl on my flight, Lorraine, she was 19, thats only 2 years younger than me, i didnt think it was possible to be an F/A, of this importance, on an important route, for an important airline at that age.
    Boarding commenced and i was greeted by a kind F/A. I headed back to Economy and, Lorraine pointed me to my seat, with a smile, thats a change for AA. There was an Unaccompanied Kid on this flight, he looked cool, as if he is an experienced traveller. He sat in the seat in-front of me.
    We were the only passengers in the A and B seats from row 32-36.
    I watched the safety demo, properly, i dont know why, i felt like i had to
    We pushed back a little late and taxiied to the runway. Took off, i dont think at full power, at least i hope not, engines were soo quiet.
    The seats were REALLY uncomfortable but at least the PTV's had good stuff on them. Dinner was served soon after the seat belt sign was turned off.
    I had :
    Beef Lasagne
    Fresh Steamed Vegetables
    Balsamic Sauce sachet
    Bread Roll
    Small side salad

    With an ICE cold Coke.
    It was amazingly tasty compared to my last AA experience.
    I ate whilst watching Up in the air.
    The kid on his own in front, put all the arm rests up, and laid across both seats. He must have leaned on his phone because Justin Bieber started playin REALLY loud through the cabin ... man the lyrics are boring
    No-one was really bothered by this, some stayed asleep, some laughed and sung along, and some just looked and did nothing.
    Even the 2 F/A's who were pushing a trolley past at the time started to sing along. This flight was quite a happy one, nobody seemed to mind what happened and they were happy with every thing, even the crew.
    The Kid in front said sorry because he kept banging the chair when he was searching his pockets for his phone, he looked rather embarassed.
    "Lorraine" & "Abbie/Abigail" Started to serve desert to whoever was awake.
    Ben & Jerries Ice cream .
    I dig into in and started to listen to music on the PTV.
    The selection isnt too great on AA.
    I fell asleep for a while.
    I woke up, in PITCH darkness. I got up and SMASHED my head on the air conditioning units above me. I sat back in my seat and slowly tried to get up, i tripped over my bag which i thought was under the seat in front and flew into the sleeping kid in front.He woke up, and said:
    "Haha, what was that?"
    "Sorry i tripped"
    "Hahaha, fair enough, but i got an idea, next time, dont trip"
    and he turned and went back to sleep. I walked to the rear galley, and "Lola" asked me in a STRONG spanish accent, "What was all that about over there you know?"
    "I hit my head and tripped over my bag, bit the seat in front then hit my seat and woke the UM up"
    Suddenly the galley burst into laughter.
    3 F/A's were chilling back here.
    I asked what the time was.
    "I dunno, but we are just past Iceland"
    We had ages to go, i thought i killed time by sleeping.
    "Sit down theres nothing to do and we're bored" Lola said
    I sat down in the galley seats and sat there and chatted to them.
    I darnt tell them that my GF is a F/A for United.
    They all live in NY, and they have been working the same flights for the last week. Thats wierd When we stopped talking, i mentioned that my Girlfriend Aimee was an F/A for United.
    "Wow..United...Why not American?" Lorraine said
    "More Money at United "said Abbie
    They were actually slagging off AA.
    I heard a loud *DING* and Lorraine jumped up and said....
    "Great what does this guy want?"
    I frowned and asked who she was talking about after she had walked off
    Apparently a guy has been ringing the crew call button every 20 minutes since we took off.
    *"This your first time with American?"
    -"No, i had the WORST EVER experience with them last time i flew, about a week and a half ago"
    -"London to New York on the AA something or rather, the first one of the day, and.."
    *"This kid threw up...?"
    -"What the...? how did you know?"
    *"We all know, thats an F/A's worst nightmare, i wouldnt know what to do...i dont think many people would, there is nothing to use on board to clean it"
    I heard it from another AA F/A, maybe that was just an unlucky AA flight.
    Lorraine came back and instantly said
    "Hows about some breakfast?"
    I went back to my seat, and she came along with Lola with the trolley for breakfast.
    Continental Breakfast.
    Consisted of:
    Fresh fruit salad
    Small portion of Cherrios
    Banana Yoghurt

    It was very nice, and filled me up perfectly untill i got home.
    When we got over Wales, i had some STUNNING views of Tenby, Pendine etc, but the weather got worse the further inland we got.
    Around Bristol the weather got better ish.
    We started descent around 45 minutes before touchdown.
    Touchdown was VERY hard, and we used 80% of the runway before stopping. We taxiied for a while and parked up on our own.
    I disembarked last, and i said my goodbyes, and i headed off home.

    Seats - 2/10
    Crew - 10/10
    Food - 9.5/10
    Entertainment - 5/10
    Punctuality - 8/10

    Overall i give AA a 8.5/10

    Well AA, you have certainly made up for that one off incident last time

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    Ok, firstly - great report!

    Secondly, I have to say that if indeed the flight attendant did claim that 'there is nothing to clean it up,' she may be mistaken, or improperly trained. I know, for a fact that at FL we had crystals (the consistency of sand) in packets located in the galley that we used in the event that someone vomited in the cabin. Once spread, it dissipated the smell, and absorbed most of the liquid (as well as diminished the acid content) so that it was easier to clean up. I am almost certain that on AA we had the same product (if not all other airlines did as well). Something similar was used on a flight that I was on last year (on a MIA-CCS run), and the event occurred when we were at least an hour out of MIA. The minute that it happened, the cabin crew sprang to action. They understood that if they did not contain the situation then it would likely get much worse, and they did use crystals (of a sand like consistency) on the floor.
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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